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1 Thunderclan

ThunderClan is truly the best in the old forest and by the lake. #1 like when Bluestar let Firestar in that flipped the future. #2 The whole series is based on Thunder clan except the broken code. #3 they have all my favourite cats.
1. Graystripe
2. Firestar
3. Bramblestar
4. Hollyleaf
5. Jayfeather
6. Bluestar
7. Ivypool
8. I would put more but this would take forever
#4 They climb trees like squirrels. #5 They're king and queen of the PROPHECIES. Because nearly all the prophecies are given to them like Spottedleaf, Firestar, Jayfeather, Adlerheart and Bramblestar. #6 They are kind and strong unlike Rowanstar ( I hate Rowanstar by the way). #7 Everyone likes ThunderClan except the person that wrote the second comment.

- Tinystripe

I feel that ThunderClan yes, is a good Clan, but they get too much credit. Almost half of the books the Erin Hunters make is around ThunderClan. For example, anothr CLan cat comes for help, but instead of another close clan, they go to ThunderClan instead. ThunderClan has started a lot of battles from what I have seen, due to people who do not like ThunderClan get upset with people who do. Its pretty stupid becaue opinions should be respected. But otherwise, ThunderClan isn't my top favorite, but it is a good Clan. - Echobreeze of FallingClan (Animal Group Roleplay Fandom) (Discord number : 9006)

I think Thunder is best period. Now look, I love ALL clans no matter what they have done, I love them all. But I honestly think Thunderclan is best for 5 reasons:
#1 all my favorite characters are in Thunderclan (Mapleshade, Bluestar, Spottedleaf, and Willowpelt)
#2 Thunderclan is so kind and friendly, they let in almost every single kittypet or rouge
#3 They live in the forest, and I can't help it but the forest in the most beautiful place to me
#4 They have the best camp. Yes, the best camp. Its comfortable and cozy (please don't judge that I'm basing one of my reasons on the camp)
#5 Thunderclan is simply the best Clan

Alright, I’m going to take a calmer approach to show you that ThunderClan is the worst clan, first they are perfect, everyone likes them (even though they are stupid) they are overrated, and even DoveWing who had moved from ThunderClan to ShadowClan says that ThunderClan is getting in other clans business. That’s the only thing I like about DoveWing, and she is right, and doesn’t anyone want another point of view, other then ThunderClan? I have many more reasons but those will be all I will be including.

2 Riverclan

I feel that RiverClan is a bit under-rated, but most people like RiverClan. RiverClan is not on my list of top 3 favorite Clans, but, RiverClan is unique. I though, REALLY hate it when people say stuff like "Well RiverClan is unique because they swim." Not every cat likes to swim so please, get that through your head. If you are going to use that excuse, you need to think of others. WindClan is unique because they have a different way of Clan life, which was separating the clan into Moor-Runners or Tunnelers. (Read Tallstar's Revenge), SkyClan is unique because they have long limbs and are able to balance on trees. They also, can or could swim if they wanted to proven in I think SkyClan's Destiny or/and Hawkwing's Journey. ShadowClan can stay silent and can hide in the shadows, and ThunderClan has unique battle moves like the Lightning Strike.

RiverClan fish! RiverClan swim! RiverClan uses the ater to win! All cats adore ThunderClan, but RiverClan is intelligent, talented, strong, powerful, graceful, and unique! RiverClan is intelligent by not being scared of anything, but they think before they do unlike the other fox dung and mouse-brained clans! They're very talented by water combat and fighting skill. They are strong, no questions asked. They are powerful! It's not just the leaders who make the clan strong, but all RiverClan cats. They are graceful! You can knock them off a cliff and they can land to die gracefully, and they're so powerful they would probably even survive the fall and act like nothing happened! They are VERY unique! They can swim like no other, and they're not afraid to get wet, unlike the other drypaws! RiverClan is better than any of the clans, and that's a fact. Not an opinion in my case.

