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201 Faridpur Govt. Girls' High School

Read, with the name of your GOD

202 Bangladesh Mahila Samity Girls' High School

One of the best schools for girls right now in Chittagong

203 Binapani Gov't Girls' High School
204 Jamila Ainul Ananda School & College
205 Civil Aviation High School V 1 Comment
206 Chittagong Grammar School

I am a student of this school and proud to be here. Teachers are well trained. Not only the best school of Bangladesh but the best school in the world.

The best international school in Bd.

I feel proud to be a student of this school.

207 Bangladesh Mohila Shomiti High School & College
208 Bangla Bazar Government Girls High School
209 Satkhira Govt. Girls' High School

It is one of the best school at Satkhira.

210 Titas Gas Adarsha High School
211 Akij Foundation School and College

Akij is a very good school. The teachers are very friendly. And also they have indoor and outdoor games. They have every kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. I love my school

212 Dinajpur High School
213 Milestone School and College

The best of best school and college!

It is the best school I ever seen

One Of The Best Institution Of Bangladesh

The best...

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214 Bindu Bashini Government Boys High School

Great school in my life

This was my 2nd home. And this is my pride

The results of this school are always very good.. most of the students of this school shine in their life..I love this school


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215 Garib-E-Newaz High School V 1 Comment
216 Mohammadpur Government High School

Best time that I've passed ever in my life,

Most of my memorable story was there

Those were really nice days

This is best school in my life

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217 Gonobhaban Government High School

It was my school. East or west my school is best to me all time. Beside education its environment was all time cool. There was no sound pollution over there.

218 Borgaon High School
219 National Ideal School

A school run by bunch of retards

It's a Jail for student

It is the best school

no freedom

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220 St. Francis Xavier's Girls High School

It changes my life... With its touch of the real ray of education I feel blessed... I love my school... It teaches us how to be not only a good doctor or teacher or Banker but also it teaches us how to be a good person... It is the best institute for any girl. I love my school.

It is the best school in Bangladesh.. Because It not teaches us but also build us as good human being and push good ethics in all students... We are really proud to be a XAVIERAN... We love our school too much...

Our schools carries a glorious reputation with dedication of students and respected teachers. We made it and still we are making it. We followed every single rules and still we are applying it in our life. Go Xaverians go... We are the best.

It's a amazing place to learn.It also helps us to be a good human being.The moral values,ethics which reflect our earlier I'm blessed to be a Xaverians.

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