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1 Barrett M82

This gun is amazing! High fire rate and high power. Originally was built out of Ronnie Barrett's garage. This things weigh in at 30-40 pounds. Ten round magazines. Semi auto. Best 50 cal rifle around. Just pull the trigger and BOOM! Your target is GONE, nothing left. Takes out tanks armored vehicles and much of what it hits. Used by law enforcement and military AND terrorists because of its great combat reliability and accuracy. This was the FIRST.50 caliber sniper rifle EVER! And the best sniper rifle out there- just under the M107 which is essentially a M82. If you want a really cool looking and unique weapon, check out the M82A2. Bull pup rifle that sits on your shoulder like RPG!

The Barrett M82 is one of my favorite sniper rifles of all time. Not only is it insanely powerful, but the newest version of it comes suppressor ready and still holds range. Also the M82 has a 20mm grenade variant that can be switched out on the battlefield in less than 3 minutes. That's amazing. The intervention is without a doubt an incredible gun. But it is heavier, less variant, and more cumbersome than the M82. Also the interventions ballistics calculator is compatible with all types of calibers. Including the 50 BMG.

There is an unfortunate quantity of people here who are ignorant of guns. The Barrett M82 is not a sniper rifle, it's an anti-materiel rifle. It is not the strongest gun in the world either. Learn your facts before you ignorant video game children spam your favorite gun from Call of Duty.

I absolutely love it! To those who voted for the other 9 sniper rifles, good luck, you will going to need it. Especially when facing such a magnificent sniper rifle shooting anti-armor bullets that will literally take off a man's head, or even the body!

2 CheyTac Intervention

It is hard to believe so many chose the losers like the Noslin-Nagat and the Dragunov. Sorry boys I played with these and they are CRAP. 1-2" groups at 100 yards is sub standard. Accuracy is the top consideration not allegiances to mass production cheap bullet sprayers and prayers. Nothing competes with the M200 Chey Tac IN.408 NOTHING. If you were to take to the battle field with all these other systems and you had to go up against a Chey Tac. You had better be the better sniper with help from above. I have handled all Soviet weapons systems of 30 cal. I only like the SKS. I do not expect it to reach out very far but it will consistently out shoot the AK47 every day of the week. Just to let you Pro Russian people know mine are Russian and I wish I had bought Yugoslavian. Point Chey Tac is KING and side by side it will win every time when it is gun to gun. Man to Man is another situation. Been there done that.

For a sniper hitting a target, your weapon needs to have precision to hit it out of effective range and need to bring down the target must firepower, most modern weaponry does not contain these three attributes. In terms of operational capacity, a weapon with great precision does not have an effective range as large, with very long effective range does not have much firepower and much firepower does not get much scope or precision. O CheyTac M200 contains the three attributes together, not considering that a weapons system, 7.62mm, .338 Lapua or .50 BMG are not accurate, effective range and firepower satisfactory, but only the M200 has all the extreme. It is capable of hitting targets with precision to over 2300 meters, the bullet remains supersonic beyond 2000 meters, making it the target will be reached before hearing the shot (probably after being shot will not hear anything else) and over distances of 700 meters from his bullet has more energy than a .50 BMG projectile (12.7 ...more

Thirty years experience says The CheyTac M200.408 is with out a doubt, the most accurate system in the world! Any who says different is uneducated or bias. I own a Barrett 98B.338 and an Armarlite AR-30.338 Lupua mag Both amazing weapons. If you want the best of the best, and you have 12 grand to throw away, the the CheyTac M200 is the ONE and ONLY! The.408 is a custom round from CheyTac to match there sytem for presician and they got it right. Ask any one who knows what they are talking about and they will tell you the same thing.

The CheyTac is far more accurate than the Barret. I've shot both. Barret has had too many problems over the years. The only reason why people even know of the M82 is because of the government contract. I shoot a custom built 300 win. mag and reload all my own ammo. I shoot a 150 gr a little warm, traveling at 3,280 fps. I can and have shot a matchstick at 100 yds and can pull chest shots all day long at 1,000 yds. I was going to purchase A.408 a few years back but found I could get the reload dies for them. With my 300 I can still pass through a sheet of 1/2" steel at 300 yds while passing through the dime first. I've been competing long range for years after my term in the Marines MOA 3017.

