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141 Emma V 2 Comments
142 Ada

Ada is the best piece of rolling stock.

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143 Jane
144 Mabel
145 Billy

I hate him so much, because he called Thomas a bossy engine, and acted like a childish spoiled brat!. - FinnsWorld

All he did was act like a complete brat in his only appearance. - FinnsWorld

Doesn't have a lot of potential and is not introduced properly. He is just... There! - FinnsWorld

Billy is better than Charlie. - FinnsWorld

V 4 Comments
146 Fred Pelhay
147 Lorry 1 V 3 Comments
148 Neil V 1 Comment
149 NW Brakevan V 1 Comment
150 Flying Scotsman

Does he race in the great race with spencer axel the French engine and Freida?

Maybe the flying Scotsman will date the German engine freida in the great race

Hey everyone! Search up the great race on the thomas wikia for the flying Scotsman in cgi! Your welcome!

That's racist.

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151 Lorry 2

Lorry 2 is better than Lorries 1 and 3.

V 2 Comments
152 Old Slow Coach
153 Thumper

A one-off who had no dialogue, which is very disappointing because he actually seems to have a bit of potential. - FinnsWorld

Doesn't have much of a story that goes with him, other than his only appearance. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
154 Big City Engine

He's not a great character, but I still find him interesting. - FinnsWorld

Big City Engine is better than Spencer.

V 2 Comments
155 Catherine

Catherine is better than The Truck.

156 Lorry 3 V 2 Comments
157 Proteus

He only appeared in one shot, but I do like his yellow paintwork. - FinnsWorld

V 4 Comments
158 Rickety V 2 Comments
159 Sodor Bay Tugboat

A faceless Wooden Railway boat.

V 3 Comments
160 Tiger Moth

I like his paintwork, but he should have had a face. - FinnsWorld

Unlike Jeremy, Tiger Moth doesn't appear to be alive. - FinnsWorld

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