Cloudtail & Brightheart


I love Cloudtail and Brightheart. SO MUCH. Cloudtail supported Brightheart when she was attacked by the dogs and, even though he can be an irritating mouse-brain, their early relationship was really sweet. It also was very meaningful, because Cloudtail of all cats (who was pretty selfish by having a paw in two worlds and not really contributing to his Clan at first) didn't judge Brightheart by her looks *cough Rainflower cough* and cared for her. And when there was that iffy stuff with Daisy, their love still lasted through it, proving it was really strong because Cloudtail seemed to like Daisy quite a bit. I don't particularly like Cloudtail, but Brightheart, on the other paw, is the best. And their relationship is amazing. Why is this only #4? I'm going to be really damn sad when one of them dies. :'(

Cloudtail showed Brightheart that your outward appearance does not matter. Not only that, your background does not matter! (since he was a kittypet) He showed her that if you are kind and smart and brave, you will be loved. Cloudtail also helped Brightheart feel like she fits in with the rest of the Clan. In return, Brightheart gave him unconditional love and a family to be proud of. She was forever grateful and showed that by being a true friend to him and standing beside him all the way. Even if Brightheart's looks were different (I refuse to say disfigured, it's a horrific word) and even if Cloudtail did not believe in StarClan, they both served their Clan very well and were real warriors, true in heart and soul. They deserve to spend the rest of their days in peace and happiness.

From apprentices, he Cloudtail knew she was the one he wanted to be with. Je thought it would never happen, when he almost got banned from the Clan, Brightheart didn't become a warrior, when she almost DIED. He laid with her every single minute, when he wasn't doing his duties. And now they have five beautiful kits!

Cloudtail and Brightheart. They are like my second favorite ones! I love Whitewing a lot, who was their kit! Cloudtail never thought about her injuries, and he loved her even more. Brightheart was super brave and it helped to have Cloudtail by her side. I didn't like Daisy very much. Cloudtail and Brightheart FOREVER!

She showed him how to be confident in who he was. He showed her she was beautiful, no matter what. They fought by each other's sides and loved each other unconditionally. And they were great parents. I don't really think anything could make them better. They're totally perfect. CLOUDTAIL/BRIGHTHEART FOREVER!

An everlasting love between these two. No care for looks but beauty within, and that is all Brightheart could ask for. Her gentle determination compliments Cloudtail's rough and strong outside but WITHIN they both have the nicest of hearts. CLOUDTAIL & BRIGHTHEART FOREVER!

Cloudtail and Brightheart just seem meant for each other. When Cloudtail was a kit and he was taken into the clan, everyone thought he didn't belong there, so he felt left out and upset. Brightheart has a similar story, when she got attacked by the dogs, and her face became ravaged, no one could look at her and even Bluestar re-named her Lostface, which was pretty harsh... Anyways, Cloudtail understood how she felt and they became mates over time

Although Yellowfang is my favorite warrior, cloudtail and brightheart HAVE to be my favorite pairing, Cloudtail was different because he was born in twolegplace and not clan-born, Brightheart was different because she was missing an eye. But the 2 set aside their differences and love each other. How sweet! - Mewbosses

They are perfect together! I don't see why some people say that swift paw should be with bright heart. It was sad he died but they were never really in love. After brightheart (then Lostface, which was a stupid name) was attacked by the dogs and lost an eye and ear, cloudpaw/tail did not do apprentice duties and he stayed with her. He obviously cares about her. cloudtail said she was beautiful no matter what. He liked her just the way she was. Lostface eventually had her name changed to Brightheart, thanks to Firestar. That name really suits her. She doesn't let her looks bother her and she is a friendly cat.

HEY WAIT. WHY ISN'T THIS COUPLE FIRST RATED?! Aw, well, whatever. I love this paring because of the chemistry between them. When Brightheart lost half of her face to the dogs, she was treated like an outsider. and heck, Bluestar even gave her the name LOSTFACE. but Dear sweet, Cloudtail, defended her and loved her because of the TRUE BEAUTY that was inside her.

( P.S. Daisy should have NEVER interfered with the perfect couple. If I was Brightheart and my boyfriend was Cloudtail, and she said I was UGLY, I would SLAP her face and tell her that SHE'S UGLY! Of course, being my awesome, sweet, boyfriend, he would defend me and slap her AGAIN! )

Their so good together. Definitely my favorite. Reason: Cloudtail still loved Brightheart even after she lost her eye and help her with hunting moves and everything!

I think that Cloud X Bright is of of my top favorite couples. Cloudtail saw behind Brightheart's wrecked face. so sweet. And if they weren't mates, they wouldn't of had Whitewing, which means she wouldn't of become mates with Birchfall, and then they wouldn't of had Dovewing and Ivypool! And that means the prophecy would never be fulfilled!

It's so sweet how cloudtail didn't care about brightheart's face... He is a good tom, he knows that what is on the inside of a cat matters most.

So cute when brightheart was dying cloudtail gave her a reason to live I personally think they should be number one oh yeah and brightheart is not ugly she's beautiful on the inside

These two are perfect together!

Cloudtail still loved Brightheart after her injuries and got a cruel name. That proves these two are meant to be together.

Love these two as a couple! Cloudtail loved Brightheart when she was an apprentice, and even kept on loving her when she was disfigured by the dog. That's true love, in my opinion!

This is by far the best couple. He never gave up on her and he made her a warrior. Even if she thought he liked Daisy he didn't and he always stayed with her.

Wow- Cloudtail still loves Brightheart even after Brightheart lost her eye and tore her ear after the dog pack attack. It's definitely true love!

This my best couple by far. Why? Because cloudtail doesn't love brightheart for who she is on the outside but loves her for what she is on the inside.

These two are meant for each other. They need each other. They will love each other until the end. Good luck, Brightheart and Cloudtail. Good luck.

It was so cute how Cloud was falling head over heels for the ginger before he even finished his training. That's so cute!

This is by far one of the best couples!
I mean, the loyalty and compassion between these two! It is so incredible!
Even after she was attacked by the dog pack, Cloudtail loved Brightheart so much! He thought she was the most beautiful cat in the whole forest! And he would not let anyone say otherwise!

Cloud tail loves bright heart so much for her personality, not the way she looks, this is the best couple ever! No matter what anyone else says

Oh I love how cloudtail tells her she's still beautiful and always will be! It's just so cute! Definitely one of my top couples. I love them!

Brightheart and Cloudtail are the most pure couple EVER. Cloudtail helped Brightheart through her injury and after that, they stuck together and had kits!