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1 Season 2

Band Geeks, Dying for Pie, Frankendoodle, Graveyard Shift, Survival of the Idiots, Bubble Buddy, The Fry Cook Games, Christmas Who? , Something Smells, Wormy, Squid's Day Off, Your Shoe's Untied, Bossy Boots, Big Pink Loser, Imitation Krabs, Patty Hype, Grandma's Kisses, Squidville, PreHibernation Week, Life of Crime, Dumped, No Free Rides, I'm your Biggest Fanatic, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, Squirrel Jokes, Pressure, The Smoking Peanut, Shanghaied, Gary Takes a Bath, Welcome to the Chum Bucket, The Secret Box, Krusty Love, Procrastination, I'm with Stupid, Artist Unknown, Jellyfish Hunter, Squid on Strike, and Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm. Wonderful.

Ranking all seasons:
1. Season 2
2. Season 3
3. Season 1
4. Season 4
5. Season 5
6. Season 10
7. Season 9
8. Season 12
9. Season 11
10. Season 8
11. Season 7
12. Season 6

Best Episode: Band Geeks
Worst Episode: Dumped - queeniifan

All of these episodes except Dumped and Squirrel Jokes, I like a lot.

2 Season 3

Best overall season best episode is krabby land in my opinion and for the record season 10 to present is absolutely terrible its not even the same show anymore

This season makes me never want to stop watching SpongeBob. I grew up on this season. The first 4 seasons were literally the best of the past for one of the most iconic shows of all time!

Best Episode: The Algae's Alway's Greener
Worst Episode: Don't know - queeniifan

Season 1, season 2, and season 3, were awesome (My opinion) but my favourite of all SpongeBob seasons is season 3 it was very well thought, very funny, characters were the same from the old episodes but the characters changed a little bit, and finally the thing I about season 3 was that it was not boring, no stupid repetitive jokes and SpongeBob was a little bit more smarter and he would cry because of actual reasons and the person who was watching it would actually feel bad for SpongeBob. But in the later seasons SpongeBob would cry because of Nothing he was very annoying (he was annoying in the old seasons but SpongeBob would not do it as much) and it would repeat the same joke over and over and over and the creators of the show would get ideas from other episode and copy the same thing that happens in that episode it is like they are running out of ideas.

3 Season 1

This is my favorite season because Spongebob was the best (by that I mean smartest) it could be compared to other seasons and Spongebob was actually SMART!

Best Episode: Pizza Delivery
Worst Episode: Don't know - queeniifan

Ripped Pants, Sleepy Time, Texas and Tea At the Treedome are some of the best episodes of all time!

There are three main eras in SpongeBob and two transitive eras(eras that connected two eras.).The first main era is seasons 1-3(the best era). The first transitive era was season 4. The next era was seasons 5-8. The next transitive era was season 9. The third (and worst) era is seasons 10-present.

4 Season 4

This season is very underrated. I'm starting to like season 2 but as of now, season 4 is my favorite.

Season 4 is great. It contains both good and bad episode. But there are mostly good episodes, including Have you seen this snail? Krusty Towers, Best Day Ever, Fear of a Krabby Patty, and lots more. The bad episodes are All That Glitters, and Squidwood. SpongeBob is really funny in this season but I keep hearing he is the most funny in the third season. But SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy are the four best characters including Plankton. The reason I like Best Day Ever is because of the song and transcript, it's awesome. Krusty Towers is better because of both SpongeBob and Squidward, they were both so darn funny. I recommend this episode to everyone who like SpongeBob. Season 1 was not good at all, and that's because of the graphics. In Season 2, the graphics kicked up a bit, and in the third season, it showed SpongeBob in his best quality. Season 4 is a mix between late second season and late third season which has good graphics. Seasons 5 and 9 are both great seasons too. ...more

I liked the slightly duller colors in season 1. It gave it a nice atmosphere - mtndewlord

This season feels a lot like pre-movie in its earliest episodes like Krusty Towers, Selling Out, Patrick SmartPants, Have you seen this snail? (The best special in the series).As well as there are some bad episodes like All That Glitters, Squidwood, Hocus Pocus.

The show went downhill after this season and the movie - ElSherlock

5 Season 9

I will try to vote this season above season 4 because I don't like season 4. Season 4 is meh at best, and even if it is meh, it is VERY close to Scumbob. There are not a lot of good episodes in season 4 and the good episodes mostly aren't that good. Krusty Towers, Dunces and Dragons, MM & BB 6, Skill Crane, The Pink Purloiner and maybe a few more are only REALLY good episodes of the season. However, the bad episodes of that season (Squidbob Tentaclepants, All That Glitters, The Thing, Karate Island and a lot more) are REALLY bad and some of the worst episodes of not just Spongebob, but all cartoons. Seasons 5, 8 and maybe even 10 should also be above season 4 (I can't decide is season 10 or 4 better). The only seasons that are worse than 4 are 6, 7 and 11, but they are REALLY bad seasons and I'm pretty sure nothing Spongebob makes in the future will be worse than those three seasons. by the way, Season 12 is a HUGE improvement and Spongebob may become almost as good as in the pre - ...more

