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1 Riverclan

RiverClan fish! RiverClan swim! RiverClan use water to win! Seriously, RiverClan is the best. They are not scared of water like the others, they are proud of their Clan, which they have lots of good reasons for, they are clever, graceful, and loyal. True, the other Clans are also good, but nothing can beat the awesomeness of RiverClan! Their water combat moves are great and well thought over, and they have the most unique- and in my opinion best- talent of all the Clans. They have a great territory, especially at the lake. The river is missing there, but they have a lake and streams, and more lush trees. RiverClan adapted to fishing in the lake, and as long as the Clans stand, RiverClan will be the best!

I love Riverclan! Even though Thunderclan or Shadowclan might be cool, I still think Riverclan is the best. I mean, they get to swim and fish! They have a great and unique talent that no other clan has. Yes, Windclan are fast runners, and yes, Shadowclan is sneaky, but swimming and fishing are the still the best talents. They also have really pretty dens with seashells and flowers. I mean who doesn't like THAT?!

River clan is the best because they have water in their territory and they use water as there tactic. they rarely run
Out of food and they were the last ones to decide to leave the forest. in the lake territory river clan have a forest, lake (it says on the warrior website that they own the lake) and a river. all that comes with a large territory.

Meow riverclan fur life

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2 Thunderclan

ThunderClan cats are always the first to help the others, which has proven to be a strength and not a weakness. Their leaders are the fairest and kindest, and their warriors are as fierce as any. ThunderClan also tends to be the most picked on, yet they still risk themselves for the sakes of the others. That is true courage my friends. And lets face it, they have great and noble cats like Firestar, Graystripe, Bramblestar, Lionheart, Brackenfur, Whitestorm, Bluestar etc. And they have kind and loving cats like Brightheart, Ferncloud and Daisy, etc. And they have fierce and loyal cats like Jayfeather, Squirrelflight, Thornclaw, Cloudtail (who's also sweet), Lionblaze, Toadstep and Foxleap, etc... And all the other cats I failed to mention - they are all great and noteworthy cats that I would be proud to call my clanmates (except a few villains like Thistleclaw, Mapleshade, Tigerstar, Darkstripe...) Three cheers for the yolks of ThunderClan!

Thunderclan is obviously the best clan ever.
They are the most noble and caring.
They have such great cats.
However it could have been better if they kicked Daisy out.
Daisy is too helpless to the clan.
Three cheers for Thunderclan!

Thunderclan is the best in my opinion they have the fairest leaders and their kits always grow to be strong in my opinion join thunderclan!

Awesome clan! and also for hatrs, daisy and Millie are a true value to the clan!

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3 Windclan

WindClan, like Hufflepuff, are sweet and fair and never waver to help others in most cases. If they feel insulted or threatened they fight like the cat within (Or like badger in my case) and never fail to find the best way to solve a fight. They have never came up with any evil cats. Ring a bell? For those who have read Harry Potter WindClan has a strong connection to Hufflepuff and is a just, fair, honest, and loyal clan that is unwavering even when faced with near death. They accept help unlike other clans because they understand they sometimes need it. They are truly strong fighters and because of that they can see their weaknesses and strengths and with their kind souls take care of those in need and express more hat anger and growling in a fight. They are a good ally that only ThunderClan can understand most of the time. Another bell. WindClan and Hufflepuff are alike in another way. Strong connection to the clan that is the main place, house, clan, area, etc. I know WindClan is ...more

Windclan may be considered more mild and less involved than Shadowclan and Thunderclan, but that's not exactly a bad thing, if you think about it. The thing is, if you're less aggressive, and have more of a degree of empathy and helpfulness, you'll be more respected by other clans. This means that the other clans are less likely to attack them. Think about it. How many times has Thunderclan warred against Windclan? Not much at all. As for Shadowclan, the ratio of attacks on Thunderclan far outweigh the ratio of attacks on Windclan.

