Top 10 Best YouTubers

Who are the best YouTubers of all time? Vote for who you think deserves to be the most popular channel on this list as did tens of thousands of people.
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1 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

I know that many people think this guy is overrated. I did, in fact, use to think he was way overrated myself. I wondered why this guy was such a popular youtuber, so I decided to actually check him out. After a few days, I actually started to really like this guy. I now see why he so popular on YouTube and I understand the appeal now! (Although, I still think his sub count is a little overboard, this because Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have way less subs by comparison, even though they are just as awesome as Pewds. Perhaps if they had much more, I wouldn't say that)

Genuinely, I think that aside all the swear words and the controversies that is surrounding him, he is pure at heart. His internal character is One of the best, he is extremely kind and generous. Most people mistake him to be a bad person just because he is swearing a lot, but if you watch his videos daily, you will understand that he is a good person. He is one of the few people in YouTube who actually has common sense, and he also understands the problems and fears of other people, and their internal character as well. He knows how to act in front of children and adults, and behaves accordingly. He is also one of the few people on YouTube who, if did a mistake, admits that he did a mistake, regrets it, and genuinely apologizes. He also became more and more mature now, and nowadays he just doesn't game all the time, but also makes some comedy, gives advices for new YouTubers, etc.. Shortly, he doesn't put on an act in front of the camera, but just stays as the person who he is. It ...more

I was in a time where I felt I was alone , I had friends but I never felt that I was in the group .One day this video was recommended and I watched it I genuinely felt happy , and to be honest I think Felix helped me regain my confidence because if you watch his videos he will just talk to you as if you know him from a very long time

Hey, just because he curses and sometimes the controversy gets above his head, Felix is a good guy. Through his actions and jokes, you can laugh along with him and just enjoy his content, even if said curses slip here and there. PewDiePie can be known as the most inspirational and recurring face of YouTube for his quality (even if it isn't his camera) and humor. Even if he isn't #1 (at the time of this comment) of subscribers anymore and is dethroned by an Indian music label, he still deserves a little love and maybe a little brofist too. Felix makes YouTube what it is, and YouTube would not be the same platform if it weren't for him and his inspiration to aspiring individual YouTubers. Virtually by himself he made records and boosted past other creators for 5 years, keeping his crown! If he isn't an inspiration to you, I don't know what could be or is.

2 Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Where do I start? Mark is simply awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love Felix and think he's hilarious, but Mark is just better. His videos are always very excellent in terms of quality. Plus, he has a good variety in the types of videos he uploads. They're not all horror game let's plays (although I would have nothing wrong with that); there's also Try Not to Laugh, multiplayer games with his friends (which are always a hoot), and special projects like A Date with Markiplier, The Drowned Man, and A Heist with Markiplier. Mark also does a good job of being sincere and kind to his subscribers and fans. He always thanks them and gives them the content they deserve. He has a kind heart and soul as he does so many charity livestreams. Mark isn't perfect, but life sure is better with him around.

Mark is awesome and makes my day better every new video he posts. I really enjoy his scary game videos the most especially Phasmophobia

I simply love watching Markiplier. In fact, he was actually the first official YouTuber I saw. He is the one that really got me into YouTube in the first place! (It was back in 2014, when he played fnaf). So thank you Markiplier for introducing me to the joys of YouTube!

I so agree! he's really funny and I watch him when I'm feeling down. I have seen all hid fnaf vids like 10 times. He really cares about his fans and is just a good guy

3 JackSepticEye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Let me just say that I am very glad the 3 titans of YouTube (Pewds, Mark, & Jack) are in the top 3, it is fitting that these three would be in the top three. Jacksepticeye especially is great; he really knows his games and always has sound reactions and honest reviews to them. He got me into a number of video games, and I just love watching him.

Jack septic eye is the best. Sometimes ( like 25 times a day ) I watch the video All the way. Mostly because HE is technically singing it. It makes me feel so good to watch his videos as he is the best, he is only not number one because he doesn't have the most subscribers, if the top ten list was based on quality videos he would be on top. I don't know why people are mean against each other but he is genuinely the nicest coolest guy ever. Also what some people are saying bad about the you tubers why are you criticizing them? Like, seriously they worked hard to get here. I give respect to each and every YouTube thatvis genuine and non-mean. So sometimes when you guys read this go watch his videos, like, subscribe, and make sure you aren't mean to people based on YouTube.

