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281 Hiroki

Drummer of Japanese metal band D, he plays with such a passion which can make you scream and will definitely raise your mood even if you feel despair or sadness! Just watching his playing makes your heart beats at the same rhythm with music! Every part of his body is into music, just look at their clips! He makes you forget where are you and what time is it. He definitely deserves to be at least in top ten best rock drummers ever!

Awesome drummer.. He really always does his best and make music and rhythm just burn!

282 Mike Shrieve
283 Aynsley Dunbar

The rock drummer for the band

284 Ray Fean
285 Gar Samuelson

I love both Metallica and Megadeth, but gar is infinitely better than lars. Gar is the most underrated drummer ever, lars is most overrated

286 Jon Farriss



287 Paul Mazurkiewicz

This is top ten - awanshrestha

288 Angela Lese V 1 Comment
289 Richard Manuel Richard Manuel Richard George Manuel was a Canadian composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the pianist, regular lead singer, and occasional drummer of The Band.
290 Nameless Ghoul (Ghost B.C.)
291 John Steel
292 Brooks Wackerman

Easily top 5. EASILY.

293 Joe Morello

I thought these were rock drummers! I'm not complaining, though, he's good!

The best jazz drummer to have lived!

294 Stet Howland
295 Buddy Miles

Buddy Miles may just be one of the most understated drummers of all time..well not realy. anyone who has heard him will agree he is amazing. not a lot of people know that buddy invented the FAT bombastic drum style made popular by john bonham in the 70's, and is the standard in todays music.just listen to "Hendrix (live at the filmore east) band of jyps.he is the turning point of drumming evolution. at that point in time nobody had ever played like that. he has inspired all the legandary drummers who inspire us.....and will continue - wblike

296 Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro's drummer, Ben is able of incredible and amazing things. He's part of the success and the art of one of the best live band in the world.

The most precise and tight drummer I have ever heard. Amazing.

297 Jacob Armen

Jacob armen is the young Buddy rich and by far the most talented drummer i've heard since then. He's a prodigy, check em out on Youtube, and you'll see what I mean

I think you missed this one pall...
Best one I've ever seen, I don't know bout you guys think... But this man had everything what drummer supposed to be... Skill, rythmic, Speed, Harmonics, Dynamics, what else... You Know What...? This guy should be at least on Top Three position...

298 Jess Margera

Awesome band with an awesome drummer

299 Joe Vitale

Toured the world with (in their heyday) Peter Frampton, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young... You talk about your rock star life...

V 1 Comment
300 Corky Laing

Any list like this is purely subjective but for pure snack-you-in-the-face rock and roll Corky is hard to beat.

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