3 Mosin-Nagant

Wonderful rifle, well made, durable, long barreled, and with care, would last forever. Accuracy for a rifle made in 1937 as mine was is amazing to say the least. I put a scope rail over the open sight and a Leupold Scope. I have no trouble grouping 5 rounds within a 1-2 inch circle at 1400 yards. The best $120.00 I ever spent. I have since bought 2 more for myself and 1 each for my brother and son for birthday presents. Let's just say in deer season, the tags get easily filled and soft tip ammo is available and very accurate at ranges to 1000 yards with a scope and 150 yards on an open sight if you have the chance at the price they are selling for. Get yourself one, it's a great gun and a great piece of pre-WW2 gun history. Also, mine came with bayonets, a plus for collectors who want a useful piece of history.

Tough and accurate German snipers prized the Mosin-Nagant Bolt action for its excellent balance and handling capability over the Mauser. The Nagant was built on the best and most accurate of the infantry rifles, simple to use and maintain. Scope is the only down side to this arm but this firearm was made over 75 years ago and with Tec from WW2. In its time, one of the best and toughest snipers.

The confirmed kills speak for themselves with this rifle. Record setting snipers and marksman throughout the course of time have etched their names in the history books using this weapons system. The soviet union didn't get many things right. However when it came to the battle rifle, there hardly is no equal.

Probably one of the toughest and most accurate military rifles ever. I have two 91/30's that shoot 1"-2" groups at 100 yards with open-sights. I hand-load a variety of different loads and I have yet to find one that the rifles won't group well with. This rifle was designed to be accurate and tough.

4 McMillan TAC-50

Hard to choose one, as each of these guns are great rifles and unique in their own way. The Tac-50, though, is a great gun and currently holds the world record for longest kill at 2,657 yards. A sniper rifle is meant to kill at long range, so my vote goes here.

It was used by an joint task force 2 soldier for the kill at the longest distance ever recorded, at iran. 11 Thousand feet away. Imagine what you would have to calculate for that.

This gun ain't just good, it's amazing. And Canadian! Thumbs up if you're from Canada!

This weapon made the second longest kill shot. The distance was 1.51 miles

5 M40

M40 is a super weapon, but having no experience with others on the list, I can not say it is the best. It is the most accurate modern rifle I have ever shot.
My love is black powder shoots and I will put my .58 Zouave against any rifle, (antique or modern) on an indoor range up to 350 yards.

This is a great weapon and is quite accurate and just a wonderful sniper for battle. I have used it in training and I've used other snipers like the 50 cal barret and dragunov. They aren't that great for most battles, love the Barrett but M40 is my favorite weapon

I use this weapon in Afghanistan as a Marine, and it is the best I have ever used, and is more accurate than all other weapons on this list... I have used them all.

Hundreds of dead Tangos can't be wrong. Thanks to the snipers and designated marksmen who have been trained and are proficient with these systems. Semper Fi and thank you.

6 Accuracy International L96A1

This isn't just a rifle, it's a weapons system. It's smartly built and serves the British army very well along with other countries and law enforcement! The .338 Lapua firing model claims the longest kill shot in the world and is perfectly ergonomic and not too heavy to be battlefield proficient! Unlike the M82 (which is an excellent rifle) this is an anti-personnel rifle and not an anti-material-rifle, and is the best in its class!

The AWM AI style rifles are extremely accurate the L115 has the longest recorded sniper kill in the world. The sniper is extremely durable in all different climates, it has a quiet easy to pull bolt, and it is a fairly light weight rifle. No better sniper in the modern world.

It's been proved on many occasions that the AI is without doubt is the best sniper rifle in the world. It holds the longest kill shot record, especially when it's in the hands of a British soldier, there are some excellent rifles on the go, but the AI takes the prize.

Hard to choose but in all round stats this is the best sniper rifle to have. Everything else excels at something and usually fails otherwise but you can't go wrong with this beauty.

7 Barrett M107A1

The 107a1 is the improved m82a1 and 107. It's 5 pounds lighter and is slightly more accurate. I agree!

8 Winchester Model 70

My off the shelf 30-06 drove tacks with old surplus ammo. Minus 1-MOA till the barrel got hot.
A lot depends on exactly which gun you get some are better out of the box. Also every gun has a loading it likes the best.
Being able to shoot also helps.

