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1 Boyce Avenue

Uhm... Lets get somthing straight here... Half of that top 10 is lucky to have done songs with Boyce Avenue.

My love for these boys is immeasurable! I Love Boyce Avenue with all my heart. Alejandro sweetest angel voice I've ever seen, Fabian and Daniel.. Two people with an amazing talent. I love very much these guys des the first time I saw them singing with Fifth Harmony was passion at first sight, I spent a month researching videos of the band, things about them, anyway. They are undoubtedly not one the best covers of the world, they are so good that even some songs that they sing other artists arrive get better in their voice, the way they have... I LOVE BOYCE AVENUE hope to have the honor of You know them someday.

Alejandro's voice is magical! Their covers are brilliant and they aren't a carbon copy of the original. Fabian and Daniel are also awesome musicians.

LOVE these guys!

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2 megannicolesite (Megan Nicole)

I love her eyes and she has an amazing voice. I think she has influenced many people and hope to see her get a record deal soon.

Her YouTube videos have a professional look to them. She is so talented and cute as well!

Megan Nicole is so pretty, has such an amazing voice, and is so sweet!

Megan to me is so talented, young, sweet

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3 TheSamTsui (Sam Tsui)

Sam Tsui is really one of the best cover artists on YouTube. He reaches into our hearts through his voice and his smile while he performs! ❤

I love Sam Tsui! He's an amazing singer! And he is a huge inspiration because of how he became famous while still going to school and getting an education at Yale!

Sam Tsui is the best, he has genuine passion for music...which shows through in every song rendition he does...and a Yale graduate at that!

Sam is the best! His voice is magical.

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4 zeldaxlove64 (Christina Grimmie)

I have been subscribed to Christina for over a year now, and with every song she has never failed to disappoint. Her vocals are always amazing and she is a natural born performer. She will surely have a future in the business, well deserved.

She is real. It's just her and her piano, up front. No recording and editing or anything, it's all live and in her house. She's also coming out with her second album full of originals and she's come so far. She's definitely inspired many people to sing, that they don't need anything technical to be noticed.

RIP Christina Grimmie... Inspired me so much even though I discovered her after the tragic news. I started to play the piano and sing due to her and that I will never be able to meet my idol (well I hope I will be able to meet her I heaven) breaks my heart. She was so talented, realistic and down to earth unlike lots of other singers. Well she is singing for Jesus now and she must be really happy...

She should be #1

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5 Chrissy Costanza (Against the Current) Chrissy Costanza (Against the Current) Christina "Chrissy" Costanza (Born 23rd August 1995) is an American musician and internet blogger, known for her works as a cover artist on YouTube and as the lead vocalist of the New York-based Pop Rock/Pop Punk band Against the Current.

Chrissy's voice is unique in it's own way. Her personality is awesome and the way she interacts with her fans is just so warm. Covers of against the current have their own different style and flavour in every cover and not just plain 'copying'. Their singles are awesome as well

Woah, why does Chrissy is the top 7 and Tiffany is the 6th? It looks like Chrissy is better than Tiffany! Her voice is better than Tiffany and Chrissy can make covers of different genres like pop, rock, acoustic, etc. Their cover of Find You and Shake It Off are way better than Tiffany. Chrissy is still pretty without make-up. Anyway, I still love you Tiffany you're also amazing but I'd rather choose Chrissy.

People think her singing is too auto tuned and she's just a pretty girl, but they are so wrong. Yes Chrissy is pretty, but her singing is amazing! I have personally been to Against the Current concert and her singing was fabulous! Her covers and original songs are over the top awesome. Along with that she's an amazing person. She's so nice and she's so unique and quirky, it's so awesome!

She should be in the no. 1

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6 Madilyn Bailey Madilyn Bailey Madilyn Bailey is an American singer songwriter from Wisconsin who became famous internationally through her YouTube covers of popular hits.

A million times better than Megan Nicole. I like Megan, but the best studio in the world couldn't make her sound better than Madilyn recording herself on her laptop. Disappointed in this positioning. Definitely deserve to be number one.


Her songs make me CRY! She's a beautiful singer! She makes us all connect to her music in a way that no other singer can do. She knows how to make you understand the meaning of the song. She gives you a reason for the song to have meaning. She makes her songs sound better than it was originally sang! You go Mads!

Her voice is just so awesome!

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7 Kurt Hugo Schneider Kurt Hugo Schneider Kurt Hugo Schneider (Born September 7th 1988) is an American musician and producer, best known for his works on YouTube and collaborations on music with other YouTubers, most notably Sam Tsui.

Kurt Hugo Schneider only does a few covers but without him, the other cover artists like Sam Tsui and Max Schneider won't be singing their hearts out. Kurt Schneider produces music that is more amazing and beautiful than the original song. And he can play any instrument. ❤

Kurt is an amazing musician and can play so many instruments it is crazy! I mean who can play the recorder like a pro?!?!

Kurt plays a lot of instruments. He can sing, do terrific arrangements for songs and covers and produces songs. Plus, he is better when it comes to difficult circumstances and is more logical when it hits his face right on.

I'm biased by his singing, haha.


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8 cimorellitheband (Cimorelli)

Cimorelli are some of the most talented girls I know! Their music touches the hearts of many people and changes their life for the better. I've never come across a band who care so much for their fans as well as having fun and being their selves. Cimorelli have helped me through some really hard time and dark places as well as making me stronger and taught me how to feel good about myself, they have honestly saved my life! I don't know where I would be with out them! I will always love and be thankful to Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani (Cimorelli)

Cimorelli is like my idol they are so good at singing I want to be like them!

