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81 Timothy

He was introduced in tale of the brave

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82 Paxton V 3 Comments
83 Stanley

He was rude to Duke, but he's still okay. - FinnsWorld

Narrow gauge version of Edward.

Narrow gauge version of Gordon.

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84 Marion

Marion is better than Ned. - FinnsWorld

She was introduced in tale of the brave

Her character is a joy to watch. - FinnsWorld

Marion is better than Ned.

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85 Stafford V 2 Comments
86 Luke

Luke meet Millie in the switch and I think they should go on a date also

Narrow gauge version of Oliver.

Narrow gauge version of hank.

Luke is better than Millie. - FinnsWorld

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87 Mighty Mac

Narrow gauge version of Bill and Ben.

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88 Freddie

Granted he has Duke's persona and Ivo Hugh's number but nonetheless his basis is interesting. - FinnsWorld

Narrow gauge version of duck (because they both have a similar design.)

Freddie is better than mighty mac.

Narrow gauge version of Duck.

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89 Jack

The argument of Peter Sam being either the narrow gauge version of Gordon or Percy. So I hope you don't start it again...

Said the person who started an argument.

Road vehicle version of oliver.

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90 Derek V 3 Comments
91 Bear V 1 Comment
92 Sir Robert Norramby V 3 Comments
93 Kevin V 3 Comments
94 Belle

My 10 favourite characters are 10. Belle 9. Stephen 8. Edward 7. Connor 6. Henry 5. Molly 4. Spencer 3. Hero 2. Caitlin 1. Thomas

Belle dated Toby in big belle and now she dates Flynn the fire engine

Please stop talking about dating.

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95 Flynn

Since when were firefighters bumbling idiots?. - FinnsWorld

This guy deserves to be farther up front. FYI, he is Sodor's new fire engine. Jared

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96 Samson

Samson is better than Charlie and Logan.

His prideful nature makes him stand out. - FinnsWorld

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97 Fergus

He's just a really useless and bossy old engine. - FinnsWorld

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98 Caroline

Caroline is better than Elizabeth and Madge.

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99 Madge

Do you think madge should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of harvey.

100 Rocky

I want Jerome & Judy to return and be his companions.

Road vehicle version of bash.

Rocky is better than Harvey.

He is one of the best characters ever! - FinnsWorld

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