9 Dragunov SVD

The svd sniper rifle is still used now. There is no question about it. Built by the Soviet Union, it is bound to be reliable, strong and an accurate weapon. The svd is like the sniper version of the ak 47, but bigger and badder. If someone were to face against you with an svd, I would suggest to hide your your wife and children because it's a heck of a gun. Once again, the svd is the best there is... In my opinion!

About 40 years ahead of the game. Similar in build and use asa all aK variants...

The soviets were decades ahead in squad small arms design. The us is playing catch up only now with M4, M27, M110 mix

How many decades ago did the soviets deploy AK47/74, RPK, SVD mix.

I simply vote SVD for its ruggedness, ease of use, the hard hitting AP round, and of course the fact that it applied principles 40 years ago that the US is only adopting now.

Not only is it a great sniper rifle, I carried one for three years in Laos and Cambodia, although I was never actually there. It is also beautiful!

A accurate, long range semi auto sniper rifle that has been in service with the Russian military for over 50 years.

10 M14
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11 .416 Barrett

This weapon is the #1 we must have understand this
I'm sorry for my bad English...

Well it's the same as a barret 50 BMG with better ballistics and longer range.

12 M24 SWS

The M-24 and the M-40 are brothers, the 24 is a long action and the 40 is a short action. No two finer 7.62x51 NATO guns exist. Their accuracy even with crappy ammunition is always one minute or less. With good ammunition both rifles consistently shoot under one MOA. Gas guns have their place, there are many that shoot extremely well, but bolt guns will always shoot tighter. A well trained sniper with either the M24 or the M40 is a weapons system that can change the entire outcome on the battlefield.

I think close but no gold ring. More opinion speaking than actual expierence with weapons. Predjuice seems to always cloud ones judgement. Correct to a degree, but still not in the park. Several weapons out there that are beyond great. I am a average, no better shooter, had a one one half inch group with good wind at 496 yards with Accuracy International AW.50 BMG. That weapon trully rocks, will out shoot a Barrett M82/107 all day. I own both. Were I given a choice between the two the AI wins hands down. I have twenty five sniper rifles and every time I set eye 's on that
AI AW.50 BGMG me heart speeds up.

13 Desert Tech SRS

The DTA is top of the line and is comparable to the AI. Look around, and you will not find many complaints if any about the DTA. Desert Tactical is also innovative coming out with more calibers conversions everyday.

1/2 minute MOA can change cals in a minute super reliable just love it. Can go from a 243 to 308 and 300 win mag right up to 338 Lapua

14 FN Special Police Rifle
15 Heckler & Koch PSG-1

So silent, so lethal!
This silent combat sniper rifle is an ideal weapon for spying purposes.

Favorite of many Anti-terrorism forces.

A good looking, good handling, good shooting 308 sniper rifle that's good for Call of Duty as well

It sets the standard

16 Kalekalıp KNT-308
17 M1903 Springfield

When my dad was a solder in World War 2 he carried the Springfeild. He still has it and let me shoot it a few times. One word: awesome.

This is the original sniper rifle! Laugh out loud Known for its accuracy and dependability. I am very lucky to own this gun

I've always just loved it! Adorable in every way.

A classic World War 2 sniper rifle that surely one of the bestof all time.

18 Barrett M98B

This the most accurate tool I've ever used. Once it's dialed in there isn't much that throws the shot once you let it go. My only complaint being that there is a lot of induced movement and dust from the muzzle break which makes it a challenge to stay hidden after you take the shot. But then again, with the Bravo, you only need one shot.

The Barrett Model 98B in my opinion is one if not in the top ten best accurate sniper rifle system in the world up to date. It has flawless precision up to 1500 yards. When it comes to accurate shots at long range targets this S-R delivers. The reason to that is the design of the weapon Barrett manufactuers and designers nailed it by making the weapon bolt action. Yes I like to have that option of semi-automatic fire when you are shooting at multiple targets but most semi-auto rifles aren't as reliable in accuracy do to the kick or recoil of the weapon. As every true compition shooters or weapons experts know, reduce the recoil increase the accuracy. This can back fire badly if the system is not put correctly, but if you design the ammuntion to level out the gases in the chamber and barrel of the weapon it should work out perfectly. Sounds easy but it's a lot of hard work to prefect the pefect or close to perfect weapon in this case the Barrett Model 98B should take the spot in top ...more

I like the Barrett M98B and the Intervention Chey Tac SRR-61 with the .408 caliber (I think). They both are very good sniper rifles because they both have high power, low recoil, very, very accurate, and just plane "ol" has a good perfect design. They both can zero targets at 750 yards or more but you half to the scope right. There's not much you can do to make the sniper rifle better.

