Bluestar & Oakheart


You see, this couple is amazing. Why? Well, for one, they didn't go up to each other and said "Hey! Let's be mates! " Like Crowfeather and Leafpool did. Back in the days when Bluestar was around, you actually had crushes. You didn't go to the mojo immediately. It's a well developing couple, and will always last throughout the blazing stars in the sky. They trusted each other, loved each other, and thought of each other on their last breath in the real world. This will always be my favorite warrior cats couple, and I'm proud to say that.

A perfect couple
They both loved each other and were committed to keeping their kits safe

Oh god. I don't even know how much I love this couple. And Bluestar was just so willing to do the right thing for her clan, while doing the right thing for her family. This deserves to be number one. Oakheart was so willing to do anything for Bluestar, even give up on his chance of becoming leader. I cried so hard when Oakheart died.

THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! Bluestar loved Oakheart very dearly even though they were meant to be enemies! She also loved her kits very much and so it must have been very sad to give them away to another Clan but she knew they would be well cared for and she trusted Oakheart! THESE ARE SO CUTE!

They are so cute together.. The way they are always dependable for each other and sharing a forbidden love.. They taught each other their clan secrets and always kept them too! They would stare at the sky, and even slept together which resolved in amazing and talented kits. In the end, Oakheart guided his love Bluestar to Starclan with him after his great attempt to save her body from being lost forever in the gorge, and at least getting her p to say one last goodbye before joining him again in Starclan!

I love these two. Oakheart and Bluestar are great together, even if they are breaking the warrior code to be together. I have two Littlest Pet Shops that I play with almost every day of my life, one is blue-gray with blue eyes like Bluestar, and the other is orange-brown and has amber eyes that is Oakheart.

Oh they are so sweet! And Oakheart is such the charmer! They are so perfect for each other! I mean this is a couple who actually stuck together through thick and thin!

The fact that Bluestar is forced to see her kits grow up and not even knowing she was their real mother is SO SAD! When she told them, they hated her, but helped Fireheart pull her out, and she was able to live a bit longer. So if it wasn't for this forbidden love she would have died a lot sooner.

Together, even for a little while! Those two were loyal to each other forever, they never admit it, but I KNOW that they still like each other! -

Aw, Bluestar and Oakheart! I love these two! They loved each other as young warriors, even thought they were in different Clans, they had kits together. I think Bluestar was hiding emotion when Tigerclaw/star told her that Oakheart was dead. She truly loved him. Even when she was about to die in the gorge, she was so desperate to see Oakheart again, that she just let herself to go him. Love them.

Damn their story made me cry. They're probably the only pairingI read canonical material about and cried over. People are right in saying that Leaf/Crow, Fire/Sand, Bramble/Squirrel, Cloud/Bright, and other strong pairings are meant to be and all (personally I think Raggedpelt and Yellowfang should be higher up too) but Blue/Oak will forever be the most heart-wrenching, chemistry-filled, and legacy-bringing pairing. Not only were they strong themselves, but their families were too, and so were their kits. Great Legacy indeed.

This is my favourite couple. Oakheart made her strong (in my opinion) And she loved him dearly. She loved him enough to give up her kits and while other she-cats probably wouldn't do that

They first met, and they fell in love, and couldn't stop thinking about each other. Oakheart finally convinced her to go with him that night to fourtrees, and they had a beautiful night. She had kits, but sadly couldn't keep them, so she gave them to Oakheart, and he took care of them. Even after they parted, she loved him.

When cats are from different clans and love each other, it at least means they will do anything for their couple, and they take so much of a commitment to meet their mate at night or whenever they do. Bluestar and Oakheart were both very special cats and they were definitely meant for each other.

This was not a very good ship. They didn't talk to each other much and Bluestar did not care for her kits enough to keep them, even though Thistleclaw may not have even been that bad of a leader. - Emberwind1

I love this couple so much! It was so tragic, but their love was true. Oakheart would have given up anything to be with Bluestar, but she gave up her kits to be deputy. It's so sad! - MelancholyMist

They are so awesome! It's so sad she had to give away her kits. I LOVE FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIPS! Bluestar and Oakheart rules!

They are heck of a cute couple but I feel bad for Thrushpelt it I were a warrior cat Thrushpelt would be my mate he was a nice trusting cat. :3

I felt so bad for Bluestar when Oakheart died! Blue star's prophecy prologue is so sad!

Bluestar and Oakheart are my favourite couple and I think that they really still love each other

One is red the other blue one is fire the other ice I now these don't mix but they love each other and there a perfect match.

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I read this book first because me and my friend decided we would each get half of the series to save money. I got Bluestar's prophecy, Skyclan's Destiny, and Firestar's quest for Christmas. The book showed how much she loved him...

Blue star Oak heart Me = TOTAL GREATNESS!
Blue star and oak heart are my second favorite cats. Oak heart is my favorite good cat and scourge is my favorite evil cat! Scourge Will live once again! ( and so will oakheart )

Really good couple, but it ended badly she loved him just as much as her three kits, but it was sad that they could not be together for the rest of there live. It was to sad when Oakheart lead her to starclan, how romantic a doomed love. She died with honor

I love this couple. I think they need to be at least on the top 3. Go Bluestar and Oakheart!