Best Youtubers In The Creatures

The Creatures are a group of people who joined together to make videos and entertain people in the world of YouTube. They play video games together and are sponsered by Machinima. There seperate channels range from 100,000 to 700,000 subscribers. We will look at you favorite Creatures.

The Top Ten

1 UberHaxorNova

He has a way to make everyone laugh, no matter where you are and how you feel. His videos are well edited, and his mic and face am are very good. He has over 1 million subscribes and deserves all of them. Known as Nova, under the famous username UberHaxorNova, he has grown to be, in my opinion, the best youtuber out there.

He is my favourite. His rage videos are HILARIOUS and always gets me into a good mood. His Happy Wheels are the best though and his custom maps with seamus are awesome. VOTE FOR NOVA!

In my opinion James is also the best gaming commentator on YouTube, but that's just my opinion


He is such a tank at uploading videos. He has real dedication and uploads 5-7 videos a day! I love his videos and his humor. Better than Nova because Nova just screams, not funny.

Praise Seamoose and Meowgi!

3 xXSlyFoxHoundXx

Sly is the best creature because he is good at games and he is very funny. Whenever he laughs I laugh because his laugh is just hilarious! Vote for sly

A real sweetheart. He's very in tune with his fan base and he's extremely social with many fellow YouTubers in his series. I love his laugh too c:

Funniest out of them. Always so cheerful and loud

4 kootra

Thanks the kootra I found the creatures. he's been the funniest to me because he's random. he doesn't cuss or scream to get someone to the laugh. He just says random things that come to his head and has a bunch of catch phrases that you can learn and laugh and smile when he says them because you remember when he came up with that catch phrase and most of them are just funny on there own.

5 ZeMachinima
6 GassyMexican

Gassy is the most chilled Creature and is a great and funny gamer. He has a great voice and should be at least third. He has one of the least amount of videos and a lot of subs which is impressive!

7 ImmortalHDFilms

IS a creature now and is a lot like nova and has 616,000 subscribers

The Russian merchant. His gmod series with kevin and james is a classic, I can literally watch it over and over again and it would never get old.

This bitch makes me laugh till I piss. His joke deliveries are always perfect. James, Aleks, Jordan, and Sheamus (not funny in his single lps though (always funny with the group)) are the only ones that can actually make me laugh. The fact that Aleks is this far down the list, actually pisses me off.

8 CaptainSparklez

Because of the song revenge and tnt.

9 AntVenom
10 TheCampingTree

The Contenders

11 DanzNewzMachinima

My favourtie creature to be honest. His hershells land series with nova has to be my all time favourite series.

12 keralis
13 Kozycubz
14 SCMowns2

Helps the creatures with lots of mods and has great mod reviews uploads daily and has 308,000 subscribers

15 Intern Joe

It's Jesus.

16 GoldenBlackHawk

Does a lot of videos with nova and immortal uploads daily and has 157,000 subscribers

A young man of just 18 years from Seattle. Very funny and has an amazing laugh. Plays a lot of co-op games with Nova and Immortal (Gmod, Grand Theft Auto Online etc. ) The videos with Him, Immortal and Nova are my favourite videos on YouTube. Nova and Immortal's videos are funny, but when Kevin is there as well it is the most hilarious thing out. Also plays with Sly (participates in Minecraft Marriage) and Sp00n. Has around 180k subscribers but is rising fast.

17 Dexterboy124
18 Chilled Chaos
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