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461 Jack White Jack White
462 Steve Hewitt

Why was he not on this list? No idea. He's a Very good drummer. Look up Nancy Boy and Teenage angst by Placebo. I mean its not hardest drumming ever, but its certainly good?

463 Paul Crosby
464 James McCormack
465 Matt Johnson

Incredibly skilled guy. Beautiful fills and appropriate use. Listen to dream brother

466 Wade Youman

He was so energetic and had strong arms that beat the drumms so loud

467 Tony Vincent

Top class drummer from Asia. The swings he makes with his hands while playing is incredible.

468 Les Binks

Almost forgotten, don't know why. Listen to the 70s Judas Priest stuff... !

469 Christian Eigner
470 Scott Columbus
471 Zac Hanson

He should me number 1 in this list because he's not just good-looking, he's HANDSOME!

472 Razzle
473 Ed Udhus
474 Mike Bordin
475 Steve Gorman

Black Crowes Rock because of him

476 Nick Hodgson
477 Van Williams
478 Kenny Aranofff
479 Bobby Arechiga
480 Patrick Wilson

He is a great drummer.

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This is not right
Best Drummers
Best Rock Drummers List Is A Joke!!!
Best Rock Drummer.
This list is rediculous
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