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161 Lorry 2

Lorry 2 is better than Lorries 1 and 3.

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162 Old Slow Coach
163 Thumper

A one-off who had no dialogue, which is very disappointing because he actually seems to have a bit of potential. - FinnsWorld

Doesn't have much of a story that goes with him, other than his only appearance. - FinnsWorld

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164 Big City Engine

He's not a great character, but I still find him interesting. - FinnsWorld

Big City Engine is better than Spencer.

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165 Catherine

Catherine is better than The Truck.

166 Lorry 3 V 2 Comments
167 Proteus

He only appeared in one shot, but I do like his yellow paintwork. - FinnsWorld

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168 Rickety V 2 Comments
169 Sodor Bay Tugboat

A faceless Wooden Railway boat.

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170 Tiger Moth

I like his paintwork, but he should have had a face. - FinnsWorld

Unlike Jeremy, Tiger Moth doesn't appear to be alive. - FinnsWorld

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171 Wilbert

The 4th Best Character in My Opinion. - FinnsWorld

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172 Ned

Do you think ned should return yes or no? - FinnsWorld

Road vehicle version of murdoch.

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173 Wilfred V 1 Comment
174 Dustin V 2 Comments
175 Albert V 1 Comment
176 Helena V 2 Comments
177 Victoria V 1 Comment
178 Sixteen

Sixteen is awesome and I want him to appear in CGI.

Sixteen is better than Spencer.

Sixteen appears in WildNorWester's series as Sheffield, the No. 14 engine on the North Western Railway.

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179 Thirteen

Thirteen is better than Harvey.

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180 Vinnie

Racing Vinnie of North America is not to be messed with.

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