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361 Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter Karen Anne Carpenter was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard Carpenter, formed the 1970s duo Carpenters.

Karen Carpenter not only was a wonderful vocalist, she had mad drumming skills.

Not only was she an amazing vocalist but she had amazing drumming skills.

Although she was a fantastic singer she still was an awesome drummer!

362 Jimmy Rainsford
363 Jojo Mayer

He was great in Bilkent Hotel, Ankara 9th of february 2013 saturday..

364 Jerry Allison

Buddy Holly & The Cricket's!

365 Takashi Kashikura
366 Roman Ratej

Sorry but in that particular Concert... "D&M in St. Petersburg", it was actually Steve Wilson on Drums.

When he was with T.A.T.U... Playing a song like Cosmos, if your interested watch the Dangerous and Moving Concert in St. Petersburg on YT.

367 Neal Smith

Neal Smith was an essential cog in the Alice Cooper Group, always looked the part and was always trying to outdo Keith Moon for having more drums than Mooney. Still around and for me, still one of my favourite drummers. - Myke1

368 Tim Austin

Tim Austim was the heart and soul of The Wreckin Crew in the early 80's. He Kept a strong funky beat for The Wreckin Crew For Eight Years. He Now holds a tight beat for the legendary Buddy Guy.

369 Gary Burghoff
370 Jose Bruno

The best Spanish drummer in 2008, currently playing with one of the top bands in Spain leaded by the singer and composer Andres Calamaro.

371 Russ Kunkel
372 Andy Newmark
373 Narada Michael Walden
374 Lenny White
375 Alphonze Mouzon
376 Graham Lear
377 Matt Halpern

How the hell is this guy not even on the list?! I know he doesn't have the resume of some of the other guys, but I feel he should be like top 10 at LEAST!

378 Richard Christy

Not even in the top 20?

379 Adam Kronshagen
380 Michael Foster

Such a bad-ass hard rock drummer... Listen to Firehouse's 'All She Wrote' and decide for yourself. I can't find any drummer who does it like him!

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