Probably the best replacement, or equal to the Barret 50 cal. Although it is bolt action, it's muzzle velocity is high and it looks good. I believe that this sniper rifle DESERVES to be number 2 or even number 1.

19 Parker-Hale M82
20 Remington Model 700

I owned one of these babies as my first rifle, chambered in 30.06, very reliable, very consistent grouping for even a beginner at 100yrds. I used a bipod, and a simple scope off an old pellet rifle and was able to shoot a 2" grouping by the time I was done, my shoulder felt like someone drummed on it with a brick. Still the funnest rifle I've ever used and am still kicking myself for selling it, but my husky needed treatment and my dog comes before my rifle. I do indeed plan on getting another.

This sniper rifle, although uses the horrible 7.62 NATO round, has pinpoint accuracy due to it's bolt action nature. Since sniping is also about staying stealthy and scouting, I highly doubt whether anti-material rifles like the M82 or the Tac-50 are suitable for this role anyways. Good luck going around in a ghillie suit with an M82. The American military chose this rifle for a reason: It's battle tested, it's accurate, and it's highly reliable.

This is one of the hardest-hitting bolt action sniper rifles, and is a good balance between accuracy, weight and power. While the M82 may be more accurate and harder-hitting, it's way too heavy to carry around in the battlefield. Besides, large caliber sniper rifles leave a clear vapour trail behind it, instantly revealing your position.

This is not the standard infantry sniper rifle for nothing.

21 M21 SWS

I used one in Vietnam. I loved mine. If it had been a woman, I would have married it. In the harsh conditions of that hot, humid country my XM-21 rifle never failed me once. I used it for sniping and downing a wild pig while on one patrol. That pig fed a large number of people to include American G.I.S and local villagers. My XM-21, the predecessor of the M-21, helped me win a sniper versus sniper gunfight one night. I learned to shoot that rifle from zero to 900 meters with no problem at all. It was a sweet rifle with great accuracy and great stopping power.

Great rife, dependable and accurate. Being semi auto its easier to get that all important second shot if needed at the original target or a secondary target.

It's actually an M14 EBR which stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle. It was first used in action but the US Navy SEALS. It is now the preferred Semi Automatic sniper rifle and used by more military and police forces around the world than any other rifle, including the H&K G3.

This is probably the best sniper in the world. Semi-Automatic, can be used with or without a scoper, powerful, and best of all... MW2

22 Windrunner M96
23 M110 SASS

This Sniper Rifle was adopted by The U.S. navy Seals including Seal Team Six. It's 7.62x51mm round can blow off a head at 750 meters! Also it's a version of the proven M4/M16 weapons.

24 Sako TRG-22

Fantastic firearm all around, very smooth action, comfortable to use and consistently shoots 1 1/2 inch groups at 300m (I know because I own one!) Used by many militaries around the world; the Finns know a thing or two about making sniper rifles, regarded as one of the best along with the accuracy international. Not as affordable as a R700 but remember, you get what you pay for.

Silk action and comfort shooting deadly accurate rifle sako trg22. I own trg22

I just got it and I hit all target straight out of the box with a night force scope

25 Accuracy International L115A3

Not only does it have the record for longest sniper kill at 2,707 yards twice! But it also has record for most kills with one bullet killing 6 guys with yes just one bullet from 930 yards away. Hands down greatest sniper period.

Nothing better when it comes to Portability, Accuracy and Range. Get with the times people and do some research! I'd take this weapon over all of the others in a heart beat!

Gotta love this rifle. It's silenced, and has a very long range damage potential. The problem is the accuracy of the rifle since it is silenced.

This rifle should be in number 1, with only.338 lapua it can compete with heavier rifle. Totally badass and also world record holder for the longest confirmed sniper kill. Awesome

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