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161 Brittani Louise Taylor
162 Ryan Beatty
163 Fast Forward Music
164 KimmiSmiles

She's cute, energetic, and fun

165 Savannah Outen
166 Renato Enoch
167 Kyle Landry

Greatest pianist I've ever seen in YouTube

168 Emma Campbell

Super good, super pretty, and amazing with her guitar

169 Blair Perkins

He's got a beautiful voice and incredible range!

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170 Avery
171 Caitlin Hart
172 Jasmine Sagginario
173 Elle Winter
174 Finowa

Probably the most accurate slipknot covers and can pretty much do anything, whether it be rap, screaming or clean singing!

175 Charli Bicknell
176 The Fu
177 Chloe Temtchine

An amazing singer and songwriter with a wonderful natural and beautiful voice with no needs for effects or enhancements. But she needs her oxygen tank because she suffers from PVOD.

In spite of the grim prognosis, Ms. Temtchine has elected to replace the sirens of death with the beautiful and life-inspiring sounds of music.

She seems a bit proffesional. Her song Breathe was written to her by Toby Gad - the guy that also wrote "If I Were A Boy” to Beyonce.

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178 Jazzic Patterson

Check her out and she writes her own music

179 Chelsea Collins
180 Rockleetist
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