Top Ten Best Roller Coasters in the UK

A list of all the awesome rollercoasters in the UK.
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1 Nemesis @ Alton Towers

Wow! Really intense and terrifying but you feel safe and can just enjoy it. You don't have to hold on for dear life! 100% the best @ AT- (hated air cause it's so uncomfy. Theming is AMAZING! So creative and different. Utterly a CLASSIC.

Nemesis is so cleverly designed and has such a big G-Force! I love the scenery it's absolutely amazing and the idea is really good as well. My favourite roller coaster ever, so intense yet smooth!

Absolutely amazing. I hates roller coasters until I went on Nemesis. Brilliant! It's a ride for everyone to enjoy! The best one there! ( apart from air)

This was my first proper coaster and it's STILL THE BEST! Great theming. Great G-forces. Great design. Great experience. What more could you ask for?

2 Avalanche @ Blackpool

Fun unique ride don't think it's as good as the big one though

3 The Big One @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Amazing height, amazing speed, amazing view, amazing drop and amazing Length of the ride!

Still edging the top of one of Europe's tallest coasters. A great thrill-seeking ride!

Epic ride... So fast but it is so good! goes 235 feet in the air it is just incredible should be too of charts

Needs to be number 1. The first drop and the sheer speed put the likes of Obliviation to shame

4 The Smiler @ Alton Towers

Gerstlauer's best. the only improvement I think could be made to the ride is the speed of the lift hills, which is INCREDIBLY slow (as in, glacier slow). other than that, great paint, theming, train design, track layout, etc.

I went on this roller coaster at the age of 10 and it was most unfun
Roller coaster I have ever Been on. All it does is loop to loops and corkscrews.

I loved the half- way bit. The smiler and the stealth are the best rides I've been on. The smiler has 30 turns.

Amazing coaster, after you get off you wonder which way is up

5 Oblivion @ Alton Towers

I been on a lot of rides and you get used to them, how they feel. You never get used to that drop. Best rider I ever been on for that extreme adrenilin rush

Amazing ride with such and intense drop your stomach churns and your close to throwing up!

This was the best ride I've ever been on the churning in your tumny is un beliveable

Better than apocalypse
More exhilarating

6 The Ultimate @ Lightwater Valley

A bit rough nowadays but still a decent ride, not sure it should be this high though.

Hit my head on a tree on this ride, but that was my fault for sticking it out ahah. Amazing ride, real thriller.

Heh, the second half of the Ultimate is a dangerous thing.

A thrilling cocktail of speed, drops and so long! "

7 Dragon's Fury @ Chessington World of Adventures

Dragon's fury is the best ride at Chessington followed by Vampire and Tomb blaster

Nothing like the others but great for those kids

8 Th13teen @ Alton Towers

Awesome ride, love the free fall and how you go backwards at the end.

Thirteen is awesome the drop in the dark is so cool

It’s fun and I love the drop ❣️

9 Grand National @ Blackpool

Twin track racing wooden coaster. Still the best.

Good old fashioned fun

This is one of my favourite wooden roller coasters in the world plenty of jump out of your seat moments and good drop

10 Rita @ Alton Towers


The Contenders
11 Shockwave @ Drayton Manor

First stand up roller coaster and only stand up roller coaster. Amazing pure fun, highly recommended

The only stand up coaster in Europe, it has the height, the drop and the inversions and I liked the way how it was over the rapids the best coaster at Drayton manor but I did not like the station the queue line or the slow lift hill personally I would give it 4 stars

12 Stealth @ Thorpe Park

Best ride ever! It's so fast so high & intense. Could it be better? I really recommend this ride to all theme park fans. It would be atrocious for you to not!

Perfect! Not much more you can ask for! It pulls a lot of g-force and it is probably the uk's most terrifying roller coaster

The best ride I have ever been on though I would put the smiler up there too. Fact: it is the fastest rolle coaster in Europe!

Best coaster in Thorpe Park! Maybe even in the UK!

13 The Swarm @ Thorpe Park

Really epic ride, the twist at the start drops you into tight turns around scenery - was amazing!

Oh my, the head-choppers, Not to mention how brilliant some of the theming is.

Went on The Swarm four times today! Loved it. Smooth, fast and very exciting.

Beautiful ride amazing themeing super smooth my favourite is Swarm with nemesis amazing ride

14 Jubilee Odyssey @ Fantasy Island

Scary and very high up

Fastest slc in the country, amazing.

Very underrated coaster it has the speed the drop the inversions the height and I would give it 3 1/2 stars did not like the head banging

15 Colossus @ Thorpe Park

Amazing! Nearly as good as the smiler

TEN INVERSIONS! This made me feel sick but I prefer it to the Smiler


16 Saw: The Ride @ Thorpe Park

Great ride scary as hell but fun though

THE SPIKE THINGS GO SO CLOSE this was so good nemesis was pretty bad to be honest SAW ALL OF THE WAY


17 Air @ Alton Towers

Loved it. I love hights. I went on with my auntie who us afraid of stuff like that. But... She still enjoyed being upside down.

Absolutely epic, such an exhilarating flight

Air amazing
The smiler first 14 looping coaster

Best experience on a roller coaster!

18 Sonic Spinball @ Alton Towers

Making a ride based on a Sonic game (admittedly a rubbish one though) was a great idea. And the ride is awesome.

So good feels like a pinball!

Imagine is they made a vurtual reallity ride based on sonic riders?

19 Kumali @ Flamingo Land

Kumali is an intense ride and dried us off after the water rides!

One hell of a coaster, deserves to be in the top spots.

Epic ride, upside on the rollercoasters all the way!

Deserves to be the best

Looks stunning jutting out over the lake

20 Nemesis Inferno @ Thorpe Park

Great ride! The air runs through your face. So smooth you can't go to Thorpe Park without going on it!

Not as good as the one at alton towers

SMOOTH, AMAZING, ZERO-G ROLL IS THE BEST!. I really need to go on it now, it beats Nemesis by far!


21 Megaphobia @ Oakwood

Greatest wooden coaster in the UK without a doubt!

22 Icon @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

TWO stunning launches, LUDICROUSLY smooth, beautiful soundtrack... not intense- but insanely fun and re-rideable. Seriously, hands down, my favourite coaster in the UK.

It is a great ride that is also very comfortable as well as enjoyable for everyone.

23 The Vampire @ Chessington

An ideal coaster to get you into the bigger coasters, fast through those trees, atmospheric starting place well made and a couple of those turns get you going...

Best ride ever! Great for adults and first timers! With it's small height restriction anyone can enjoy this floor- less adventure!

A great inverted coaster you can take the kids on

Best coaster in the South

24 Rage @ Adventure Island

Definitely this one.

25 Galactica @ Alton Towers
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