Sean is one the greatest YouTubers of all time. He has really changed my life. He has shown me to never care what people think, always be yourself, believe in you, never let fear get in your way and a bunch more. Every time, I am sad or down I always, go watch Jack, he makes me smile and laugh when ever I am down or just need a smile. Jack or Sean, whatever, he is both, he is the best and most caring person I meet, or seen, me a little person who may never get noticed by Jack, idc, he may never see this, but I am very glad and happy to have Jack or Sean in my life, he has really changed me, and I am happy for that> Even when he get older and I grow up, I will never stop being a fan, I will always remember, what he has done for me. Jack is and always be a legend in my heart.

Why is Jack only 5th on here? He is honeslty one of the most amazing channels out there (don't get me wrong, I love Markiplier too, I just find myself watching Jack's videos more). He's kindhearted, funny, humble, sensible, and respecting, and I love his positivity and enthusiasm towards everything. Remember how he handled the Logan Paul situation? Instead of saying all the things that was wrong like most people in general would do, he started a charity livestream. Or what about him on the Late Late Show? He completely avoided the discussion of money, only talked about the community, and when that girl started crying, he gave her a hug and let her sit up with him. Not a lot of famous people do that

4 Cinemassacre

Cinemassacre is known for AVGN, YKWBS, and James and Mike Monday series. The AVGN series is the best video game critic ever! YKWBS is such a great rant series... And I am NOT a fan of James and Mike Monday series by the way...

How is PewDiePie above him!?! His awful, annoying, money-laundering, stupid, repetitive, boring, TERRIBLE content has been polluting YouTube since 2010. James, however, has been making videos since 2004. I know technically he started in 2006, but he first made videos in 2004. He's far funnier than PewDiePie ever will be and ever has been, and PewDiePie wouldn't even exist if James never made videos. So, if you're reading this, Felix, you can go to hell.

Saying that one thing is better than another just because it was the original is completely stupid. Felix was a pioneer in the 'Let's play' genre in gaming, while James was the same thing for the 'review' genre. I understand that your opinion is your opinion, but you should at least be well informed before you make an assertion like that.

Nostaligia Critic, Jontron, and Angry video Game Nerd. Should be 1 2 and 3. They actually Write quality material and have a show. Most others on this list are utter trash. Smosh, Pewdiepie.. It shows you 12 year olds run the internet, just like the music industry

5 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

Smosh is the best bro. Point. Blank. Period. They are the OGs and have been great since day one, and never lose motivation or innovation. I respect that.

PewDiePie is awesome. Don't get me wrong. But he usually does the same old thing; talking in front of a camera while playing video games. But these guys mix it up, and the results are hilarious. Ian and Anthony are some of the funniest guys on the planet, and the way they play off of each other's characters in their skits is hilarious. I know that Anthony recently left to pursue his own career, but I'll probably still associate him with and as a vital part of Smosh. Smosh is the greatest channel in YouTube history. Period.

Their videos are all very creative, all differing. They always come up with some sort of a new, unpredictable gig, and that's what I like about them - their videos have effort put into them, they always have an original concept, and their humor is just funny and not feeling forced to appeal to someone. Oh, and they actually do something outside of shouting at the top of their lungs at a video game.

I used to watch them so much when I was 7, and the "shut up!" intro always got me cracking up. I do miss them but it's better to move on than to think about the past

6 MrBeast

He's a really good youtuber, really philanthropic, and just a good person in general. He does use clickbait, but the videos are actually what the thumbnail says, unlike some people *cough cough* Morgz *cough cough*

MrBeast does so many good things. He gives away money to those in need, and helps the environment. Granted, he could be doing it for more subs, but doing that inspired me to help, inspires people to take change. Also, it’s just really entertaining lol.

His channel has super creative and interesting content not to mention he helps a lot of charities, homeless people, hospitals, and other people.