RiverClan is AMAZING! RiverClan USED to be at the top but now... guess what ThunderClan took over, with their smug faces and a lot of boing books. (Except for Omen Of The Stars.) but RiverClan is underrated and the least paid attention to, unlike SOME favored clans I could mention, THUNDERCLAN!. But RiverClan fish RiverClan swim RiverClan uses the water to win! RiverClan RiverClan RiverClan! (Get RiverClan back to the top, please)

I think they are very underrated. If you read Crookedstar's promise, you will see why they are so awesome. They can swim and fish when no other cat I brave enough to. And their camp on the forest was on an ISLAND! They are my number one Clan and I wish I could be a RiverClan cat.

3 Windclan

WindClan is the best Clan!

We are the first Clan to have a medicine cat, and medicine cats are extremely vital to the Clans; they are doctors, see past Clan boundaries and rivalries, and receive prophecies and omens (which, to be honest, aren't always useful, however there are times when signs or warnings guided cats in the right direction and saved lives / the Clans themselves... think The Raging Storm, for example).

Our Clan feels the closest to StarClan because we live under the stars, an example being how we sleep outside of dens for the most part (which also means there are few to no dens in need of repair after storms and the like when the other Clans would have to repair); while StarClan has been questionable at times, our faith helps unite us, and so we are the least likely to break the warrior code! This is evident by few to no half-Clan relationships that were went through with that involved WindClan. This is also evident by the fact that one of the Field ...more

Needs more credit. WindClan cats are treated as the weakest cats who can’t care for themselves, which is why I like Onestar. He made WindClan strong again

because I feel like they are underrated and their qualities are being swift and loyal
I am not very swift, but I have lots of stamina and am very loyal
I love the fact that they settled on the moor because it reminded them of the mountains.
I also really like grey wing and think that although windclan cats are not as fierce as other clans they are very intelligent and empathetic.I agree that they are similar to hufflepuff

WindClan is my second favorite. I'm writing this because well, WindClan are fast and I respect that and everything about them.

4 Shadowclan

ShadowClan is my favorite Clan because they seem mean, but on the inside they are really nice. They get protective and challenge cats for battle, they became rogues because Sol made them believe StarClan was abandoning them, Darktail separated them, all that stuff, sure. But the other Clans make mistakes as well, so is it fair to hate a clan for the mistakes? If you want to do that, read Dawn of the Clans or something haha.

I LOVE Shadowclan. I LOVE the magnifent Shadowstar ( favorite character ) I HATE Quick Water, am I the only one who makes a tantrum every time I read the part when Quick Water kills Shadowstar TWO times? Am I the only one who HATES Thunderclan? Firestar? And Lionblaze? ( cause he killed Russetfur, my second favorite character ) Shadowclan will always rock.
Sincerely- Shadowheart

Shadowclan! Moving silently on shadows, fierce, let's not talk about loyal things(Well, I believe that shadowclan was just unprepared, not disloyal but some others might disagree so I let it on controversy), but still! They are cool!

Dunno why people like other clans. Honestly Shadowclan and bloodclan are just the best. Their strong unlike some weaklings from other clans.

5 Skyclan

SkyClan is the best! Five reasons why:
1. They can climb trees! I love trees and forests!
2. They always try to find a peaceful solution.
3. They are the strongest clan! They survived being driven out of their territory, finding a new home, rats, Darktail, living with the other clans!
My loyalty will always be with SkyClan!

Many others don't really know many about skyclan I was confused when I found about skyclan first. I was like huh what kinda heck the clan is that? But when I finally read all the series, my favorite clan was chosen. SKyclan! They are so kind openmind but also fierce when they had to. Leafstar, I like her! Also, Violetshine:) is great. All those kind of good cats all in skyclan! I love them, and you will see.

Skyclan is OBVIOUSLY the best clan, and I can give you 5 reasons why. 1: they can CLIMB TREES! you won't see Skyclan getting trampled by badgers (like Thunderclan) 2: they can hunt in trees, AND on the ground! double the prey! 3: they can attack from above, dropping onto enemies backs, leaping from branch to branch like squirrels, and soaring down into battle like hawks! 4: Skyclan cats want to try find a peaceful way to solve problems, I know that the other clans say that Skyclan is week but truthfully the other clans are to quick to jump into battle, so when Skyclan needs to fight they will be the strongest clan because when the other clans were licking there wounds Skyclan is training and becoming strong 5: Skyclan is by far the strongest clan.they went through getting their territory destroyed by twolegs, being forced out by the other clans, THUNDERCLAN taking their old teritory (tallpines), finding a new home, eventually being killed of by rats, reforming out of ...more

Skyclan is the best ! Some think they are weak, but obviously they are not ! They climb, fight and hunt on trees ! IN TREES ! Skyclan is very underrated! Skyclan is a powerful and free clan! My loyalty will always be with Skyclan!

