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181 Jon Hiseman

Really surprised to see Hiseman right down here at 178. Perhaps he's never been in the public eye enough to have the hight profile he'd need to get right up the rankings. Just listen to him with Colosseum playing Lost Angeles in the live recording (live at the Fillmore I think it was).

182 Tony Palermo
183 Billy Ficca
184 Mattew Nicholls
185 Tony Hajjar
186 Jack Irons Jack Irons
187 Daniel Platzman

Amazing if you have ever seen Imagine Dragons live you will understand his talent

He is the drummer for imagine dragons... Great work

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188 Christoph Schneider

He's Not The Best Drummer In the World but Definitely underrated as a drummer. His Drumming at Volkerball and Live Aus Berlin is Just Amazing. His drumming is Especially Built to suite the heavy sound of Rammstein. (The Best Live Band The world will ever see). Just listen to his Work in songs like Waidmann's Heil, Wiener Blut, Liebe Ist Fur Alle the, Keine Lust, Mann Geegan Mann, B and Weisses Fleisch and You'll get an Idea of How great he is not just in the studio But Also Live.

Easily underrated as a drummer and a lot of non Rammstein fans have not listened to some of the other more complex drum tracks he has produced in Rammstein. He deserves more credit for his works, almost never once have I seen him struggle live and he still churns out new beats for different songs always leaving new tones of innovation for Rammstein.

I like his style. It's perfect for Ramm's music.. for their style.

Underrated and actually the best

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189 Sean Kinney

Most people don't know how creative this guy actually is. He is such a professional despite being hit with some of the worst things a human being should have to go through.

the way sean looks when he plays is ubelieveable. watch a live performance and you will fall in love, no one can top him

Alice In Chains drumming animal, the best moves at drumming i've ever seen in my life, he really rocks

CRIMINALLY underrated drummer. Listen to "No Excuses" holy crap that is ADVANCED

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190 Simon Phillips

There is no one that can compare with Simon. He plays with speed, finesse, heart and regardless of the dynamic level he does it all flawlessly. Although there are a lot of people on this list that can rock out extremely well, they do not compare to Simon. Simon is everything and anything that all the musicians he has accompanied could ever wish for... Drummer/percussionist/artist etc. The greatest thing about Simon is his versatility. He plays any style as extreme or subdued as requested. Please listen to Jeff Beck's "Space Boogie". I saw him play this at a Sacramento drum clinic and as incredible as it is, he plays it without any assistance of others or electronics. Simon is truly in a higher category.

This guy is amazing. I can't believe he is ranked this low. He should be in the top ten. I love Ringo (and the Beatles), but this guy would blow Ringo out of the water, even in his prime.

You can't really compare drummers and true artist... Simon is a true artist!

He blends the styles so good.

The drummer for the bands UFO, Toto, etc.

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191 Chris Thatcher

Just to clear things up... he wasn't on any albums until Somewhere in the Between. All of Streetlight's songs have been carried by the awesome drummers that have played on them. Chris Thatcher's work on Somewhere in the Between and 99 Songs of Revolution is amazing! Definitely a top 5 for me!

Anyone who scrolled passed this name I suggest you listen to a few songs "That'll Be The Day" "Point/counterpoint" and "The Blond Lead the Blind" He is possibly one of the top 5 rock drummers of all time. - TryptoPhun420

He has great technical ability and can play with speed! no other drummer like him! - walid626

He should be way higher, everything he does for Streetlight is simply amazing!

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192 Michael Deorsier

Mike Derosier is an amazing drummer who still rocks. His latest band, Clever Bastards is a good listen.

Like every member of Heart, during the 70,s, Mike is underated.

From 75-82 he keeped the beat for the one of the best groups ever.

No one plays the drums like Mike.

193 Nick Menza Nick Menza Nick Menza (1964-2016) was a professional drummer best known for his work in Megadeth from 1989-1998 and in 2004. He recorded drums on four of Megadeth's albums "Rust In Peace", "Countdown To Extinction", "Youthanasia", and "Cryptic Writings".

Nick Menza is probably one of the most talented drummers of the 80s heavy metal era (not that death metal crap). The way he drums is just fantastic to watch and listen to. - Haydos

nick menza is a very underated drummer. megadeth are one of the greatest metal bands ever and nick menza drummed for most of megadeths career.


Can't Stop Listening Dread And The Fugitive Mind - prateekkathal

The guy gut ears, his drumming fits perfectly to the songs,
Can't get his drumming especially the outro at 'ashes in your mouth'

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194 Tetsu Kikuchi

see his drum solo in youtube? he is the best - ronluna

195 Daniel Adair

He's amazing to watch live!

He was good when with Three Doors Down as their touring drummer, but when he joined Nickelback as a member of the band, that was when the talent that had been lurking underneath the surface was finally allowed to be seen.

Unleashing a creative and artistic prowess, he's much more than just a basic meat and potatoes kind of player, not one to shy away from trying different set ups, techniques and sounds.

And the passion and excitement he exhibits when playing live, especially during his solo, is contagious, making what are normally long drawn out ego boosting drum solos into something quite enjoyable and leaving you wanting to hear and see more.

Daniel is An amazing drummer, and is a member of the best band of the world! Nickelback! He is very talented, will become a legend in some years!

Talented drummer, very comfortable with the drum sticks, and he's from Nickelback so...

An inspiring musician and very good artist on the scene!

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196 Richard Hughes


197 Kristian Gidlund

The best drummer, the best person. The only one who deserves this.

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198 Josh Dun Josh Dun Joshua William "Josh" Dun is an American musician. He is currently the drummer for the band Twenty One Pilots.

Josh has this amazing energy when he drums, and nothing stops him - he stands up while playing, hits the drums so hard that you're afraid they're going to break, and uses his entire body until he's swimming in sweat to make the best sound possible come out - and he succeeds, every time. He's incredible, and makes the drums to so much more than you're used to.

Literally bae, one of the best/out of many drummers I am a fan of.

He's better than that Ashton Irwin 5sos I call be he's the best drummer in the world

Approved by Tyler joseph

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199 Jose Pasillas

This gut is an unsung hero. Just listen to any incubus song and try to play the drums to it. He has such a unique style that you can't copy it. It takes more tan a while to learn his style. Compared to others on this list he shuld be higher.

jose passilas is an inspiration to me as a drummer his style is incorporated into my playing and I have learned only a small number of his songs and I'm grade 5

Jose has amazing talent, and is an all around drummer, adopting his skills from the best like Neil Peart and Stuart Copeland. Great Drummer.

Jose should be in top 10. What a style, so many genres. Just go and hear some incubus album, you will change your mind. My inspiration.

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200 Matt Helders

Seriously? All the way down here. Go listen to some of their music and see how awesome he really is. There is no way that Travis Barker should be ahead of Matt Helders and there's no way that Tommy Lee should even be on this list to begin with.

115?!? Hasn't anyone listened to the arctic monkeys? The drumming in those songs is incredible. He is awesome. He should be WAY higher on the list!

One of the best drummer of the new generation of rockers. Not just a drummer, a musician. And actually, sings and plays at the dame time. A powerful man.

Matt is Arctic Monkeys' drummer and I think in top 10 of best drummers!

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