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41 Cinderpelt & Fireheart

Thinking about it, if Cinderpelt wasn't injured, she would've died in the fire. WHITESTORM had stopped Sandstorm from helping Fireheart in the fire, but no one would've stopped Cinderpelt, if you ask me.

They were so nice to each other but never would have been mates. Even with out the thunder path thing they would not be mates. they would just be great friends.

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42 Sunfall & Moonflower

Stormtail can go die in a hole. He basically caused Moonflower to die by barely flicking an ear when he heard her screams of anguish. SAVE HER! Stormtail did not seem the LEAST BIT sad when Moonflower died. Does anyone else remember how MAD Sunfall was when he saw Stormtail openly flirting with Dappletail!?!?! Stormtail is equal to a heap of fox dung.

Honestly, I can't believe this isn't higher up on the list. Stormtail was such a jerk to her and her kits. Sunfall was so nice to her!

This couple would have been way better than Stormtail and Moonflower! At least he actually cared for her.

Do you mean Stormtail and Moonflower?

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43 Rainfur & Petalnose

They were so cute! Rainfur and the others went to rescue her, but in the end he died from the rats. ;*( - Splashstorm

That was sad when Rainfur died he saved his mate Petalnose, but died in the battle with the rats

Why did Rainfur have to die! They were so cute and perfect together!

I swear people just totally forgot about this cute couple.

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44 Swiftpaw & Mosskit

Um, they never met.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

I'm thinking that they barely saw each other in starclan, so how the heck can they be mates?

Ok...I really hope somebody realizes that they don't even know each other AT ALL.

What in the world? They don't even KNOW each other? How can they be mates?! 😏

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45 TallStar & Jake

Kate Carry (author) stated on her blog that Tallstar will never get a mate because his heart belongs to "his Jake." Canon

This, again, is a great ship and I recommend reading Tallstar's Revenge, the book this is featured in. - Emberwind1

I can't believe nobody else thought of this as a shipping.

My boys! x Love this ship they are so cute meant to be - sunheart360

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46 Cinderheart & Lionblaze

To bad Cinderheart is ignoring him they could be perfect.

Just saying, this one is already on the list, I think, but I still love them, so... GO LION X CINDER!

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47 Breezepelt & Hollyleaf

I HATE this couple. Why?
1. They're half siblings
2. They can't stand each other
3. Breezepelt almost killed Hollyleaf in The Forgotten Warrior
4. He was happy about Hollyleaf's death
5. I hate Breezepelt
Haters gonna hate.

There were siblings but if they didn't hate each other or were siblings they would have made a good couple

What! This is the most horrible couple! Like where the hell did that come from!

How is this a thing.

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48 Raggedstar & Yellowfang

I a LITTLE like this couple, but they broke everything in the warrior and medicine cat codes.

I loved these two in Yellowfang's secret. Their relationship felt very genuine to me.

I wish Brokenstar didn't kill Raggedstar, he would be a good leader still.

Eww, no. It was a sad, abusive relationship. I expected more from Raggedstar. They were cute in the beginning, but then... just no.

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49 Crowfeather & Nightcloud

Oh my gosh! Why are they even here?! I've heard SO many of my friends say, "Crowfeather is good, he just had to move on after Leafpool and Feathertail." Well, first of all the only reason they are together is because he wanted to prove to WindClan that he was loyal (even though in my opinion it does not look like it). Nightcloud wanted kits and she DID at least try to encourage her kits to love Crowfeather, but, that mousebrain just kept on backing away! Crowfeather must learn how to control himself and actually... THINK! Yeah, yeah, it was love at first sight, but still! How dare he use Nightcloud! I bet he doesn't even think about pour Feathertail anymore. Although, I gotta admit I thought he was kinda cute as a little bratty apprentice, but, man, it felt like he changed over night.

I don't ship it :P Crowfeather always loved Leafpool and Feathertail while he didn't actually love Nightcloud.

