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101 University Laboratory School And College

The one who have ever gone to this school at least for one day! Can never forget such day from his/her life!

The only school that gives you freedom.

Who cares about academics, wanna have fun? ULAB is your school then.

Best School in Dhaka

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102 Oxford International School

The school has hosted some of the best activities in country. It has produced some excellent academic results, and hopefully, after passing through the minor speed bumps, we hope it will one day retake its previous glory.

For me, it will always remain the best and we all together will restore its glory back... That's our promise.

They does not give any mental pressure

It is one of the best school.Teachers are friendly with students.They try their best way to teach us.I am a new student in ois..So, I know better than everyone what ois is.In our school phone is not allowed.All school has both good and bad students,ois has too.So, some students break rules and bring their phone.But this does not mean that ois is not good school.It is a good school.Question papers is easy that does not mean that ois is bad school.There is no relation between question paper and school.So I do not want anyone to tell bad rumor about our school.

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103 Feni Shishu Niketan, Feni

Proud to be a student of Feni Shishu Niketan

I love FSN. Its an institution where friendship are created also creative boys and girls

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104 Ibn Taimia School V 1 Comment
105 Dinajpur Zilla School

Preaching knowledge since 1854 one of the oldest and best school in Bangladesh.

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106 Bhagaban Govt. High School

Bhagaban Govt. High School is one of the best school not only from Brahmanpara but also Comilla as well as the whole country. In 1992 it had become the 1st school in the top 10 school list made by Comilla education board. - RiazCou

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107 Cox's Bazar Government High School

One of the finest and oldest institute in Bangladesh... established 1874

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108 Southpoint School & College, Chittagong

May not be the best institution but certainly the best past

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109 Police Line High School, Sylhet

One of the best in sylhet... Its improvment increasing day by day... Vary soon it will be the number 1 in the sylhet...

110 Chandshi Ishwar Chandra Secondary School
111 Dhanikhola High School

This is well known school of Trishal under the district of Mymensingh and established in 1939.

Established in 1939 under the upoz. of Trishal and district of Mymensingh.

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112 Siddheswari Girls High School

One of the good school in dhaka for the girls. Very well environment and experienced teachers are here.

113 Dhaka School of Bangladesh
114 Chittagong Engineering University School & College

It's one of the school in Chittagong.

I think it is a best school in chittagong...
It has a delightful environment to learn...

115 Pagla High School, Narayanganj
116 Dhaka Imperial College

On of the best college...

117 Protapgonj High School

Protapgonj High School is the great school in Bangladesh

The upcoming leading school of the country

This is one of the most reputed schools in Bangladesh which is situated at Luxmipur district.

Proud to study in this school.

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118 S.M. Model Govt. High School, Gopalganj

The school of dreem... The school which has a history... The school which makes the students ideal citizen of our country... The school where the father of our nation Mr. Sheikh Mujib has read. Beside those it has a glorious background.

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119 Rangpur Govt. College
120 KAFCO School & College
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