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101 S.M. Model Govt. High School, Gopalganj

The school of dreem... The school which has a history... The school which makes the students ideal citizen of our country... The school where the father of our nation Mr. Sheikh Mujib has read. Beside those it has a glorious background.

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102 KAFCO School & College
103 Rashid Adarsha High School
104 Protapgonj High School

Protapgonj High School is the great school in Bangladesh

The upcoming leading school of the country

This is one of the most reputed schools in Bangladesh which is situated at Luxmipur district.

Proud to study in this school.

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It's a great school in dhaka city

Blessed to be a part of this school..

One of the best school in mirpur, dhaka

Best school all over the bangladesh...

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106 Scholars School and College

Bros. This is undoubtedly the best English Version school.

The best amongst the English version schools and with much better highly educated and trained teachers.

Scholars may be new, but it is built for champions, and only champions survive the filthy torture that's put on them for board exams...

Besttt for bunking,fighting,fun,shouting in class best school in bd

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107 Noakhali Zilla Schook (NZS)

Noakhali Zilla School is the best school in greater Noakhali.

Noakhali Zilla Scohool is one of the best school in Bangladesh. It is a very good school. The teachers of the school is very good and well trained. So, I think it is a appropriate school for. Every student.

Best school in Noakhali District.

Best resullt in Comilla Board in SSC 2017

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108 Nawab Faizunnesa Govt. Girls' High School, Comilla

Best Girls School in Bangladesh

Please vote for our school.

One of the best schools in Bangladesh. Proud of being a student of this school.

Best school not only in comilla but also in Bangladesh

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109 Agrani School and College

One the best school in Bangladesh.
Student leans academic knowledge as well as ethical knowledge.

Best school in dhaka, I am proud of my school

Because I had my best days in this school, so this is the best for me

I love ❤ my school a lot...

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110 Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls' High School

I think the rank which is displayed isn't perfect. The school is much better according to it's ranking.

The whole system of the school is awesome... I love my school too much and I feel proud of my school...

The whole system of our school is awesome. I think it's perfect at everything.

Best school

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111 JFCL School & College

Really JFCL School & College able to position top ten in Bangladesh

Seen many legends grown and prospered from here. definitely worth studying here.

I think Our School is one of the best school in this World.

JFCL is one oof the best school & college...
Its academic result, sports, cultural activity everything is so good... it do not pic the best students by entrance exam, but average & below average students do extraordinary results... That's why it is Best...

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112 Feni Govt. Pilot High School

PIlot rocks... :)
The best boys school in the whole feni city...
We love pilot...

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113 Jessore Zilla School

It is the best school and second oldest school in Bangladesh

One of the first six Zilla Schools in Bangladesh. May be the best one...

No doubt the best of all school in BD.

A dream school to be in.So many memories for me. 😍😍

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114 Mohammadpur Model School & College

It is our best school all time

Best school in Dhaka city

Our school is the best

I never seen that type of good school

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115 Shamsul Haque Khan School & College

Shamsul Haque Khan School & College is one of the best School & College in Bangladesh

One of Best school in the whole country.

This school deserves to be in top 5

It is best school in bangladesh.

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116 Savar Cantonment Public School and College

The Best School in outskirts of Dhaka, soon, it will be ruling over the schools of Dhaka Metropoliton.

117 Thakurgaon Government Boys High School

Best school ever.

Best school of Bangladesh in 2016

Best school in Bangladesh.

It is best school ever to me

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118 St. Joseph Higher Secondary School
119 Barisal Model School and College

Education and social relation both are kept in focus.

One of the best schools of our country... Famous for both result and discipline

120 Bogra Cantonment Public School and College

Top class facilities.. Top class teachers..

The best school

Best school,awesome campus,amazing teachers...

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