Cimorelli are the BEST! Their cover are so much better than originals. I love them

Love acapella!

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9 TiffanyAlvord (Tiffany Alvord)

She is an amazing singer and she has really mastered some of her covers well. She is succesful and loyal to her fans.

She's the best singer ever! Her voice goes well with any other singers and the fact that she writes her own songs is just simply mind-blowing :) I love Tiffany so much she's my idol

She's amazing, she and megan nicole are probably the best. Also, their covers are really fun!

Interesting recomposition of lyrics and melody.

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10 Alex Goot

He got the feelings. He's more on passion and not just showing off. NOT LIKE CHRISSY COSTANZA. I hope he'll stop making collaborations with her. Instead he can do it with boyce avenue and tiffany alvord

He uses variety of instruments and what's MORE?! His music is HOMEMADE! His music is too rich that you can (even if it sound impossible) hear a lot of sound that really produces MUSIC! He revolutionize every cover he makes!

Alex Goot's voice is so amazing! I just love him!

His voice is outstanding...

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11 Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling

Wow! Her violin skills are awesome

She plays the violin AND dances! Half the people in the top ten do a cover with Lindsey.

She's incredibly passionate and you can totally see that. She's so good it's unreal.


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12 Max Schneider Max Schneider Maxwell George "Max" Schneider, known professionally in music as MAX, stylized as MΛX is an American actor, model, dancer, songwriter, and singer.

So cute and with an amazing voice, I surely love him. When I first heard him, I became totally addicted; for sure, he's my number 1!

There is so many covers, and his voice is so beautiful. Along with a beautiful voice, he is really cute. Have his songs on replay no stop! He should be number 1!

I can't stop listening to his songs, his voice is so col!
I totally like him!


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13 Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. He attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine.

Shawn has absolutely changed my life for the better. He's taught me that anything is possible, even for someone as young as he is. He has one of the most unique voices in the music world. He definitely should be higher up on this chart."

I don't see why Shawn Mendes isn't higher by now, he clearly has one of the best voices, and he's releasing original songs on ITunes now. Going on tour with Austin Mahone, I think he's worthy of number one.

18? Seriously-SHAWN has a amazing voice and should be put MUCH higher! He is so talented and has such a sweet personality! VOTE FOR SHAWN!

I KEPT putting his songs on repete

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14 maddijanemusic (Maddi Jane)

Maddi Jane deserves to be on top. She's just incredibly amazing and she captures every people's heart. Her music is just totally unique and extraordinary. It's not jusy about her talent but her personality. She always get to take some time to interact with her fans online. She's the most beautiful (in and out) person ever and the sweetest girl.

I love maddi jane! She's have a amazing voice, she's beautiful

Incredible. people who don't vote on her, have definitely not listened to her

Wanna meet her my one and only youtube cover artiiist

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15 Peter Hollens

I really enjoy his "Hallelujah" duet with Jackie Evancho. - BobG

He's so natural and makes every single sound in all of his videos, not just the singing!

Peter Hollens is by far my favorite singer on YouTube. All of his songs require so much time and pure talent. I would argue that he is one of the most talented singers of this day and age, not only with physically singing but with all the acapella tracks as well...amazing. Definitely should be higher up on this list, top 5 at least!

If you like a cappella music, you can't be without a Peter Hollens subscription.

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16 ThePianoGuys

They are amazingly talented in the way that they put their songs together. And not only do they have great covers and mash-ups, they have very cool and visually pleasing videos on the planet!

Some of the best musical talent on YouTube. Their covers are just as good as original songs, and they should totally go on a concert. Go buy their album now. They are seriously amazing.

They are awesome. All you musicians out there, I demand - I implore you to check them out RIGHT NOW. They are beautiful, talented and funny.

U are great

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17 Tyler Ward Tyler Ward

His rock version was "full of beat". He can change the boring song became an energetic song

His voice is awesome. Amazing cover artist. This guy's got amazing covers, and his originals are also awesome.

Some covers are actually better than the original. He's so talented!

Tyler's cool. I think he rocks. Go tyler!

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18 Sarah Close (SarahClose1)

She sings a variety of different songs. From the top ten to artists I have never heard of before. Her voice is stunning. I could listen to her every second of every day. Every time I see a new video of hers pop up on my feed my mood instantly brightens because I know it will be good.

Sarah is amazing. Her voice is beautiful, and she does everything live! Look at her bloopers and you'll see how good she truly is. She also has an amazing personality

Its just her and the piano and it is so very beautiful.

Beautiful! She has amazing voice!

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19 Ahmir

This site is rigged - no matter how many times I vote thumbs up it never adds it! Rigged!

Covers the best artists in the world

There awesome

20 Gabrielle Aplin Gabrielle Aplin Gabrielle Aplin is an English singer-songwriter. Aplin came to public attention after she gained a large online following by posting acoustic covers of songs on her YouTube channel.

So amazing. She should be way higher than she is (no offense to any of the other artists. I love them all! ) such an amazing singer! So much soul, you can really feel the emotion in her words!

Underrated but really really talented. She deserves to be higher than this, obviously.

Amazing singer. really! That's why she got picked for the john lewis Christmas advert 2013

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