Best Web Browsers for Mac

The Top Ten

1 Chrome

Fast and very reliable to get things done quick and easy - sethdolphin

2 Firefox

A great web browser for getting things done quickly - sethdolphin

3 Safari

Quite fast and has such a nice layout. It doesn't have the annoying auto fill in like with chrome and the custom new tab page is awesome!

What comes with apple products but isn't really that good it is still quite fast - sethdolphin

Since it is the native web browser, it is the most compatible. - seafowlomicron

BEST browser for Mac

4 Internet Explorer

Only if my Mac broke, I couldn't be bothered to buy a new one and went back to Microsoft.

Internet explorer to burn your computer

What comes with the pc and is very fast and reliable. - sethdolphin

5 Opera

A great browser for looking things up - sethdolphin

6 Sea Monkey

A web browser made by mozilla it is very good - sethdolphin

7 Maxthon

This web browser is just over average it is still good - sethdolphin

8 Camino

I thought camino would be a great browser but it wasnt it is around average - sethdolphin

9 Wyzo

This web browser looks good when you download it but is still ok - sethdolphin

10 Icab

This web browser just makes the cut it is good - sethdolphin

The Contenders

11 Vivaldi
12 Dooble
13 QupZilla
14 Roccat
15 RockMelt
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