Stewart Copeland

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Stewart Armstrong Copeland is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer best known as the drummer for the English-American rock band The Police and for his film and video game soundtracks.


Shocked he's not higher up, he was a huge part of what made The Police so tight of a group. But you know what they say about opinions, they're like buttholes -- everyone has one, and most of them stink.

He is my favorite drummer. Making a lot of banging around on every single possible count known to man might be impressive but it is not nearly as good or as talented as picking and choosing how to create a new and cool rhythm like Copeland did.

Who cares what one thinks is the best... this is one of the best. If your a drummer, you know that many of these dudes are amazing and deserve to be on here but there are some that are in another league altogether, Copeland is in that league and near the top!

Copeland's plays a complex off-beat style that is creative and difficult to match.

Copeland's style is built on a jazz foundation. So the control and finesse of a kung-fu jazz master. His straight rock beats have a palpable intensity and drive. His intense drive and disciplined finesse make him one of the best

Copeland puts on a great show. Too bad he's not higher, but then again Travis Barker is up there when he couldn't even carry Stewart's drum kit. Go figure.

The truth is that the best drummers are from jazz (Rich, Roach, Blakley etc... ). So, the best rock drummers are probably those who are influenced by jazz drummers. Copeland is a great example of this. He is skilled at syncopated beats and his cymbal work is stellar and interesting. He also can keep a great straitfoward rock beat.

I don't really need to say much. Just listen to what he does best. Drum. He is one of those drummers who not only sets trends he sets them with style. Not many other drummers can out play every other instrument in the band.

Stew should definitely be in the top ten. He is technically perfect. It was always my dream to be a drummer, so I have been listening all my life.

Very underrated here. Very exciting drummer not prone to endless solos.

Can't understand why he's not at top... Maybe too little sample of opinions

Stewart Copeland is as unique as he is great. He should be higher if not only for the reason that he consistently demonstrates that LESS IS MORE!

Copeland is far & away the number one choice for top rock drummer.

Awesome, original style of drumming really taking a modern blues inspiration and turning it into something greater

I feel like he approaches Neil Pert status personally. Unnatural sense of rhythm!

He's gorgeous, fantastic and just works wonders! - DeDoDoDoDeDaDaDa

The best and the most unique drummer ever!

I expected Copeland to be at the top. Have you seen his drum kit?!

Great drummer who brought his own unique style and sound.

Come on, Stewart is second to none (except Animal)

Stewart Copeland. That's all I need to say.

Percussion skill are unparalleled

Should be number 2 right behind Bonzo - Parklink

#1 Most under rated Drummer of all time! - GeddyGaddy

Fantastic drumming in 'So lonely'.