As for another reason Windclan is the best, they have good living conditions. The woods may be beautiful, and filled with an abundance of foods and scents, and the river and the willows may be amazing, but it would feel much better to have a cool spring breeze blowing against you peacefully while you sprint than to be treading on pointy pine needles and tripping over sticks.

One last reason Windclan is the best is because they're the most ...more

WindClan is an underrated clan that could honestly get more credit. Despite the fall in my likeness with Onestar as leader, they will be redeemed if Ashfoot becomes leader. When they do I honestly think they will be better off. Tallstar was a great leader who had a strong sense of foresight, not wanting to shed blood where it wasn't needed. WindClan in all is a clan that would fight any enemy to protect themselves and maybe the rest of the clans if needed. Quick in the mind, noble and believes in what we would call chivalry. They are the knights of the Warriors world.

I love RiverClan and WindClan both... I was torn between the two! - Silverswift

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4 Shadowclan

ShadowClan is awesome! After Russetfur's death you really get an inside view of ShadowClan and you realize nothing means more to them than following the code. Clans always thought they were really bad but they were not there are just individual cats that are horrid. They are misunderstood cats.

Shadowclan cats aren't mean, its just that there is barely any prey in the forest for them! In fact, I think that they are the most loyal if they are willing to break the code for the well being of there clan.

Shadow clan is best clan, shadow clan is not evil, it just had a lot of bad leaders and their choice of symbolism, you now shadow clan hunts in the shadows, shadows are dark, dark is evil, etc. (also the nursery stories fern cloud told about shadow clan starving their elders is cruel )

They are misunderstood, we should respect this clan and their noble leaders

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5 Starclan

I don't like star clan... Why do star clan give confusing prophecies when they could have directly told the cats what is going to happen. The books make it seem like star clan is a thunder clan only thing, and why do they give all the good prophecies to thunder clan. Also what's the difference between the darkforest and star clan, they a basically the same thing acept for the fact that one is for "good" cats and the other is for "bad" cats. Also I have heard that star clan VOTES on who gets to go to star clan, so it doesn't really matter when it comes to star clan being good. - the amazing Cockatoo

They are the people (well cats) that guide all of the greatest leaders! They should have 100%!

StarClan give vague prophecies and omens, can only sometimes go into the real world and keep changing weather or not they control who dies. - Emberwind1

Starclan cats are such female dogs. My main reason is that in Leafpool’s Wish, when Leafpool can get Lionkit out of her a**, Yellowfang just has to float down and be like “NEVER FEAR STARCLAN IS HERE” Like, what? Where were you when Silverstream was at the ThunderClan border bleeding to death? And also, they send all these stupid prophecies that half the time don’t make sense until, like, 4 books later! All around, StarClan just sucks.

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6 Skyclan

In my opinion I like skyclan the best because they hunt in trees and have powerful hind legs. Most of other people think they are weak just because they drove them out but their not. My loyalty will always be with skyclan

SkyClan is the best! My loyalty will forever be to SkyClan. I mean, hello! They climb trees, even hunt in them, and fight in them, with powerful hind legs! Climbing trees is the best.

Skyclan may not be a main clan in the book but it is still a clan and so I love it. I feel sorry for them because they were sent out of all the clan's territorry by all the clans. Skyclan names could be better too though. I think Firestar did a better naming than Leafstar

I like this clan my original character named ivyheart is from there and they're a strong but forgotten clan

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7 Tribe of Rushing Water

Tribe of rushing water is the worst because in my opinion is because the science behind their hunting skills

2.not every mouse you find will be snatched up by a bird of prey
3.(peregrine) falcons are the fastest animals on earth, which means that the falcons would be to fast for the cats to catch them. (fly up to 230mph)
4.Birds/aves are my favourite group of animals, and it really pierces like a thorn when a cat bites the head of of a hawk chick

Hello?! This is considered a Clan because ThunderClan was loyal to them! Plus, couples like Brook x Stormfur were cute.

