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1 Make a List

I like to see my old lists. Sometimes some lists show on first page of google after searching it (for example "Top 10 Saddest Guitar Solos"). I really like to make lists. This is one of the fewest things that'll always be permanently there. Cause I can't remember my other websites works. Those are very hard to find. That's the most unique thing of this site than other websites. - zxm

I enjoy to make lists when I think of ideas!

When will guests be able to make lists again?

This is number 1

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2 Comment On a List

Yes, sometimes it's really fun to browse lists and comment on them - styLIShT


I have never done this. - gemcloben

Commenting is amazing. - CloudInvasion

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3 Remix a List

Almost at 100 remixes! - IronSabbathPriest

4 Message a Friend
5 Vote On a List

It's really fun because you don't need an account or anything

6 Blog
7 Look and Favorite Lists
8 Look at the Stats

I had an obsession with the Most Comments stat before, but being #5 now, it's hard to catch up so I stopped looking at them.

9 Follow People

I have 149 followers. I feel proud - EpicJake

10 Talk To Friends

The Contenders

11 Wait for People to Follow You

I don't know how many followers I've got. Well, I thanks to my all followers. But if my followers never increase, I am not concerned about it. - zxm

12 Getting a "List Approved" Message From admin
13 Look at Your Feed
14 Look at a Blog
15 Get a Message
16 Make Blogs

Why is this 17? Because 17 is the best number ever and making posts is the best thing ever?

17 Try To Rise To The Top

Htoutlaws2012 is basically Nick Saban of TheTopTens.

"From now on, the rest of you can try to compete for second place in the member score." - Htoutlaws2012

18 Change/Look at Home Page
19 Look Up Lists
20 Read Lists

I'm reading this list now! - Neonco31

21 Comment on a Post
22 Look at the New List Page
23 State Your Opinion
24 Discover New Things

That's the only thing I'm here. - zxm

25 Favorite Lists

You know, if you like a list, just click the heart button and you'll favorite it. - booklover1

26 Edit Your Profile
27 Trying to Achieve the Accomplishments

I wanted to earn achievements of every category. And now I got 30/31 category achievements. Been searching for a new one for long time. Can't find a new one. - zxm

28 Add New Items
29 Making Your Profile
30 Compare Stats from Your Friend's Stats
31 Add Justin Bieber to the Negative Lists
32 Interact with people around the world
33 Answer Questions
34 Get a "List Merged" Message From admin

Also known as hey better luck next time. - htoutlaws2012

I hate that - Neonco31

35 Share Lists
36 Browse Around
37 Check for New Lists
38 Manage Your Account
39 Create an Account
40 Make New Friends
41 Looking at Posts
42 Praise Undertale

Gtfo undertale idiots!

43 Add an Image
44 Hate Dora the Explorer
45 Add Posts

Unlike rate me and I shall rate you or vote for me.

46 Get a High Member Score

Once I was mad after points. Also earned many points in these past months. And now while I'm on top 10 of member score, I have no interest in member scores. Now I feel like it won't help me in my career. I got other things to do. - zxm

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1. Discover New Things
2. State Your Opinion
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1. Make a List
2. Comment On a List
3. Remix a List
1. Message a Friend
2. Comment On a List
3. Make a List

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