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41 Harry Potter and the Smelly Old Shoe Brush

This is so funny and so well edited

42 Dr. Rabbit's Suicide World Tour by WalrusGuy

Seriously people, this should be at least #5. You don't get any better than WalrusGuy. - ThatStrangeKid42

43 Strange Things Are Happening
44 Caillou Loses His iPhone

YouTube Poop sure made Caillou sexy.

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45 Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE

That one part with Eminem. I guess someone finally dissed the one celebrity who disses everybody.

This is actually REALLY well made, funny, and at the end and some parts it gets really creepy. One of my favourite YTPs. One of my favourite parts is when the anchor falls on Mr. Krabs and it says PINGAS! Because the rest of the video is so well edited, its funny to see such an immature, lame joke just randomly. - SammySpore

46 The King Gets a Car

The mass majority of modern YouTube Poop videos have failed to make me laugh mainly due to such superfluous randomness! We need more YTPs like this where the context of the video is focused on mainly one ridiculous idea! Ridiculous as in, unlock creative potential to program edited videos so the characters - depending on what the material comprises - are depicted to execute unpredictable actions! Since when would anyone imagine medieval-style characters being so heavily exposed to the modern ways of living!?!?

47 Spongebob Poop: The Health Inspector

The health inspector's coming!
"Oh shoot" (doesn't actually say shoot... )

48 Drugs Bunny's Parental Guidance System
49 Flippy's Epic Battle by AwesomeAllanMan

YouTube Poop sure made everybody in it sexy!

So much swearing and cussing... I LIKE IT! :D Best YTP So far!

50 Ghost In the Park
51 Hill of the King
52 Caillou Flips Out

Man is this an entertaining one.

53 trebliG Goes to the Vet
54 Sonic Says Skip School
55 It's Rip Snortin' Time! - 2
56 Aladdin Commits Suicide

Why is this last? This is the best one. No spoilers, you must see for yourself. It's by AlvinYTP.

57 The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial
58 My Little Porno: Friendship with Benefits
59 Cold 3: The Recoldening
60 Spingebill Embarks On a Panty Raid
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