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101 Willie & Minty

If you ead the Ravenpaw's Path Arc you probably know these two leaders of the band of rogues at the farm

Ew why is this even on here they betrayed Ravenpaw after all he's done for them.

102 Scourge & Willowfur

Willowfur isn't a cat from the books? Unless you're talking about Willowshine, then this is no

Willowfur is known for slaying a medicine cat. Scourge took all 9 lives out of Tigerstar in the battle. I love this top ten list. I also added Willie and Minty. But I <3 this pair

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103 Dovepaw & Bumblestripe

They are so cute together and they are meant to be.

These 2 should have been together.

Best couple ever DovexBumble for the win! Go to hell tigerheart!

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104 Cinderpelt & Littlecloud

I was really hoping they would have this couple! I was kind of disappointed when I found out she loved Firestar; he's a nice cat and everything but FOUR she-cats padding after him?! The fourth is that tabby kittypet from Firestar's Quest; it was pretty obvious she had a crush on him.

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105 Fireheart & Morningflower

Morningflower was most likely much older than Firestar, whats more is they didn't interact with each other very much. - Emberwind1

Hmm, it does sound sort of realistic.

Okay, so go back.. Way way way back. All the way to the beginning of Fire and Ice when Fireheart and Graystripe go bring WindClan back after Brokenstar drove them out. Remember when Morningflower was carrying Gorsekit in her mouth, and Fireheart offered to carry him for her? So cute<3

Even thought this is not an actual couple, but after that scene I always thought that Fireheart would disobey the warrior code (like plenty of cats did.. ) and go meet her. Too bad it never happened and she's dead now. _.

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106 Dovewing & Foxleap

I could see this pairing. But not very well.

I may not like Dovewing but I like her with Foxleap, but not her

They were cute in sign of the moon.

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107 Feathertail & Stormfur

They were siblings, this is quite creepy. I'm surprised people are more accepting of incest on here than of same sex ships. - Emberwind1

Eww, they were just closer than most siblings. With their mother dead, and being half-clan, you need someone to calm ya down. Get your facts straight next time. -_-

They are siblings, so what? They loved each other like mates.

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108 Ivypool & Breezepelt

This pairing is actually hilariously awesome. I don't know why, but I ship it.

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109 Thorntail & Tawnypelt V 1 Comment
110 Boulder & Russetfur
111 Waspwhisker & Fallowfern

A good couple. There kits are so cute! Also wasp whisker loves supporting rabbitleap

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112 Embertail & Silverstripe

When it describes Embertail, it's supposed to say son, not daughter.

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113 Leafpool & Shrewpaw

They were only friends, nothing more. If you had a friend who went to school with you and you saw every day or something would you have a crush on them? All of them? - Emberwind1

I have to agree with the person that said if shrewpaw was alive they would be together! I mean they are meant to be together! :DDD

Does anyone remember when they were aprentices and were so happy to see each other all day?

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114 Tigerstar & Darkstripe

I'm pretty sure Darkstripe has a crush on Tigerstar

They were a good couple. - Tigertail

If one of them was female this would be perfect they are both shifty cruel and ugly


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115 Hollowflight & Ivypool

Glad someone else thinks they'd be cute together.

116 Spottedleaf & Firestar

I don't really like this couple, I think that they are both cute but I didn't get the relationship part (sorry to people who ship this couple)

This is the fourth time I see this couple - Ku

They are like, perfect together. I don't get why the Erin hunter people had to make her die twice. It breaks my heart

A some die sand storm

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117 Gray Wing & Slate

I love this couple because it finally gives Gray wing a chance of getting a mate without Clear Sky getting in the way.

I'm happy that Gray Wing had another mate that was as good as Turtle Tail.

Almost moments after they first met Slate was just way better, braver, and funnier then Turtle Tail! Go Gray Wing x Slate

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118 Foxleap & Ivypool

Erin Hunter said that they would have been a couple if it wasn't for the trouble with the Dark Forest but now they wont be because Foxleap died, that's so sad :(

I love them so much wish they could have been a couple

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119 Snowfur & Thistleclaw

Snowfur didn't live long but, in her time she showed her love for Thistleclaw never to be broken.

They are a very sweet couple. Dude, Tristleclaw is mean, but he never showed it to snowfur. that means he cares for her.

Really I hate this couple it is so annoying and it cost snow for to be annoying and she is very annoying I don't like her at all and I don't like this o'clock I just don't like this couple at all I hate this o'clock and I hate snow far today I hate it I hate it so much snot my least favorite couple by the way But really snow for ants this'll claw just hate this couple and I love blue excelled in Oa but really snow for ants this'll claw just hate this couple and I love blue X oak and whoever posted that I hate Bluestar comment I will murder you in your sleep she is my favorite cat of all time she always will be so deal with it and if you don't I will gruesomely rip out your cats

Really Bluestar did not chase this o'clock out of the star clan it was just a joke started by some people this o'clock would strik it was just a joke started by some people thisleclaw went straight to the dark forest he was 100% evil and I hate him so you shouldn't hate blister I Walmart are you

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120 Red & Harley

"What are you doing! "Red screeched standing river her father."Freeing you"Stick Snarled. "But I'm not A Prisoner! " Other cats stopped fighting realizing this was the heart of the battle."What's you're problem?! " Red challenged her father."these cats have done nothing but steal Since they arrived. Our prey, our dens, our food, and now you! " "No cat stole Red,do you really think so little of her? She came of her own accord."Harley Said. "No, I cane because of you, I love you. No cat can make me Leave."Red meowed. "This isn't love you tricked her! "Stick roared leaping at Harley with claws outstreached. Red threw her self in Sticks way. His claws plunged deep into his Daughters throat and at once he tried to take it back but it was too late."no, no."he whispered."CherryTail cobwebs! "LeafStar ordered. ShrewTooth arrived a moment later with goosegrass. Reds blood kept gushing out. ...more

Harley was a very good cat and truly loved Red. Red's father was too protective and jealous and ended up killing Red. Even after Red dies Harely is a great cat, helping Skyclan escape the twoleg place safely after Hawkwing kills Dodge. He's overall a great cat and I'm very sad that he and Red never got to have kits.

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