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381 Joe Rickard

Oh come on! He is full of energy and he is very very good! He deserves a place in the top 30, maybe TOP TEN!

I've never seen a best drummer than joe rickard
He is the best drummer

Come on peple, listen to IF WE ONLY and oter songs. He needs to be highter up, like top 50 or the top 10 and the same thing to Jordan Mancino, he needs to be highter up too.

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382 Kris Kohls
383 Zac Farro

Buy brand new eyes and listen to Careful and Ignorance. He's amazing sucks that he left

The best drummer ever. He has an amazing amount of energy live and was a huge loss to Paramore when he left

He is just a beast, I've never seen anyone with more energy on stage than him!

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384 Kevin Talley
385 Ranjit Barot
386 Lee Kerslake

Has to be one of the best Rock drummers of all time He would stay on stage 20 minutes doing solo's leaving audiences in awe of what he can do with a set of drums, even as a guitarist, He amazed me at what he could do with them.

Lee Kerslake has to be one of the all time greatest. Heavy hitting, musical...shoot he did "CRAZY TRAIN' for Ozzie. The whole group is one of the tightest like Santana a tight group even better live. They've been playing for almost 50 years even through the ups and downs. They are a band's band. Ask Rush, Kiss anyone in the business.
You have to listen to his works to really appreciate what he can do. He should rank a lot higher but as they didn't get as much fame in the states as abroad. Still a huge loyal fan base.

387 Gas Lipstick

This guy never gets his share of the fame, I'm sure half the drummers voted for on these pages are asking themselves why isn't Gas on here? Well I will put his name in, cause if you have ever been to a live HIM concert you will know the power in this guy, yeah he is a big man but damn he can drum, his solos are magnificent and HIM songs wouldn't ever sound the same without this quiet yet talented guy... GAS LIPSTICK ROCKS

His drumming style is amazing, I like it very much.

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388 Sadatoshi Tainaka
389 Pelle Alsing
390 Denny Seiwell
391 Adam Grey
392 David Teegarden
393 Jon Kleiman
394 Steve Forrest

I really like him. He is so passionate, so dedicated. And crazy with all his tattoos and wild expressions. And he can sing too! Very talented.

It's a very brilliant drummer! Beautiful Sunshine Steve

He's always full of energy! Nobody can compare with him!

Amazing performer, a huge loss for Placebo.

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395 Nakajima Yuto

He is a member of Japan's boy band group Hey! Say! JUMP. He play drum since little. He already in the entertainment world since elementary school. He just graduated from high school. He young and cute. Other than drums, he also can sings, dance, tap dance, acts. He also acts in drama. He awesome and also a nice kid. He plays the drums really well for a youngster.

He is the prince of drums. He can sings, play drums, dance, tap dance, moon-walk. He only 18 years old. He the best drummer. He is really talented.

He loves to play drums, passionate about it and he plays well too! Conclusion, he is an amazing drummer.

He is adorable and talented. Not only in singing and acting, but also playing instruments. And he loves drums the most! Well, he's really good in that.

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396 Alex Lopez

Suicide Silence isn't exactly one of my favorites, but they're heaviness is the best thing about them. The drummer doesn't always play fast, but you'll have to see him as one of the best.

397 Austin D' Amond

The best drummer ever! He plays the drums in two bands namely " Bleed the sky" and "Chimaira".. He is like a six armed God!

398 Ko-Ki
399 Tomo (Born)
400 Minase (D=Out)
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