They were not a good match. Crowfeather toke her as a mate to show he was loyal to his clan. There was some points when they loved each other.

Who put this here. This is the worst pairing. They don't even like each other!

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50 Heathertail & Breezepelt

This relationship would actually work. Both Heathertail and Breezepelt are jerks to Lionblaze. They should be together

No. I don't like them together, in my opinion Heathertail was doing it to puss off Lionblaze.

I wish they ended up together

They are mates they had kits

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51 Firestar & Cinderpelt

Fireheart saw Cinderpelt as a friend and Cinderpelt loved him. And just letting you know that Firestar and Cinderpelt was already mentioned in this list. They are 34

Sorry guys, but firestar never loved her. His true love is sandstorm.

I feel bad for Cinderpelt. It was clear that she loved him and this might have been a thing, if she didn't break her leg

Um they were never a couple!

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52 Dovewing & Bumblestripe

On the list twice - Ku

They are like the best couple ever! I can't believe people are voting for tigerheart! I want to slap his $&@%#* Face of for how he treated Dovewing!

They are the cutest couple and are the best match

Bumblestripe was way too clingy. - RisingMoon

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53 Blackstar & Russetfur

This couple is just so cute! I felt so bad for Blacky when Russetfur died, even if it wasn't canon... It was just meant to be! Much better then blackxsol

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54 Cherrytail & Sharpclaw

People forgot about this couple too.

Sharpclaw was once Scratch, when he was a rogue, before joining SkyClan. He is actually mates with Petalnose...

Wasnt actuly mentioned in books but they r amazing
my only problem is he was her mentor

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55 Gray Wing & Turtle Tail

They're so perfect together! Until Tom had to ruin everything.

They are in my top 5 favorite couples!

Graywing was shocked and felt lonely when thunder came back reporting turtletail was dead and during the first battle she came back to him and Graywing was so happy then reliezed he couldn't touch her or feel her. They belong together. Always and forever

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56 Foxleap & Rosepetal

Not many others seem to like this couple, but I think they are just perfect together! And for all of you out there who think 'But their related'(No offense) I searched it up, yes, they are related, But Everybody is related to everybody! These two deserve some sympathy!

They are just a great couple. They have so much love for each other. They could not be a better couple

Foxleap and rose petal are the same age. I would vote this YAS. but fox is rose's uncle. That is why erin didn't do it

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57 Whitestorm & Willowpelt

When they had Sorrelkit, Sootkit, and Rainkit it was SO cute! They were so perfect! When Sandstorm trained them it made the book even better!

Willowpelt had three mates

I love these two!


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58 Ravenpaw and Barely

This is a good ship, these two care about each other a lot and in the Ravenpaw books (Ravenpaw's path and Ravenpaw's Farewell) you can see how strong their bond is. - Emberwind1

They are totally the best two toms!

They are the cutest things! I was so happy when I found out they were canon!

"Barely" - NotYoursTruly

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59 Blossomfall & Ivypool

They had quite a strong relationship and Ivypool understood Blossemfall being jealous of Briarlight and hating Millie because she had her sister Dovewing who always got the attention and Ivypool was never praised or anything. They understand each other a lot better than many other cats could. - Emberwind1

60 Scourge & Ashfur

Like... What the! How in the world did someone get Ashfur and Scourge!? Like I saw some pictures where they were like some couple and I was like "Really, I think I read mostly all the books to see that Ashfur and Scourge are both dead, and they never, NEVER became couples.

Oms this couple sucks :/ geez its just random as can be revenge shipping? To heck with that I say WOW theyr not right together! Besides assfur proved in the books that he will always love squirrelflight which is wrong because he's her half uncle what?! Anyways I don't ship this couple at all its HORRIBLE and don't hunt me down because of MY opinion because that's just stupid! :/

They are both my favorite warrior cats and they are both good looking, laugh out loud

This is a horrible ship. They never met, Scourge is much older than Ashfur and there are many, many other cats that wanted revenge like:

Just to name a few. - Emberwind1

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