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101 Flo Mounier Flo Mounier Flo Mounier is the drummer of technical death metal band Cryptopsy. He has toured Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States as a headlining act over the last 24 years, and combined record sales have reached over 300,000 copies to date.
102 Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

If there is anyone who knows the meaning of filling up the sound of a drum kit: it's, The Killers own, Ronnie Vannucci's Jr. Whet here he is keeping time or crashing out on his 18" hi hats he is almost always using every limb to play and fill up the bands sound. His independence of each of his hand and feet are nearly perfect. Listen to tracks like Move Away or The Way It Was. This classically trained jazz percussionist bring such a unique sound to rock n roll. You cannot understate Ronnie Vannucci's value as a drummer and performer!.

RONNIE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! He is a drumming animal! He puts so much energy and passion into every song. Just watch the clip from the Wembley gig before they played 'From here on out' then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Ronnie Vannucci Jr = LEGEND

Ronnie Vannucci Jr... Need I say more?

He's an awesome drummer and hard to cover as well, the way he bonds with his band and their music is just inspiring; to me as well.

An Amazing Drummer who deserves more credit.

The guy is a legend. His passion and skill are phenomenal.

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103 Topper Headon

Topper Headon provided the beat for one of the greatest rock bands of all time, the Clash. He could project power, but with feel and musicality.

He was also one of the most versitile drummers ever. Whether it was hard driving punk rock, or reggae, jazz (or whatever else), he could do it all. Just listen to all of the different tempos and styles of music on London Calling and Sandinista. Vastly underrated drummer.

London Calling was one of the best albums of the era. Its multi-dimensional nature was due to Toppers drumming. Headon made the Clash --- neither Strummer nor Simonon were particularly good players. What made the band was Topper's drumming. Before and after him, there was no Clash.

Come on! Topper should be in the top 50 without a doubt! His style influenced so many drummers who came after and he is multi-instrumental as well.

The most underrated drummer of all time

104 Aki Hakala

Oh yes aki is the best drummer of the world, I love it when he edited his drums and the songs of the rasmus the drums makes perfect.

Aki is the best drummer in the world! His style is unique, always innovates with new rhythms in the band. He is very devoted to his work, is an exceptional person both with friends and families like us fans

I think that he is one of the best drummers of the history mas for the quantity of time with The Rasmus! And it is mas for the excellent convinaciones mas that it realizes and with all his inspiration and mas for managing to be every better day!

Best band, best albums, best songs therefore best drummer ever

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105 Mike Wengren

Another under appreciated musician. I know Mikey's drum beats anywhere. He has so much passion for what he does; you can feel it in the way he plays. You can feel it in the way all of the men of Disturbed do what they do. Mike should be a hell of a lot higher in this list than he is.

This is so sad. Mike Wengren is 133 on the drummer list? The man is a genius! All of the men of Disturbed are geniuses. What is the problem with the people that put together these polls? The men of Disturbed deserve better.

Oh come on. Listen to this guy's beats. I'm sure most of you have listened to DIstubred - aspasiz

Mike is a sick as drummer that has made the best drum beats, he should be in the top ten - dillbanger

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106 Virgil Donati

Absolutely agree!.. Played drums for the best part of 30 years in bands from fusion to punk, seen most of the greats in clinics, bands and otherwise.. In my opinion, from his syncopated patterns, odd time stuff and general mind screwin genius on the kit, I've NEVER!, Seen or heard anything, or anyone that comes close to virgil! (how good do you have to be to be admired by "weckl") from. The only reason he didn't get the "dream" gig was mangini was 20 years younger with better hair!.. Just saying!

This guy blows everyone out of the water. Drummers like Lars are mainly famous because Metallica write great songs. You don't need to be amazing to write a good song.

You guy's obviously havent heard virgil,he's at least in the top 5.

Virgil should be in the top 3 without a doubt.

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107 Martin Lopez

Opeth drummer has fantastic symbol work and a Latin style with some amazing death metal stylings, the guy is the best drummer I've heard, so diverse.

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108 Hal Blaine

I know he plays on a lot of Elvis songs alongside DJ Fontana. When you play for Elvis, it means you must be able to play a lot of different styles.

109 Michael Giles

Should be much higher on the list. Very underrated drummer and probably the best in progressive rock. For those who like his work on the first 2 King Crimson albums give the "McDonald and Giles" album a listen.

He should be a lot higher! Just listen to In The Court Of The Crimson King and you will see why. - Dibildox

Very interesting style of playing - SomePersona

110 Vinnie Paul Vinnie Paul Vincent Paul Abbott, also known as "Vinnie Paul", is an American professional drummer and producer who is best known for being a former member, and co-founder, of the heavy metal band Pantera.
111 Tommy Ramone Tommy Ramone Thomas Erdelyi, better known by his stage name Tommy Ramone, was a Hungarian American record producer, musician, and songwriter.

