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21 Season 21

Although it's not done yet, Season 21 is looking to be a really good one. Not only does it look amazing, they haven't really done any "bad" shows yet. It was great when Lisa kicked Bart's butt at the end of "The Great Wife Hope" and the Treehouse of Horror's first part was actually kinda creepy. (Didn't like how they made fun of Christianity in the zombie one, though). I loved Bart's "brother" and the South Park-esque scene. That was probably the best episode so far (O Brother, where Bart Thou? ). Can't wait for the rest! - Oreanta

Homers funniest quote I will be the Dog and you be the daddy

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I liked the muchers

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22 Season 20

The 20th season of the Simpsons... it started out... interesting (what with the erotic cakes and stuff) but soon got amazing. The Simpsons started broadcasting in High Definition, with a new opening scene and stuff. Some really good laughs came from Lisa being on "happy pills", Bart, Ralph, Skinner and the bullies all being shipped off to Capital City during an important test at school (deviously done by Superintendent Chalmers) and Moe dating a... short person. This is the DVD season they'll be coughing up next, skipping ahead of seasons 13-19 (for now) and will offer it on Blu-Ray Disc because of the HD format. - Oreanta

not many people have seen episodes from this season

Double Double Boy in Trouble is the BEST!

Sex, Pies and Idiot srapes

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23 Season 13

Ah, Season 13... full of some of my favorite episodes... and a couple stupid ones. I loved how Homer and Bart were chained together in the second episode. While watching "Brawl in the Family", where the Simpsons fight over Monopoly (don't we all? ), I was convinced it was one of my favorites... until Homer's vegas wife came and ruined it. I also didn't really like how Apu was cheating on Manjula. More of a "sweet and sour" season. - Oreanta

Good classics are in this epiosode. Gump roast, sweets and sour marge etc

24 Season 19
25 Season 25

Am I the only one who likes the new simpsons series? Along with windows vista, 8 and the wii u? - Harri666

The old ones are way better than the new ones

26 Season 26

This one isn't even out yet. laugh out loud - Harri666

I like a lot of the episodes already

27 Season 27

Pretty good... Best season in a while

I like this season...barthood...

28 Season 28 V 1 Comment
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