6 Starclan

I personally do not like them because they show up, say nonsense, and watch their Clan suffer. Even in StarClan, they still have their Clans. There was a book where even StarClan had boundaries, for each Clan. In STARCLAN.

To be honest, I think that they suck. They give prophecies and omens to cats, but they never help cats in need of help. They have the ability to help them. In my own Warriors books, I write them as helpful ancestors.

I don't like star clan... Why do star clan give confusing prophecies when they could have directly told the cats what is going to happen. The books make it seem like star clan is a thunder clan only thing, and why do they give all the good prophecies to thunder clan. Also what's the difference between the darkforest and star clan, they a basically the same thing acept for the fact that one is for "good" cats and the other is for "bad" cats. Also I have heard that star clan VOTES on who gets to go to star clan, so it doesn't really matter when it comes to star clan being good. - the amazing Cockatoo

StarClan give vague prophecies and omens, can only sometimes go into the real world and keep changing weather or not they control who dies.

7 Adderclan

Imma in that clan, so that is why it is awesome.
This clan is a bit like shadowclan, they live in a dark kind of swampy area.
They eat, adders, snakes, vipers, rats, big birds, mice, big insects. Sometimes catfish that live in the swampy area by the side of there territory are a great meal too.

Leader: Daggedstar
Deputy: Bloodfang

Leader: adderstar
Deputy: adderheart
Med cat: addersong

8 Tribe of Rushing Water

I don't like them at all, and here is why; They keep cats in there group, and when Feathertail died, they hardly didn't care. that's what made me a bit angry. Because it wasnt even a mistake. When a person dies saving you, why be like, "Oh. They're dead. But hey, they saved me! YAYYYYYYY"

If you like the tribe, I am not forcing you to stop liking them, its just my thoughts.

Tribe of rushing water is the worst because in my opinion is because the science behind their hunting skills

2.not every mouse you find will be snatched up by a bird of prey
3.(peregrine) falcons are the fastest animals on earth, which means that the falcons would be to fast for the cats to catch them. (fly up to 230mph)
4.Birds/aves are my favourite group of animals, and it really pierces like a thorn when a cat bites the head of of a hawk chick

If you're worried about logic, remember the fact that this is a book about talking cats that worship the stars and get better from eating old english remedy herbs. And ghosts can kill living cats and other ghosts. And live together in groups of around 50.

Is this the modern or the ancient one, because the modern one is terrible in second series, Moonrise! The ancient one in DotC was nice. Half Moon, Snow Hare, Dewy Leaf, Lion's Roar, Tall Shadow, Jagged Peak, Gray Wing, Fluttering Bird, etc. That was the first series I've ever read and it was great. It was interesting about how it all came together with Turtle Tail being mates with a kittypet, Star Flower being One-eye's daughter, Clear Sky killing Falling Feather, the battle, Slate becoming Gray Wing's mate, Slash and his group, all the Clans forming... In Moonrise, when Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Crowpaw, and Stormfur were starting home from the sun-drown place, they discussed on whether to go throughout the Twolegplace or the mountains. They went to the mountains and found the Tribe of Rushing Water. They noticed all the cats were acting strange and soon, Stoneteller and the other cats went to the Cave of Pointed Stones about the ' silver cat ' prophecy from the Tribe of ...more

The tribe of rushing water sounds like they have a peaceful home a beautiful one as well. With cats that have beautiful names. The tribe of rushing water just gives you that mystical feeling that you have been touched by aicient Magic, just learn poetry write a poem about the tribe of rushing water and you have fallen in love with the most sacred beings

9 Bloodclan

Evil cats! They are killing too much cats..BloodClan cats are:
And Calm also
So this is BloodClan! Like Scourge was Brave,Strong and Calm!

