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21 Diesel

Him Along with Sailor John being the Best Villains in My Vision. - FinnsWorld

My eighteenth favorite character. - FinnsWorld

I dislike him, because Diesel got sent away in disgrace after telling rumors about Duck, but then he comes back to the NWR over and over which is pointless. - FinnsWorld

Diesel is better than Diesel 10.

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22 Lady

She is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

Lady is better than Thomas. - FinnsWorld

Lady is better than Thomas. - FinnsWorld

I’m surprised they haven’t featured her in any of the CGI episodes. - railfan99

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23 Diesel 10

He is so god! I mean, who wants a hydraulic claw on top of them? Me! And he's mustard coloured too! How can you not like him?! He's 10/10 for Devious Deeds and Brutal Strength!

Diesel 10 is better than Hiro.

Love-Hate thing... - FinnsWorld

Diesel 10 is better than Rusty. - FinnsWorld

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24 Ben

Double trouble equals double fun. - FinnsWorld

I like him better then bill

Ben is better than bill.

Who is he?

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25 Charlie

Charlie is better than Porter, Whiff, Scruff, Stafford, Hiro, Connor, Caitlin, Ryan, Molly, Neville and Rosie. He is my Favorite New Character. - FinnsWorld

Might not be the best character but he's better than that orange brat. - FinnsWorld

He wasn't great in S13-16, but he's gotten better roles since S17. - FinnsWorld

Don't make a replacement for Billy... It just won't work. - FinnsWorld

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26 Hiro

He was introduced in hero of the rails

He's very popular in Japan.

27 Skarloey

Narrow gauge version of Edward (Both are old and kind)

Skarloey is better than Stephen.

Narrow gauge version of thomas.

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28 Rusty

Narrow gauge version of duck.

Narrow gauge version of Toby.

Rusty is better than Fred.

Narrow gauge version of James.

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29 Connor

Because he's not very nice to the other engines cause he likes to boast about everything all the time and he sometimes likes to play tricks on the other engines and he doesn't like to be kept waiting and also he should really take a break from pulling the express for a while and let another engine takeover for a while?

Connor along with Caitlin should replace Gordon and takeover the express duties also and Gordon should be sent far away and Connor would make good time with the express also and he would go much faster with the express and arrive on time also and he would do much better also then Gordon ever did

Why do you hate Gordon so much? You've said that like ten times?

I think he and Caitlin could just take gordons coaches and I don't Gordon would mind and care at all?

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30 Norman

Though, I might rank him higher if he gets a lead role in future. - FinnsWorld

Is norman going to appear in the great race?

Norman sucks because of the eyebrow, yuck.

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31 Bradford

Its been months and still no pictures of him? - FinnsWorld

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32 Ivo Hugh

Sadly, Ivo Hugh was unable to live up to his potential due to unfortunate circumstances. - FinnsWorld

Stop telling me that I'm wrong! I already know I'm wrong!

No he isn't. Toby is old. Ivo Hugh is young.

My favorite train.and he always will be

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33 Axel

For those who don't know him, he's a new engine in the new movie The Great Race. Axel is a Belgian engine who participates in the Great Railway Show. He is a contender in the Great Race. - FinnsWorld

Were they any female engines in race with him?

Axel of Belgium is effortlessly cool.

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34 Toad

If Oliver return so does Toad. - FinnsWorld

Toad is better than Oliver.

Friendly and polite. - FinnsWorld

Toad You Idiot You Fool You Bratt

35 Clarabel

Where would Thomas be without his loyal companions. - FinnsWorld

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36 Boco

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

BoCo is better than Hector.

BoCo is better than Daisy. - FinnsWorld

"Stop! You're making me giddy! " BoCo was a brilliant character ever since his first episode (The Diseasel).

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37 Cranky

The crane is great

Cranky is better than Colin.

Road vehicle version of arthur.

C is for cranky!

38 Stephen

He was introduced in king of the railway

Stephen is better than Spencer.

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39 Murdoch

He is a great character and needs to return! - FinnsWorld

Murdoch is better than Spencer. - FinnsWorld

Murdoch is better than Emily, Spencer, Salty, Arthur and Harvey. He is my favorite character from Season 7.


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40 Bert

Mini Version of Gordon or Edward - FinnsWorld

Bert is better than Mike and Rex.

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