Top 10 Best Weapons

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1 Sword

The best weapon because it is very sharp

2 M4A1

It's very strong weapons but you're missing a very strong one it's the m134
Gatling gun and gau 8 avenger

3 Crossbow
4 AK-47

Another deadly and badass weapon!

5 Knife
6 Nuclear Missile

Leukemia, extreme explosive power, etc.

Strongest weapon ever

7 Bow and Arrow
8 MP5
9 Scythe

These look really cool.💀 Their dangerous and you don't need to get too close to your opponent when using one. - Catlover2004

10 Axe

The Contenders

11 M21
12 RPG

If ya didn't vote ths ya borin

13 Chainsaw
14 AK-74

T AK74u is more reliable than the RPG. The downside to the RPG is that it's not that accurate at range and that the person using it could still get damage from the RPG.

15 Arquebus
16 M24
17 Desert Eagle

If I was any kind of fighter this would be my other weapon of choice, Samurai Sword being my first. This is my favorite kind of gun. They look cool and they're quite powerful. They're an ultimate weapon!

18 Javelin

This thing is more accurate and lethal than any other portable firepower, superior to the m-4.

19 Draganov

Too many Call of Duty dorks on this list... - EliHbk

20 16th-Century Cannon
21 Rope
22 Pocket Knife

It's very powerfully with a good sharp cur

23 Stick
24 Katana
25 Tomahawk
26 Claws
27 Poison
28 Flintlock Musket
29 Samurai Sword

This would be one of my signature weapons if I was a warrior of any kind. Not only are swords cool, but they're memorable. And you could do serious damage if you're skilled enough in combat and the blade is sharp enough.

30 Bomb
31 Breech-Loading Rifle
32 C-4
33 Thompson 1928
34 Glock 17
35 Arrow
36 Cutlass
37 Hammer

Let the hammer fall -Joachim Cans

38 M1903 Springfield
39 Sten Mk. II
40 Sai
41 Shotgun
42 Tank
43 Lance
44 Grenade
45 AA-12
46 Barrett .50 M82
47 Smith and Wesson 500
48 M16
49 Bazooka
50 Tonfa
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