The tribe of rushing water sounds like they have a peaceful home a beautiful one as well. With cats that have beautiful names. The tribe of rushing water just gives you that mystical feeling that you have been touched by aicient Magic, just learn poetry write a poem about the tribe of rushing water and you have fallen in love with the most sacred beings

Is this the modern or the ancient one, because the modern one is terrible in second series, Moonrise! The ancient one in DotC was nice. Half Moon, Snow Hare, Dewy Leaf, Lion's Roar, Tall Shadow, Jagged Peak, Gray Wing, Fluttering Bird, etc. That was the first series I've ever read and it was great. It was interesting about how it all came together with Turtle Tail being mates with a kittypet, Star Flower being One-eye's daughter, Clear Sky killing Falling Feather, the battle, Slate becoming Gray Wing's mate, Slash and his group, all the Clans forming... In Moonrise, when Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Crowpaw, and Stormfur were starting home from the sun-drown place, they discussed on whether to go throughout the Twolegplace or the mountains. They went to the mountains and found the Tribe of Rushing Water. They noticed all the cats were acting strange and soon, Stoneteller and the other cats went to the Cave of Pointed Stones about the ' silver cat ' prophecy from the Tribe of ...more

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8 Bloodclan

Blood clan is a bad "clan", but when you read The Rise of Scourge, you might feel at least a little emotion for Tiny (Scourge)

Why do you love blood clan they are so EVIL

I hate this clan:(

I think its not fair to scourge how he was treated, and that's why he is evil, so I do understand him, but I still hate bloodclan
- Laurelleaf of weather tribe

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9 The Ancients

The ancients may not be a clan and only come later in the book but it it still a good "clan" and they may became the Tribe of Rushing Water but still.

The ancients are amazing also. It's just rock that gets on. My nerves

I really like the Ancients. Go Half Moon!

Boo half moon...

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10 TigerClan

Tiger clan they have amazing coat patterns

oh hello

The Newcomers

? Emberclan

Emberwind. Notice me

? SparkClan

This clan lives in a lovely forest with green and yellow leaves.It has a camp as an island and water surround the camp/island these cats can swim.Each tree’s base is touching one another and under the roots of one big oak tree is where the nursery is.The elders den is inside the base of the tree right next to the apprentice den and the apprentinces live under the roots of another tree across the nursery.The warriors live in the base of three trees that are all connected and in the middle of the camp is a tell rock and a tree mixed together the leader speaks on the rock and the leaders den is in the base of the tree.
(Founder leader)Sparkstar
Current leader(after founder leader) Ravenstar
Medicine cat: Sweetleaf and Flamepaw
-Lightningstrike ⚡️✨

The Contenders

11 LionClan

This is one of the best because in the 6th book, Windclan and Thunderclan unite to Lionclan and they win the battle

12 Fireclan

Hello browser of this list your browsing here had ended the rest of this list is crap.

Fire clan, sounds like I never heard of it clan

I have never heard of that.

I have no clue what this is...

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13 Fatclan

Raise your paw if you're in this clan! *Every cat raises their paw because they're fat*

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

This is funny


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14 Tribe of Endless Hunting

Because they work together as a team I would love 2 B a cave guard

Ah,let's go back to the time of the tribe of endless hunting. The ancestors of the ones who started it all...

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15 Waterclan

A rich water soaked valley with lakes and streams surrounding the area. There is a jungle right next to the camp. There are vines, fruits, and lotuses hanging everywhere around the camp.

What's water clan is it like another version of river clan?

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

16 Wishclan

What is WishClan? Has a really nice name though. Is it evil? Or good-if it's good I like it. What cats live in it what are their names what are their skills?

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Ya what in the world is wishclan? never heard of it


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17 LeopardClan
18 Darkclan

I loved that Heathertail and Lionblaze made up their own clan! It was so Funny! - Dewblossom

Why does heather tail have purple eyes in the cats of the clans field guide

I know I know the clan lion blaze and heather tail
Made up but it was a sweet memory in my
Mind Known :/

LOL good it sounds like a evil clan sorry never heard of it
SORRY #whatarethesewarriorclan?

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19 MoonClan

I've never herd of the moonclan.

