Best Tablet Operating Systems


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1 iOS

IOS is the BEST tablet operating system BY FAR! I vote for iOS.

The best by far and I think that almost anyone agrees, it gives the best experience than any other tablet software, oftering 750.000thousand apps! - Vegeta123

Not the best for phones but I really do love the iPad - ShadowArceus736

Best OS, ever. I only ever get iPads since the iPad 1, in 2010. So many apps to choose from too! Beautiful.

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2 Android

In my opinion, it's, by far, the best - who needs or wants 750, 000 apps!? I certainly don't. I love the removable sd card, with extra space and sharing with other devices.

It is the best in the world

Not as much experience but still nice, nowere near the apps that iOS has to ofter the android is over 250.000 thousand apps while apple has 750.000 thousand apps - Vegeta123

Best open source os

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3 Windows

By this I mean the real windows 8 not the windows rt.. Cause the windows 8 can play the original windows apps that works on any pc

The newest tablet software not as good as the other two but its easy to use as well, friendly to the user - Vegeta123

Great and awesome...!
Don't get bored after sometime like Android...

4 Ubuntu Touch

A tablet OS that will bring multitasking on tablets to the next level and possibilities that no other mobile os currently has.

5 Open webOS

By far the best, easy and logical don't be taken in by apple

6 Blackberry OS

Love my BB OS Passport mobile phone, would not buy another phone with any other os installed. The rest are simply toys.

7 Fire OS
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