Well...I really felt bad of the way scourge has been treated back then when he was a "kittypet", (Tiny) Socks and Ruby are the main cats that treated Tiny like dirt, and they are also basically the ones that made Tiny became Scourge. There is also another reason of how he became Scourge, it was because of what Ruby had said to Tiny, "unwanted kittens get thrown in the river." You see...Tiny then ran away from his home and off into the forest where the "forest cats" are. And...that is when he met Tigerstar...Yep, Tigerstar is the one that ripped the bell off of Tiny's collar. Ya know...In the end, I really felt like Tigerstar deserved to die. SORRY FOR A FEW SPOILERS PEEPLES

Scourge is my kin, my love, my father, my idol, my last blood until Nightmare( really that's his name) my half brother got another shot to live with me. Don't be mean to my father, or the clan. BEWARE FOR I HAVE THE SAME CLAWS AS HIM!

AS the leader of Blood clan you may address me as scourge or tiny as they used to call me. Bloodclan will take its glory into HISTORY!
Join me in My clan or die
From Scourge

10 Snowclan

Whats with these weird names, like seriously, pelt star (was his/her name pelt pelt, because pelt is only used as a suffix for names), white warrior (racist) and dimond spirit? whats next, avocado cloud, turnip toes?

"Oh, hi," Winterstar purred in an innocent tone. "Did you get lost? Well, take a tour of SnowClan first."
*cricket noises*
"That's because EchoClan took over."

It is a clan in the north mountains with kind, strong, loyal, and clever cats. They have whte pelts to blend in to hunt snow shoe hares.

Leader: PeltStar
Deputy: WhiteWarrior
Med: Dimond spirt

This is one of the clans that I have.

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11 TigerClan

Why are you guys acting like this is a fake clan? TigerClan is the clan Tigerstar made up! Did you read The Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour?!

This clan has two different ones of them. #1. The ancient TigerClan, who lived with LeopardClan and LionClan. #2. The name Tigerstar picked for the RiverClan + ShadowClan merge

Tiger clan they have amazing coat patterns

TigerClan Is awesome why wouldn't it be?

12 Amberclan

How do cats know what amber is

Cats know what amber is because it’s an eye color!

13 AppleClan

yummmmmmmmmmmm appleclan eats apples

14 The Ancients

they are awesome.they just have this mystical feeling about them and I really like that. And I'm not saying I like cats or anything like that I just like the group of cats I think they're really well organized and they're just awesome.

-Twistedcloud of riverclan

They give you a mystical feeling and they are so mysterious. I don’t know there’s something about them...
Go Jayfeather x Half moon!

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

The ancients may not be a clan and only come later in the book but it it still a good "clan" and they may became the Tribe of Rushing Water but still.

The ancients are amazing also. It's just rock that gets on. My nerves

15 Darkclan

There are Dark Cats and their bad Personality!..I think like:
And cats who are spying their Clan.

I loved when heathertail and lionblaze played in the tunnels! I ship them! They were cute together
-frostflower of riverclan

darkclan was cute. I loved Heathertail x Lionblaze as a pair. I still ship them! Booooo Lionblaze x Cindrheart and Breezepelt x Heathertail!

I loved that Heathertail and Lionblaze made up their own clan! It was so Funny!

16 Catclan

Yeah, most clans have Cats. What's your point?

that makes no sense but its cool...

17 LionClan

Cats looking like Lions.
Some names for those cats are here:
LionClan cats are big,strong,fluffy cats..

To be honest, the 6th book in the prophecy begins has to be the best. the biggest fight happened, causing the evil Tigerstar to lose all his 9 lives. Nobody likes Tigerstar still, right?

This is one of the best because in the 6th book, Windclan and Thunderclan unite to Lionclan and they win the battle

Lion CLAN vs Tiger CLAN

Tiger CLAN wins!

