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241 Khilgaon Govt. High School

I think... It's one of the best... School of Dhaka! It's good in all section of education!

One of the best school in dhaka and also bangladesh. We have lot of field. Our teachers are very friendly and cooperative. Our headmistress also very kind and student lover.

One of the best school in the country. Whatever I am today, I owe to this school most. I love my school so much.

The best best best school

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242 Padua A.C.M. High School, Lohagara, Chittagong

This school is a renown school. I studied here 5 years.

243 Green Gems International School
244 Chandanpur M A High School
245 Masajidda High School
246 Thaker Hat Hazi Ahmed Ullah High School

This is my school, it is a small emerging school in Noakhali district. I studied in this school.

247 Victoria Jubilee Government High School
248 Maheswaripur High School

It is the best school in my point of view.

249 Islamic International School & College, Gulshan, Dhaka
250 Bidyamoyee Govt. Girl's High School
251 Ispahani Public School & College, Chittagong

Undoubtedly one of the best schools in Chittagong... The environment is just too good... Strict discipline and good result makes its place in the list of top 5 schools in chittagong... Proud to be an ispahanian...

Best school in chittagong for sure. Well reputed.

A great school in one word...

Very good school than mile stone. the new principle is really awesome. he can again gain the popularity of it.

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252 Cantonment Public School & College, Rangpur

One of the best institutions of entire north bengal..

Best School Ever In Bangladesh...

Best institution in Bangladesh... The one who reads here does not want to leave...

This is one of the best institutions of our country.

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253 Collectorate School and College
254 Harimohan Government High School

It's a great school and providing good education for such a long time

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255 Charbakor High School
256 Nawabpur Govt, High School, Dhaka V 1 Comment
257 Bir Uttam Shaheed Samad High School

Teaching systems are very good
One of the best school in Rangpur
One of the best school whole over Bangladesh

258 Ideal Multimedia School and College, Khilgaon,Dhaka

Best School in Bangladesh, Using the Latest Technology.

259 Panchpara High School
260 Karnaphuli Public School & College
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