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81 Thornclaw & Blossomfall

Thornclaw is so brave and loyal and is willing to fight to save any of his clanmates. He definitely needs a mate and blossomfall would be perfect.

bloosomfall is sweet and kind but still strong and brave but she is so selfish when she holds a grudge againt millie and briarlight for not giving her any attention.

they would go great together

Thorn law is much older than Blossomfall. He never took on a mate because he was bitter that Sorreltail choice his brother, Brackenfur over him. Blossomfall joined the dark forest because her mother gave his littermates more attention than her. They are both selfish..

I have been waiting my whole life for this moment, Thornclaw needs a mate, but's he practically so old that nobody would want him.


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82 Tigerstar & Firestar

That is just WRONG!

NEVER WILL WORK! I lost count on how many times they tried to kill each other.

What the heck? They hated each other! HATERS GONNA HATE! Firestar killed Tigerstar anyway.

Are you an idiot they're enimes

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83 Snowfur & Thistleclaw

Snowfur didn't live long but, in her time she showed her love for Thistleclaw never to be broken.

They are a very sweet couple. Dude, Tristleclaw is mean, but he never showed it to snowfur. that means he cares for her.

Really I hate this couple it is so annoying and it cost snow for to be annoying and she is very annoying I don't like her at all and I don't like this o'clock I just don't like this couple at all I hate this o'clock and I hate snow far today I hate it I hate it so much snot my least favorite couple by the way But really snow for ants this'll claw just hate this couple and I love blue excelled in Oa but really snow for ants this'll claw just hate this couple and I love blue X oak and whoever posted that I hate Bluestar comment I will murder you in your sleep she is my favorite cat of all time she always will be so deal with it and if you don't I will gruesomely rip out your cats

Really Bluestar did not chase this o'clock out of the star clan it was just a joke started by some people this o'clock would strik it was just a joke started by some people thisleclaw went straight to the dark forest he was 100% evil and I hate him so you shouldn't hate blister I Walmart are you

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84 Hawkfrost & Brambleclaw

They are half-brothers, it's kinda creepy. - Emberwind1

Umm... What I never herd of this

They are half-brother, it's kinda creepy. - Emberwind1

They are half siblings!

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85 Bramblestar & Mistystar

Mistystar could be his great grandmother...

I think the two would make a good couple

-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer Rainbow

Yeah I agree

86 Ivypool & Tigerstar

WHAT no way he tried to kill her they are not a couple

I never thought about this...

the heck?!

These guys aren't really a couple but I'd 😻😻😻😻 to see it one day.Shed emerges him more than dovewing.besides dovewing already has bumblestripe

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87 Spotted Fur & Mothflight

I really like this couple, because Spotted Fur obviously had a REALLY huge crush on her. He always stuck up for her when Wind Runner contradicted her, and tried to help her as much as he could. When she preferred Micah over him, he was hurt, and she was oblivious to his feelings. She was angry and upset when he acted jealous, but he had a good reason. When Micah died, Spotted Fur showed his undying support for her, and hinted that he still loved her. Unfortunately, she never got to respond to him. I love how this symbolizes that love never ceases. Spotted Fur deserved SO much better. Don't get me wrong, I still love Moth Flight!

Micah and moth flight is better to be honest. - Darktail_of_FireClan

88 Rainforest & Moonshine

Not real cats. - IcetailofWishClan

Again, non-cannon OCs. Please have this removed. - Emberwind1

Who are they

89 Ivypool and Bumblestripe

I don't know why but I find it cute and I ship it."

90 Jayfeather & Cinderheart

Would have been so cute if he wasn't blind and wasn't a medi cat..>So sad

I think they would be so cute together also cinderheart (in her first life she was a medicine cat ) would totally understand him <3 this pair!

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91 Jayfeather & Willowshine

I think they would look cute together! Even though I love Jayfeather and would do ANYTHING TO BE WITH HIM I think they would be a great couple!

I don't know why, but I just love the two of them..(of course I like half moon X jays wing way better)

That will never work

Opposites can turn out better than most people think...
Jayfeather-grumpy x Willowshine-cheerful
Berrynose-annoying x Honeyfern-kind

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92 Rainflower & Shellheart

Okay... Shellheart was awesome but Rainflower wasn't and he said he hated her...

No, rainflower is cruel

She rejected poor stormkit and changed his name

Rainflower was a bitch.

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93 Cinderpelt & Littlecloud

I was really hoping they would have this couple! I was kind of disappointed when I found out she loved Firestar; he's a nice cat and everything but FOUR she-cats padding after him?! The fourth is that tabby kittypet from Firestar's Quest; it was pretty obvious she had a crush on him.

I know! I kind a thought it was sweet that she gave him herbs and everything sorry if this is wrong haven't read the books for a while

This is a good couple

CindyxLittle is so qt

94 Sandstorm & Dustpelt

I'm sorry if I offend SandxDust haters but I kind of feel bad for Fireheart/star. I think Dustpelt was jealous that Sandstorm started to like Fireheart! I feel bad for him! I honestly think Sandstorm and Dustpelt would make a cute couple

I KNOW that it diidn't really lat that long, and nothing happened, but STILL this deserves to be mentioned. Even though Dustpelt is a Total jerk at the beginning of the books, and when they were together Sandstorm hated Fireheart...

They were cute as apprentices, but FireSand and DustFern is better.

Lol their sing is Loser.

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95 Feathertail & Stormfur

They were siblings, this is quite creepy. I'm surprised people are more accepting of incest on here than of same sex ships. - Emberwind1

Eww, they were just closer than most siblings. With their mother dead, and being half-clan, you need someone to calm ya down. Get your facts straight next time. -_-

They are siblings, so what? They loved each other like mates.

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96 Graystripe & Firestar

Wait what?!?! Their best friends but, not mates, grays tripe hated Fireheart for a wile...

What why? Their best friends and would just not like firestar and graystripe being gay. NO OFFENSE GAY PEOPLE

Tom x tom? This isn't right. I agree with another person "THIS ISN'T RIGHT BOY AND BOY".


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97 Bluestar & Crookedstar

They are not mates it was bluestar and crooked stars brother oak heart - Ku

They were pretty cute as apprentices!

Honestly I ship this theyr kinda

They talked once! then crookedpaw tried to murder her. Luckly he killed snowpaw first, so bluepaw had time to run!

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98 Gray Wing & Slate

I love this couple because it finally gives Gray wing a chance of getting a mate without Clear Sky getting in the way.

I'm happy that Gray Wing had another mate that was as good as Turtle Tail.

Almost moments after they first met Slate was just way better, braver, and funnier then Turtle Tail! Go Gray Wing x Slate

GrAy WInG DEsErces LOVe

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99 Foxleap & Ivypool

Erin Hunter said that they would have been a couple if it wasn't for the trouble with the Dark Forest but now they wont be because Foxleap died, that's so sad :(

I love them so much wish they could have been a couple

I know it's not Jayfeather's fault, but I wish he saved him.

100 Jagged Peak & Rainswept Flower

Well, Jayfeather and Half Moon aren't mates either. And Jay x stick. So these are an ok couple, I guess.

They were not mates.. It was Jagged Peak and Holly who were mates :l

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