Best Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Soundtrack Songs

The Top Ten Best Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Soundtrack Songs

1 Duel of the Fates (Ep.1)

Best movie score ever

No Question!

2 Battle of the Heroes (Ep.3)
3 Across the Stars (Ep.2)
4 Jedi Temple March (Ep.3)
5 Droid Invasion Theme (Ep.1)
6 Anakin's Betrayal (Ep.3)

so evil.

7 Confrontation with Dooku and Finale (Ep.2)
8 Imperial March (Ep.2)

Awesome! - micahisthebest

9 Anakin vs Obi - Wan (Ep.3)

This is battle of the heroes.

10 Main Titles and Battle Over Coruscant (Ep.3)

The Contenders

11 Flag Parade (Ep.1)
12 General Grievous General Grievous is a fictional character and antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. He served as the Supreme Commander of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Droid Armies during the Clone Wars.
13 Padme's Destiny (Ep.3)
14 Rey vs Kylo Ren
15 General Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious (Ep.3)
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