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1 Galaxy S3

I love this phone

! This is better than a average computer! The camera is very detailed and the app store is big! I LOVE my S3 so much!

The camera so fab, love my S3


2 Galaxy S2


Like a high blood lord.

─░mpressive design

─░ncredible Screen

3 Galaxy Note 2

I'm using it right now.

Note 2 is verry good mobile

4 Galaxy Ace

I own a galaxy ace. It's perfect for young teens. Easy to use. Includes the Google app store. You can get galaxy ace la fleur, which is white with a flowery pattern on it. The only down side is that some games you can't download on it. For example you can't download: Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, Moviestarplanet app, Stardoll access, etc.

5 Galaxy S7 Edge

It's awesome and the latest NON EXPLODING phone

I'm using the edge right now, it's the best!

6 Galaxy Note
7 Galaxy S4


Love the airview & air gesture

Good one

8 Galaxy S7

I own one. I like it.

9 Galaxy Note 3


10 Galaxy Ace 2

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11 Galaxy Y

I have a galaxy S2 and galaxy Y, This one is really nice because it's a lot smaller and elegant, also a lot cheaper

12 Galaxy Note 4

Best phablet ever, it's better than other latest samsung phones for me. because it is the latest one which still has removable back cover and many other features. And its good for browsing, watching HD videos and playing large size games too. The best phone ever.

13 Galaxy S5

This thing, this thing, is the work of a god. The successor of the unbreakable nokia. This thing cannot be destroyed. I love this phone so much.

Best one. Underrated

It has many features newer galaxy phones don't have - TheParable

I have this phone for 4 years!

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14 Galaxy S
15 Galaxy S4 Mini
16 Galaxy S8

I have this phone, it is a good smart phone - trains45

I have this phone it's a good phone

Really good

17 Galaxy S3 Mini
18 Galaxy J7


The prime one would cost a bit more (not that much though) but It's also worth it because of the fingerprint security - MLPFan

19 Galaxy Grand

Launched in 2013, Galaxy Grand contains all advanced features and most stylish look than any other Samsung Galaxy phone and even other smartphones. It has all advanced Smartphone features, slim body, stylish look & metallic surface texture. Can't wait to buy it..

Its combination of galaxy s3 & galaxy note 2

The grand is the betterest samsung mobile

20 Galaxy S6
21 Galaxy S6 Edge

Awesome phone.

22 Galaxy S4 Zoom
23 Galaxy J5
24 Galaxy S Advance

This phone for me s the first because the price is very good for quality

25 Galaxy J1
26 Galaxy S9

Its camera is by far the most amazing camera I've ever used. It has impressive features and the AR emoji is so cool! Its texting is also really fast and has a blue light filter in case u need to use it at night. Its size is perfect: not too big, not too small. I have a lilac purple colored phone and it's sooo pretty! People would always look at my phone and be jealous at all the features it has. Really good security- has face ID and also a secure pattern. Don't get the overpriced "iPhone X" which may sound cool but actually takes really bad photos and even looks sorta ugly compated to Samsung phones. Get the S9 instead, such good quality, fits perfectly in my hand, so pretty, and I even have a stylus pen that goes with it. Along with it they'll probably ship you a few extra accessories like earplugs, a charger, and a few other things. I love the videos you can take with this, SUCH HIGH QUALITY photos, it organizes your contacts perfectly (just the way you need it to be). You can ...more

27 Galaxy Quattro
28 Galaxy A5

I Have One, Best Thing I Own - ciaraniguess

29 Galaxy Note 7

I find these very useful

30 Galaxy Star

This is nice one but 3g not supported for this mobile this is a major defect.

31 Galaxy Note 5
32 Galaxy C7

The best phone in price range.

33 Samsung Galaxy J1
34 Galaxy S10

It has ultramodern cameras and an awesome, fresh new look!

35 Galaxy Fit
36 Galaxy Stratosphere II
37 Galaxy Pocket

The smallest phone in the series, very cheap, Fits in the pocket, Nice operating system (Gingerbread), Nice shape, Lots of colours, Less than 1 GB but more than 0.10 GB, Nice camera, Nice sound, Fits really in the hand, Nice speed, Good android version (2.3.6). Love it!

38 Galaxy Round
39 Galaxy S4 Active
40 Galaxy Grand 2
41 Galaxy S3 Neo
42 Samsung Galaxy Core

It is the best budget samsung's galaxy devices...

43 Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Super design
Super display
Super phone

44 Galaxy Ace 4
45 Galaxy J3

One of the best phone in bd..

46 Galaxy J7 Prime
47 Galaxy J2 4G

Lollipop 5.1.1 Version.
Samsung Smart Manager.
Good Camera and battery.

48 Samsung Galaxy J7 CORE

WOW it's a perfect mobile
It can beat galaxy s9 or note9

49 Galaxy Grand Prime

My old phone ;') - theholaxd

50 Galaxy J2 Pro
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