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A list of the best characters out of the hugely successful Disney Pixar movie franchise.

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1 Woody Woody Sheriff Woody Pride is a fictional character in the Toy Story franchise. He is voiced by Tom Hanks in all of the feature-length and short films and by Jim Hanks in video games and shorts. He is a stuffed cowboy character that leads the other toys in adventures in the movies. His facial features are more.

As I read in another list, and agree strongly with, Woody is the most human of the toys. He has is flaws, and makes some mistakes, but in the end he is always ready to learn from them and help his friends.

Woody is amazing. - MarioMaster101

YOU ARE JUST A TOY! - MarioMaster101

Woody is the heart and soul of Toy Story and the archetypical father of the group. He leads as best as he can, but even when he fails and is being mean, you can't help but love him in the end as he is just trying to do his best

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2 Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear is a fictional character in the Toy Story franchise. He is a toy space ranger hero according to the movies and action figure in the Toy Story franchise.

The funniest character

Buzz lightyear has always been my number 1 toy story character but have I read it inncorrectly or is it no.2 he should be place 1

This should be NUMBER 1

when I first saw buzz lightyear, I was thinkin what are they doing. but after the first toy story, it really changed my mind about him. TO INFININTY AND BEYOND A GUY THAT I WILL ALWAYS LIKE

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3 Rex Rex

Rex is so wholesome and has beautiful paranoid heart

I just love him.

I want him to lead his own movie.

He has no screen time, and I still love him.

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4 Slinky Dog Slinky Dog

I love him so much! Woody and Buzz are so over rated, SLINKY DOG ALL THE WAY!

I love him so much! why isn't he at number one?! Woody and Buzz are under rated, SLINKY DOG ALL THE WAY!


I love Slink, Hamm, Rex, Potato head, Buzz and Woody I only like characters from the original

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5 Mr. Potato Head Mr. Potato Head

He was cool the way they involved how he can lose body parts in the movie

He has some of the most hilarious quotes in the whole franchise!

Boo! Potato head was mean to Woody in the first one! But he's still one of my favorite characters.

He's hilarious and makes a very convincing pancake head

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6 Jessie Jessie

She is just amazing! To be described in words!


Get him higher than rex because SHE IS A MAIN CHARACTER IN TOY STORY 2 AND 3!

An athletic cowgirl is a nice idea for the pack

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7 Hamm Hamm Hamm is a supporting character in the Toy Story franchise. He is a wisecracking plastic piggy bank with a cork in his belly.

He's just a cynical and pessimistic pig, what's not to love

Hamm is a legend! Plus he stores money. What's not to love?

I love ham but bullseye is well cuter

Him and Rex and by far the funniest

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8 Bullseye Bullseye

Bullseye is underrated. He's so pure. He has the heart of a loyal horse mixed with the loyalty and innocence of a puppy. He deserves to be loved all the time.

Bullseye is Adorable, what's not to love?

He's a great steed for Woody

He's pretty cute.

9 Squeeze Toy Aliens

Love them I have a cuddly one


They're so derpy, I love it!

All they care about is a claw, (probably because they were in a crane game.) I'm not saying this because I hate them, but they are funny. Oooohh...

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10 Zurg Zurg

Zurg was the best!

I am your father

Zurg is the best


The Newcomers

? Duke Caboom Duke Caboom

Nice and Fun Character.

? Gary Grappling Hook

The Contenders

11 Andy Davis

My BAE! and I like how he made toy story3 ended
one of my targets in life is to find a husband like him

Andy Rules. I mean he's pretty much the main charector and he owns most of the aforementioned and he is just super awesome. P.S. I didn't know his last name was Davis.

There would be no Toy Story without him

Woody's best friend. And for a good reason.

12 Lotso Lotso

4 words... I-Hate-Lot-So! I know that's 3 words, but I still hate him!

I found a toy of him and it smells of strawberries like in the movie - Aaronwahed

He's an interesting character and evil about what he all did at sunnyside and how he got everyone to let him be in charge before andy's toys got there

2nd Most Evil Animated Villain In History Behind Judge Claude Frollo

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13 Mrs. Potato Head Mrs. Potato Head

It's a girl, not a boy.

She is pretty funny? , and feisty. Not as mean as Mr. Potato Head, though.

She's pretty funny.