18 CloudClan

I am using this in my (probably) short story. This is like SkyClan, they mainly hunt birds, and they spend their time hunting and napping in the dense trees. They are peaceful and mysterious, they evolved from JaguarClan. Their camp is in a very big tree, their dens are in hollows here and there, but the nursery is the only one on the ground, it is a roomy but secluded hollow in the roots of their camp in an old oak tree. They don't exactly have camp walls, but most of the oak camp is covered in ivy and lichen which hides their dens. The fresh-kill pile is in a bowl-shaped fork of two branches high up.

Leader: Dawn star
Deputy: Silver tone
M.C: Star shine
Warriors: Dark Sky, Blue Frost, Moon blaze, Glimmer pelt, Shadow tail, Cloud tuft, Dew pounce, Shimmer wing, Light spring, Bright dapple, Horizon claw, Sparkle fur, Violet shade, Shade flower, Gleam strike, White ear, Clear dapple, Sunny stripe, Shiver blaze, Shudder tuft
Apprentices: Shade paw(Violet shade), Ebony paw(Bright dapple)
Queens: Twinkle whisker, mother of Stark kit, Feather kit, and Fluffy kit, Slate stream, no kits yet
Elders: Shadow spot, Ash leap

Emberwind we are annoying by your thing.

19 Fatclan

I really like fatclan because all of the cats are fat and very well fed. They barely even have to go hunting, their stomaches are so big!

Raise your paw if you're in this clan! *Every cat raises their paw because they're fat*

After seeing this, I have made a new oc. Her name is Oofscreech, warrior of FatClan. She has a mate named Bigbutt and no kits.

And every single cat in here is obese.

20 Fireclan

I have this clan. But they went extinct. (sad music plays...) Their last leader was Flamestar, and she was left as the last FireClan cat.

Fire clan, sounds like I never heard of it clan

I have never heard of that.

I have no clue what this is...

21 Frostclan

Never heard but sounds cool

Why is it so cold?!

22 Doomclan

DoomClan VS. HappyClan lol

23 Place Of No Stars

Cats who getting Ravage on a good cat who left you or hated you! And you killed him/her. Like Mapleshade did to Frecklewish, Ravenwing and Appledusk her Former mate. Cats who are evil...Evil cats go to Dark forest.

yes so everyone thinks oh no when they see this place-but u know what I say? oh yes! this cla/after lufe has some of the best cats in it like tiger star and maple shade-peronally when the took tiger star out of the book it got a little boring so when he appears as a df warrior it was like :o

Great starclan this has some of my favorite charachters including Mapleshade Hawkfrost Thistleclaw ect. ect.! Also these cats are not evil if any cat is evil it is Ashfur, Mudclaw, and Spiresight. But they all got in to starclan so I loveeeeeee the dark forest and of course riverclan! -Mistfeather of riverclan

Satan versus tigerstar

24 MoonClan

"MoonClan is an awesome Clan! " Shadowsky and I simultaneously meowed. "It's our home. Let's go on a tour!
"So, here's Moonpool. Over that way-" we pointed to the south-east - "is Moonstone."
"Here's our camp. Cindertail's den is right here, while the next den over is the Elder den. It's been empty since Cloudstorm died. The next den over is the Apprentice den. Then, there's the Warrior den. Beside that is the Highrock."
"Then, there's my den," I purred. "Smells like orchids, right? That's because there's a small patch of them growing in the corner. They're all blue like our eyes." Shadowsky and I showed off our cyan eyes as we moved over to the next den.
"That's my den," Shadowsky growled, "and you're not allowed in."
"That's because it's where he keeps his spare dog fangs, in case any fall out or break."
"You know Scourge? I got the idea from him."
"Lastly, if you follow me in here-"
"And not me," Shadowsky hissed.
"There is the nursery. He won't come in ...more

Cats on the mountains? Here they are! They are allways watching Moonrise...Cats who are:
Tortoishell or Black and white cats
Leader: Fairystar

Deputy: Shadefoot Lillywing




Ok that’s a lot!

Huh? I made up a Clan called StreamClan. MoonClan sounds awesome.

I've never herd of the moonclan.

25 LeopardClan

LeopardClan is a sneaky clan, and they compete against TigerClan and LionClan. I'm pretty sure they look innocent, but under the spots they can hold their own in a fight.

Did you say sneaky I love sneaky clans

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