This dude is awesome should be #2 after Tico Torres

112 John Humphrey
113 James Kottak

Pure energy! Simply amazing drumming! James Kottak should definitely be in the top 10. He is absolutely fabulous to watch live!

This crazy stickman is unbelievable! His performance and his skills are beyond awesome! He has been an excellent addition to Scorps for over 10 years. He rawks! - ScorpsSistah



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114 Michael Moose Thomas

Untouchable double bass, terricfic sound of drums. I have really not heard other drummers pound the drums like that, giving Bullet their sound. Pity he's not even on this list. Listen to " Alone", "waking the demon", "scream aim fire" etc... Unbelievable drumming. - shankarrohan

Moose is an unbelievable drummer. He has fast, powerful beats that mix in with what Matt, Jay and Padge are trying do with the other music in the songs. When needed, Moose can also create beats and solo's that make amateur drummers like me just wish that we could play some of the stuff that he does, eveen the stuff the sounds easy, it's not.

90 is seriously unfair! He definitely deserves to be placed much higher! His drumming is unbelievable! Take for example Waking The Demon! Just Awesome!

He must b at least in the top 100's rather.. in the top 50's

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115 Scott Phillips Scott Phillips Thomas Scott "Flip" Phillips is an American musician and songwriter. He is the drummer and co-founder of the bands Creed, Alter Bridge, and Projected.

Scott plays with much feeling, and he is quite technically skilled. He always puts the song first, exercising discretion rather than showing off, but he still uses many interesting patterns to keep songs interesting.

Scott is definitely one of the best and most innovative... the fills he uses, I've never heard any other drummer ever use... his grooves are unmistakable given his signature hi hat work

Scott Phillips drums like a champion. Strong rhythms and tasteful fills.

If he is out of your top 10, out goes all your validity.

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116 Jen Ledger Jen Ledger

Way too low, needs to be higher up. She is a great drummer and a great singer too plus she drums and sings at the same time ain't that amazing. She rocks me off overtime she plays the drums. Being a drummer for skillet has made the band awesome.

Really she isn't on the top 10? She is an amazing drummer for Skillet. Also an amazing singer. And She always will be. Forever! What do you think? Best drummer ever! She RULES!

Wonder of anyone knows that she is a great endurance drummer. She also has a world record for the longest drumming at a stretch. Needs more help.

Wait what? she is this low? how is that even possible?
she's my number one for sure. She is just: PERFECT

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117 John Otto

WOW this guy is so underrated, along with the rest of the band. He defined a whole new genere and sound. Very sad to see just because the critics (who do not know thier ass from a hole in the ground) hate this group he gets a bad rap. Long live L. B! BTW where the hell is Joey rom Anthrax?

I can't believe he is not even on the list, I mean yes limp bizkit is a terrible band, but this guy is amazing and he has his own style unlike so many on the list

John Otto is such an amazing drummer he is definitely least in the top 10. He is very talented and nice person. God bless John.

Go John! You are the best drummer in the whole world. Need I say more? - 05yusuf09

118 Brandon Barnes

rly good drummer so much bass -

His fills, intros, and drumming work are all equally captivating. I used to like Rise Against because of Tim's voice and lyrics. The guitars are super-solid as well, but the drums have a very big impact as well. Take a listen to:

The Good Left Undone
Under the Knife
Kotov Syndrome
Prayer of the Refugee

The list could go on. There are better songs, but that's a few to start with.

119 Igor Cavalera Igor Cavalera Igor Graziano Cavalera is a Brazilian musician. He is best known as the former drummer for Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, which he co-founded with his brother Max in 1984. Max left the band in 1996, and Cavalera himself would depart ten years later, making him the last original member of Sepultura more.

Hasn't anyone ever listened to Sepultura?!
Igor is absolutely amazing on drums, he can play the drums unbelievably fast paced AND keep an awesome beat!
Listen to song like arise, Orgasmatron, roots bloody roots, attitude and while your at it listen to every other Sepultura song when the cavalera brothers were in the line up.

Igor is a machine on drums!

I can't believe Igor is so far down this list, listen to him do Symptom of the Universe then straight into some tribal Brazilian. I have been on this sight for hours looking and voting but seeing Igor over 100 places below Lars I will now cry myself to sleep

Only Americans are in top list I guess. Igor Cavalera wins most of the best drummer in top 20. Listen to "Beneath the Remains". Igor is the best drummer. - awanshrestha

The best of the best heavy metal drummer...

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120 Thomas Pridgen

the dude is a beast on the drums!

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