He's the best

14 Sarge Sarge

Sarge and the toy soldiers never failed to make me laugh

He’s fun and cares a lot about his fellow soldiers

15 Sid Phillips Sid Phillips

I admit, he seems pretty bad at first, but he's neutral after the first one. And I think he was more misunderstood than evil. Why? It's theorized that he did what he did because he was a lonely kid with no friends, an overactive imagination, and not much of a home life. And he had no way knowing the toys were alive until they make it known when trying to save Buzz. And he does make a huge change. He makes a brief cameo as a garbage man in Toy Story 3. Not only does he look better, but he seems like a better person and very happy. Sid may not be the best character, but I don't think he's the worst either. I think Lotso was worse than Sid.

Sid sucks, so he should be off the list. He replaced his sister's doll's head with a pterodactyl's head.

Sid actually doesn't suck. He's pretty funny, but stupid.

I also think he looks like an evil version of Andy other than Jimmy Neutron.

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16 RC

He's the real hero, he helped woody and buzz at the end in the first film

17 Toy Soliders

On the Toy Story 3 Xbox game, there was a part that had nothing to do with the movie. You try to throw the troops to a phone, they have little parachutes on them, when they don't land in the wrong spot, they say something mean because they are frustrated.

They were really funny and cool throughout the entire movie. I especially liked them in the first toy story, they had cool weapons and everything.

18 Wheezy Wheezy


I liked him

19 Ken Ken

Fun Fact-He Has The Same Voice Actor As Chick Hicks

It's love at first sight.

Ken: Love your leg warmers.
Barbie: Nice ascot.

Far out, down in a jif, lotso

20 Bo Peep Bo Peep

After the 4th movie comes out she's gonna be in the top 3 - AngelOfTheSky

I ship her and woody and I don't understand why she isn't higher up on this list.

Bo is a really cool character shes not just a lamp she's a figure and here sheep are awesome

21 Scud

Sid's bull terrier. He's mean, but still cool.

22 Utility Belt Buzz

This is the Buzz Lightyear who's father is Zurg.

23 Buster Buster

Definitely a underrated, fun, cute, sweet character!

Amazing doggo

24 Mr. Pricklepants
25 Lenny

The blue binoculars

26 Dolly
27 Big Baby

He is awesome he travels with losto and is evil and adorable.

He Is Misguided

He is a bad guy, but he throws Lotso in a dumpster since he was mean.

28 Stinky Pete the Prospector Stinky Pete the Prospector

He's one big stinker!

This is on here twice.


29 Angel Kitty
30 Forky

He's hilarious!

Forky is adorable! ☺

31 Buttercup

I hate unicorns, but he is actually a good one.

32 Bunny
33 Andy's Mother

"The Art Of Toy Story" book is wrong. Her name is NOT Jennifer. Her name is Emily! Andy's mom had Jessie as a child.

34 Hannah

Despite her brother's antics, she seems to be pretty normal.

I feel bad for her because her evil brother replaced her doll's head with a dinosaur's head. I still love that part in the movie because of her reaction.

Sid give my toy back

35 Mr. Shark

Well, he did looked cool with that hat.

Look I'm Woody, howdy howdy howdy.

36 Molly Davis
37 Albert "Al" McWhiggin

He sucks. He stole Woody.

Cheetos scene is truly art

38 Totoro

Yes, Totoro cameoed. He's one of bonnies toys.

He isn’t only on toy story, he’s from Pokémon so it is pretty cool the developers made him a character.

39 Babyhead

The most memorable of Sid's toys

He Scared Me When I Was Little

40 Donkey

I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. *Reads title of the list* S***... - 3DG20

41 Chuckles the Clown

He tells Woody of Lotso's past.

42 Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam is an American animated cartoon character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The name is somewhat alliterative and is inspired by Yosemite National Park.

He is not Toy Story, he's Looney Tunes.


43 Barbie

Wow. Should be way higher up than this, considering she's one of the only main female characters in the movie, aside from Bo Peep and Jessie.

All barbie are beautiful

I can't believe she would just THROW ME AWAY!

She is a beautiful barbie doll

44 Wizzie

Who’s Wizzie? - 3DG20

45 Robot
46 Mike

He's only in the first movie, but he is a really funny character.

47 Hockey Puck

What are you looking at ya hockey puck?

"Squeak! "

48 The Cleaner

I think he might actually be Geri from the animated short Geri's game

49 Ducky
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