This season is when the producers changed to hd which I loved and am I the only one that likes SpongeBob your fired and for some reason I thought season 10 started hd but I was wrong and also look at the difference from Patrick season 1 to Patrick season 9 huge difference probably the biggest change to a character from season 1

I would vote Seasons 1-3 and early Season 4 any day over this, but I think Nickelodeon has taken the right steps to bringing SpongeBob back. The first episodes were horrible like Squid Baby and Little Yellow Book, but the newer ones from 2015 and 2016 were better with the addition of more Plankton themed episodes and more minor character importance (like the episodes Mall Girl Pearl and Larry's Gym). The new episodes have some originality and are starting to appeal to kids and teens/adult fans again. It's not making suicide jokes (like Are You Happy Now? ) or filling episodes with crap to take up time like episodes in Seasons 6-7. The episodes have plots again, and the quality animation has even increased. So now my favorite Seasons are 1,2,3,part of 4, 9, and 10, since the two episodes that Season 10 had so far (Whirly Brains, MermaidPants) were also pretty good. If Nick keeps these types of episodes coming, it will please everyone.

This should be #5 or #6. Season 9 is great because its when SpongeBob started getting much better than it was.

6 Season 5

To those who think this season was anywhere near as bad as 6-8: ALLAHU AKBAR!

A lot of the episodes on my top 20 are from this season (like Spy Buddies and Sing a Song of Patrick). Heck, I only find there to be just 5 truly terrible episodes from this season (Whatever happened to SpongeBob, Night Light, A Flea in her Dome, Atlantis SquarePantis, and To Love a Patty). I actually like a few of the episodes generally considered to be bad.

Very underrated season for me.

Seasons 2 through 6 were the best. I still love the other episodes though. If only I could vote for more than one. The new episodes do not suck, in fact more people watch those ones and the old ones are the ones with canlation threats even though I like still like them.

While Season 4 is what I'd consider the last good season before Season 9, Season 5 wasn't exactly a bad season either. In fact, I'd give Season 5 a ranking between ok and decent. Season 5 is more of a hit or miss season. It's either, the writers come up with something really good(like Roller Cowards) or sometimes, it can end up being atrocious (like To Love A Patty). Season 6 is really the moment when Spongebob became bad and Season 7 is the moment when Spongebob was at it's worst. Thankfully, Season 8 was a slight improvement from those atrocities and Season 9 is the moment when the show was saved, with the exception of 3 atrocious episodes ("Squid Baby", "Little Yellow Book", and "Spongebob You're Fired").

7 Season 10

I did not like this season

This season is excellent! Most of the episodes had me laughing so hard, I had tears coming out of my eyes! It is definitely a huge improvement! If you still hate the "modern" Spongebob, please GIVE THIS SEASON A TRY! You may be surprised! - bigbubba2001

i love it

It's not as good as 1-3, but it is at least as good as season 4. A definite improvement from many of the prior seasons.

8 Season 6

This season is better than season 7 and 8

It's my second favorite season of all time. The best is season 7. - henry_danger_is_great

They have to put all seasons stop complaining

I hate this season! Why is this here?

9 Season 8

I really like this season here are them from worst to best season 12. okay Season 1 decent. Season 9 decent. Season 10 decent. Season 4 good
Season 3 good
Season 7 good
Season 6 good
Season 11 very good
Season 2 very good
Season 5 very good
Season 8 amazing

A lot better than Season 7 for sure.

A lot of great episodes

This is in my opinion the best spongebob season especially because when I first saw face freeze! I was laughing so hard and I enjoyed hello bikini bottom and many other episodes

10 Season 11

Season 11 is a aright season its got a taste of season 1 with it and some good laughs that I even got from season 4 and 8 but it could of been better at best this season is just tide with season 8 for me but I would re watch any of this seasons good episodes - 015804

We see spongebob sandy and other fishes burping on the moon 2 a good Halloween special in it

the best - Oliversky

I personally thought that seasons 9 and 10 were steps in the right direction but this season is just downright terrible. Spongebob is meant to be a show that appeals to all ages, not just 9 year olds.The art style is overly vibrant, and I all of the characters are so unbelievably stupid. Its almost like they've all been possessed by post-movie patrick. For season 12, they need to go back to a little bit more tame art style and FIX THE CHARACTERS. - Gods-Judgement


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11 Season 7

Season 7 is one of my favorites why is it down here

Although I enjoyed the Graveyard Shift and Frankendoodle from season 2, I kinda mostly grew up with season 7

It's my favorite season of all time. This should be at number 1, not 10. - henry_danger_is_great

If you watched the episode "I Dancing", you know what I'm talking about. - booklover1

12 Season 12

Up until now, season 12 is a HUGE improvement over season 11, that sucked. It only has a few bad episodes, while season 11 only had a few GOOD episodes. However, season 6 is way too high on this list, it should be lower. Spongebob seasons ranked from best to worst in my opinion:
Season 3
Season 1
Season 2
Season 9
Season 5
Season 8
Season 4
Season 10
Season 7
Season 11
Season 6
I'm not ranking season 12 because it's still ongoing.

A masterpiece - Winncon

I have EXTREMELY mixed feelings about this season so far. I only actually like one episode and the rest so far are meh at best.

To be honest, This season was good. - LapisBob

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