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221 Adamjee Cantonment Public School

I think one of the best School & College now in Bangladesh... Well qualified teachers... The best think is THE CAMPUS... I don't think any of the school & college has huge area like Adamjee... Environment is one of the major factor for education...

Adamjee, the name speaks it all. On the basis of results we may be amongst the top 10. But the environment, the teachers, the facilities are beyond comparison. Best in word best in work. Strict in discipline.

I think it is one of the best school of Bangladesh becasue it gives not only education but also gives manners, behaviours. Environment of a education institute is very helpful to a students for growing up physically and mentally. I think adamjee gives it properly

The best one.

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222 Bogra Zilla School, Bogra

I think this one is the most struggling school in Bangladesh, which make its position to be in the top ten list

This is the best school in Rajshahi board and it is also one of the best school in Bangladesh.

An awesome school, an awesome campus!

As a Ex-Student of Bogra Zilla School, I think it is one of the best school in Bangladesh. Its schooling procedure/system is a perfect one.

Its teachers are simply best.

Its bonding with each other student is best and super.

It has a glorious history in Bangladesh.

its contribution in socioeconomic and society is very much.

student of this school simply world class.

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223 British Columbia School
224 Adarsha School Narayanganj

It's one of the best in the country! And best in Narayanganj!

225 Neophyte School & College
226 Anam Sir High School
227 National High School
228 Shiroil Govt. High School, Rajshahi

One of the best schools of Bangladesh...

Last 5 years the students have gathered about 50 trophies regarding science, debate and other co-curricular activities for the school.

The ex-students of it donated about 1000 blankets and 2500 clothes to the cold-affected people... - tasin_mim3

In my word best school ever in Bangladesh. have a huge playground and enough spaces in front of the school as a playground which is very rare in today's world. huge number of students are studying and the have to face intense competition to enter this school as a student.

Its a renowned school for study and moral development as well.

Best school in this world...

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229 Nasirabad Govt. Boys High School

I won't compare it with other schools or won't say it the best but it was a heaven for me.

Best school in best place with best teacher

Best is only a term for mighty Nasirabad

I read in this school I love my school I'm proud of it

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230 Jahanara Kanchon Smriti High School

This school is the best school in Sujanagar area.
Though a village school, it has ability to go ahead.

231 Bandarban Cantonment Public School and College

It's the best institude of bandarban and every year this are passed 100% and this year.. It's gained top 20 in chittagong of all of schools and college.

232 Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College

Excellent way to judge this school is to discuss with the teachers and students of this school and college

Disciplined system, well furnished, meritorious students & experienced, dedicated teachers all those things you will get in, the best school of Sylhet & all over the country, The Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College.

The bet school and college in Bangladesh

I believed that jalalabad cantonmant is Real.

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233 Feni Girls Cadet College
234 B.A. Green Heart College
235 Rajbari Govt. High School

The Changing student's life as well as nation's life. The best school in Bangladesh. Where anyone find the most responsible teacher with their patience to direct to grow up.

I think Rajbari Govt. High School is one of the best school in Bangladesh.

Rajbari Govt. Hight School is a famous School from British period for its high academic record and continuous success at Primary School Certificate (PSC), JSC, SSC.

236 Chittagong Government High School

School that makes legends
And also make the students feel like a legend

A school which gives a new birth, a blood to rule, a strength to conquer!

Its a School where greats are created

Best school of all time

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237 Khilgaon Govt. High School

I think... It's one of the best... School of Dhaka! It's good in all section of education!

One of the best school in dhaka and also bangladesh. We have lot of field. Our teachers are very friendly and cooperative. Our headmistress also very kind and student lover.

One of the best school in the country. Whatever I am today, I owe to this school most. I love my school so much.

The best best best school

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238 Padua A.C.M. High School, Lohagara, Chittagong

This school is a renown school. I studied here 5 years.

239 Green Gems International School
240 Chandanpur M A High School
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