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201 Carlos

Carlos of Mexico is the life and soul of the Great Railway Show.

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202 Frieda

For those who don't know her, she's a new engine in the new movie The Great Race. Frieda is a German engine who participates in the Great Railway Show. She is a contender in the strongest engine competition. - FinnsWorld

Frieda of Germany has come to show that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

She's gonna be racing with Gordon in the race with him?

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203 Gina

Gina of Italy is described as 'sweet and stylish'.

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204 Ivan Farrier V 1 Comment
205 Ivan

Ivan of Russia is said to be a real comedian.

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206 Raul

Raul of Brazil is a strong and agile shunter.

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207 Shane

Shane of Australia loves to have fun and his carefree ways have made him many friends.

He will compete in the strongest engine race with Henry

Shane is better than The Australian Engine.

I Like him Because, he's Australian. - FinnsWorld

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208 Yong Bao

Yong Bao of China is a kind and faithful tender engine.

He was introduced in the great race.

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209 Adams V 3 Comments
210 Cromford V 2 Comments
211 Cyril V 1 Comment
212 Stephen Hatt V 1 Comment
213 Bridget Hatt

Bridget is better than stephen.

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214 The Three Diesel Shunters.

I think don't even know if they had faces or not?

The first one is better than the second and third.

If I'm going by FinnsWorld's numbers, I like the second one the most because 14 is a better number than 13 or 15.

They did have faces.

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215 Slip Coaches

I think any engine can use these coaches really and any really fast engines like spencer Connor and Caitlin can use the express coaches as well

I don't think Gordon would mind any engine using his coaches at all?

The first one is better than the second and third.

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216 Baxter V 2 Comments
217 The Green Lorry
218 Settebello
219 The Australian Engine

Why does she have horn instead of a whistle? And it would have been nice if she had spoken and had a name. But aside from those things, she was okay. - FinnsWorld

220 Marklin

He was only used as a background engine.

Who in the world is marklin anyway

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