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21 Season 13

Ah, Season 13... full of some of my favorite episodes... and a couple stupid ones. I loved how Homer and Bart were chained together in the second episode. While watching "Brawl in the Family", where the Simpsons fight over Monopoly (don't we all? ), I was convinced it was one of my favorites... until Homer's vegas wife came and ruined it. I also didn't really like how Apu was cheating on Manjula. More of a "sweet and sour" season. - Oreanta

Good classics are in this epiosode. Gump roast, sweets and sour marge etc

22 Season 16

I love "There's Something About Marrying"! It has one of my all-time favorite bits, where Homer and Lovejoy ate on Smartline, I die with laughter.

23 Season 17
24 Season 25

Am I the only one who likes the new simpsons series? Along with windows vista, 8 and the wii u? - Harri666

The old ones are way better than the new ones

25 Season 26

This one isn't even out yet. laugh out loud - Harri666

I like a lot of the episodes already

26 Season 19
27 Season 27

Pretty good... Best season in a while

28 Season 28 V 1 Comment
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