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21 Winchester Model 70

My off the shelf 30-06 drove tacks with old surplus ammo. Minus 1-MOA till the barrel got hot.
A lot depends on exactly which gun you get some are better out of the box. Also every gun has a loading it likes the best.
Being able to shoot also helps.

My mod 70 243 will put 5 in a penny 70gri 100 yards

My 2011 M70.300 Win Mag w/ 4-16X Luepold puts 5 190 gr Sierra Matchkings into.400 inch groups while providing one of the smoothest actions and incredible factory triggers ever.

22 Blaser Tac2 V 1 Comment
23 Accuracy International AS50

Around the same power as the M82 but with A.50 moa which is impressive for.50 caliber. Able to penetrate through materials up to that of reinforced steel. - alleksas50

This is very accurate and has the world record for the largest sniper kill. It is also the Seal's favorite sniper rifle.

Impressive accuracy, great damage, great effective range and amazing design make it number one of world

24 PTRS-41

Not an actual sniper. Was an anti-tank rifle, but a truly amazing gun! - metallicaholic95

25 M14 w/ Swarovski Scope
26 Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The ebr is a sniper used on a calm weather activity as it has extreme power but not a lot of speed as it is a semi automatic rifle the barret 50 caliber rifle is good for extreme conditioning weather and terrain (desert perhaps) as it maybe semi automatic but has a reduced kick recoil mechanism or an easier way to describe it is a tube slides back in instead of a horizontal recoil.

27 Mc-Millan Tac-338
28 .416 Barrett

Well it's the same as a barret 50 BMG with better ballistics and longer range.

This weapon is the #1 we must have understand this
I'm sorry for my bad English...

29 FN Special Police Rifle

I have shoot every rifle but the barret 50 but the fn police is the most accurate I have ever shoot using schamite bender scope

My fn-spr 308 with a us optic sn-3 will still hold a sub.50 moa after 5000 rds of blackhills 168 match ammo. I have video of me splitting playing cards on edge at 130yds would not sell it for anything

30 Scoped Gewher 43 Rifle
31 Parker Hale M82 V 1 Comment
32 Remington MSR

I KNOW Call of Duty MW3 is just a video game but it is the top on the game. (opinion) Plus it has a VERY sleek sniper
Rifle design.

33 KNT-308
34 Windrunner M96
35 FN Ballista

Has an appearance of an MSR and fires.338 Lapua rounds. The Ballista has some excellent handling, used by Navy SEAL snipers for high precision.

36 Accuracy International L115A3

Nothing better when it comes to Portability, Accuracy and Range. Get with the times people and do some research! I'd take this weapon over all of the others in a heart beat!

Not only does it have the record for longest sniper kill at 2,707 yards twice! But it also has record for most kills with one bullet killing 6 guys with yes just one bullet from 930 yards away. Hands down greatest sniper period.

Gotta love this rifle. It's silenced, and has a very long range damage potential. The problem is the accuracy of the rifle since it is silenced.

You guys are right. No offense to the person who made the list but, it seems the list is random.

V 4 Comments
37 Barrett MRAD

Hands down best just shoot it

38 Scoped Kar98k

Having fired one, I have to say that even on the iron sights these weapons are a blast to shoot. The 8mm has solid statistics and the weapon has to be respected in that it was also their battle rifle of the time.

If you were smart you would pick a mauser k98k over a barret 50 cal. K98 is lighter more accurate and easier to fire than the barret. And really a PTRS antitank rifle at number 7 what!

It's so great for Call of Duty

39 Istiglal IST-14.5 Anti-Material Rifle V 1 Comment
40 M1903 Springfield

This is the original sniper rifle! Laugh out loud Known for its accuracy and dependability. I am very lucky to own this gun

The m1903 springfiele is good weapon this weapon called in ww2 the silent hill

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