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Huh? I made up a Clan called StreamClan. MoonClan sounds awesome.


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20 Rainclan

A meadow with streams and rivers everywhere and willows hanging over them. There are lilies on them, and there is a central pond where they fish and hunt for voles.

A swampy marsh area with a pond at the center hunting area.

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21 LavaClan

If they have a volcano in their territory there would be a great lack of prey, the tree would be dead and scorched since the clan is called lava clan, which means they have experienced eruptions, which would mean that the cats would die and the tree

How do cats now what lava is

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Lavastar, what a very original name for a cat from lava clan (sarcasm)

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22 Spirtclan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

I just made it up but in my imagination it is a clan with a forest territory with at least a camp near a few streams.

Leader: crystalstar
Deputy: kindheart
med: Ambersky

Crystalstar? Kindheart? What in StarClan! I bet if you become leader you’ll be like Leafstar yourself! Ugh, start reading more warrior cat series l:( Darkness of Rising Echoes

23 JaguarClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

It has steams and lakes with a lot of fish and trees with rabbits and squrals too. The cats are loyal, kind, fast and strong.

Leader: JaguarStar
Deputy: CrytalSpring
Med: TreeLeave

Lol Jaguarstar is basically Leopardstar

24 Forest Clan

My clan lives in the river territory. It lives in a deep forest bordering the river. The other clans are Stoneclan and Waterclan.

First leader:Foreststar(High Førest)
Current leader:Fluffystar

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25 Amberclan

How do cats know what amber is

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Cats know what amber is because it’s an eye color!

26 FlowerClan

What the heck is water clan I might not know because I just started dawn of the clans. But I already do not like it they probably don't even know how to stalk

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27 PoppyClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Shut the F up already. We all know you're the one who posted all of these. F U

28 JayClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Love jayfeather :P JayBae

29 MossClan

I'm guessing the cats in mossclan have camouflaged pelts to keep safe from predators. And they'd live in a thick jungle at the bottom where all the moss grows on the rocks.

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

30 Doomclan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

DoomClan VS. HappyClan lol


31 Fly Clan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

32 Freeze Clan

This clan should be in this list because (in my own imagination: not really in the series) it grew out of the mountain cats, they thrived after the other cats left for the new territory, but then winter came again and took half their remaining clan. All of those cats got superpowers with ice:3

Cats with ice manipulation, how unrealistic can these lame fake clans can get

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33 Snowclan

Whats with these weird names, like seriously, pelt star (was his/her name pelt pelt, because pelt is only used as a suffix for names), white warrior (racist) and dimond spirit? whats next, avocado cloud, turnip toes?

It is a clan in the north mountains with kind, strong, loyal, and clever cats. They have whte pelts to blend in to hunt snow shoe hares.

Leader: PeltStar
Deputy: WhiteWarrior
Med: Dimond spirt

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34 Sun Clan

It is a clan in a great vast plain we trees, streams and mountains. Far from the forest clans, (a few mountains away.) The cats are gentel, loyal, spirtly minded and strong.

Leader: wolfStar

Deputy: Bird water

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35 Lightningclan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

36 Sharkclan

Her warrior name was light moon

This is a really good clan because all cats of this clan can do anything like a cat or shark.

Leader: Light star
Deputy: Shine fur
Med:Quartz pelt

OK awesome name I love sharks and warrior cats but never heard of it sorry

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

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37 SmokeClan

I made a Clan like this. It's other Clans were SongClan, SkyClan, and ForestClan.

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38 RockClan

The leader is Rockstar get it.They live in the rocky places of scattered North American Praries

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39 OakClan

This clan lives in the Oak forest near the Twoleg place near RockClan. I based this clan off ThunderClan so off course they have most of the main characters.

Leader: Brackenstar
Deputy: Woodpelt
Medicine Cat: Snowstorm

This is my favorite clan out of the ones I've made

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40 SongClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

41 MistClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

42 DustClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

43 AppleClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

44 CloudClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

45 GorgeClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

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