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61 Gepárd GM-6 Lynx

Best sniper rifle! Bullpup configuration,.50 BMG round, semi-auto.

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62 Pindad SPR

A very strong sniper rifle! made in indonesia! can shoot through walls and shields of panzers and tanks! awesome!

63 XM-21

7.62*51 NATO. Based off of the m14, composed of fiberglass and custom fitted for the shooter. Used in Vietnam. It had double the rifling than the m14 and had a range over 1000 yards accurately.

64 Mauser SP66
65 L115A3

British sniper and it is by far the best sniper rifle in the world. The longest sniper shot of all time was done by a British Royal Marine used this perfectly made rifle.

The longest Kill shot was done with this rifle. The distance was 1.54 miles.

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66 Brügger & Thomet APR
67 SV-98

This gun is actually a pretty good sniper rifle and is still used by Russian armies.

68 TrackingPoint XS1

The rifle aims itself

69 Hecate 2
70 FNH SCAR MK20 SSR 7.62

The SCAR heavy in sniper variant. Semi auto, dead nuts accurate, and commonality with the other SCAR platforms for field servicing. Light weight, powerful, and easy. Jack of all trades... If anyone has ever really had to tote a rifle around for any amount of time, they'd appreciate the lighter ones. As for being a sniper. It means more than anything to stay light. At less than 10lbs, its among the lightest.

As for the M-x Barrett, you can keep that 40lb pig. Not to mention the heavy rounds.

71 Accuracy International AWM

Great weapon! It does the job without hesitation or trouble. And come on it made some of the longest shots ever up to 2km!

72 JNG-90

Best sniper rifle
Low recoil
High power
7.62 nato

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73 VSS Vintorez

This should as least fifth.

74 Steyr Scout
75 Blaser R93
76 FN Tactical Sport Rifle
77 DSR-50
78 MSG-90
79 M76
80 .300 Winchester Magnum

It never failed my grandfauther and it is not for sail and it will never be for sail.

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