He is the youtube god! And probably will surpass PewDiePie at one point. How is the OddsOneOut higher than this guy? I personally hate the OddsOnesOut because he makes fun of so many other YouTubers because he thinks he is the best. Nah bro he's nothing compared to this legend.

7 CinemaSins CinemaSins is a movie-related YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel produces the Everything Wrong With...

He also does cinema wins. And he is accurate. Inception is the movie with the third least sins according to him, and I love Inception

Cinemeasins is by far one of my least favorite youtubers. All this youtuber does is make everything wrong videos which aren't my favorite at all. In my opinion, this youtuber gets a 6.5/10

I don't get why so many people hate him his content is actually really funny and he's not making the movie terrible all he's doing is stating facts I guess some people just can't handle ot

Pretty much, he's a humorous user, I honestly like his Everything Wrong videos. Wouldn't add a sin counter for this then.

8 Nigahiga Ryan Higa, born June 6, 1990, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any more.

Due to the YouTube algorithm, so many original YouTubers are forced to switch up their content. They start to use clickbait titles, stretch their videos to 10 minutes, upload daily etc. But Ryan has not changed. Yes, he uploads every few weeks, but you can't disagree that his content is full of quality and effort. His comedy is very original, and he never does things in order to make money or get more views. He stays out of drama and confronts serious topics, instead of ignoring them. He does everything to entertain, not gain. For example, he doesn't litter his videos with ads like Pewdiepie or Jake Paul. He is really so respectable and I have nothing but love and admiration for him.

This guy posts humor that is so original. The videos are not offensive, inappropriate, or overall cheap humor! His videos are relatable, funny, and sometimes they even teach you a lesson. If you look into Ryan's past, he's gone through a lot of hardships, but amazingly, has overcome them, and grown to be a YouTube legend. Ryan and his crew (RHPC) puts a lot of effort into their videos, and you can see that if you just watch ONE of their BTS videos. His friends are the best camera crew ever (lol). His videos may take a week to upload, but you can be sure that they are WORTH IT! His videos are really entertaining. If he has an opinion, he won't rudely spread it! Instead, he'll look to the other side of the argument, and find evidence that supports THEIR side! He's very modest about his rank on YouTube. So, if you're looking for some of the best comedy around, full of giggles, puns, and true laughter, subscribe to the best asian YouTuber around, nigahiga! TEE HEE!

I feel like Ryan is the best youtuber, not because he's my favourite, but because of how much efforts he put in all of his videos. His videos are genuinely enjoyable to watch and are really creative. He is that youtuber who goes quality over quantity, which is good, cause I rather want to watch a video with a lot of quality (which his videos has) than tons of videos with a little to no efforts. Ryan's not problematic and is genuinely nice and awesome. Even thought he goes into controversal topics, he make this sort of topics still entertaining and have a lot of points. Even thought he is still popular, I feel like he's underrated compared to other popular youtubers now. With all the efforts he puts in his videos, he deserved a lot of views and appreciations than he really has.

Ryan Higa has managed to consistently pull in millions of views with every upload for 10 years, without using click bait titles or thumbnails and without stirring up drama with other youtubers. He doesn't ever do lazy videos and puts 100% effort into every single video. Despite his inconsistent uploading schedule, people never seem to get bored of him because every video is creative, original and entertaining from start to finish. He is literally the only youtuber who always exceeds my expectations. His writing, acting, and comedic talent only seems to be getting better. On top of all that, he is incredibly humble and doesn't care about recognition or awards. Just the continuous effort and hardwork he puts in shows how passionate he is about his craft. He is undoubtedly the greatest youtuber of all time!

9 theodd1sout

This is probably going to piss off a bunch of people but I hated theodd1sout! The reason why I hated him was because he complains way too much which gets highly annoying in my opinion. The fact he is a "fan favorite" youtuber just irritates me. He complains as often as gradeAunderA (another youtuber that I hate! Not a terrible youtuber, but I would rather avoid him at all cost!

This guy is the and here are the reasons. 1. he doesn't have to overwork his animations meaning instead of taking almost a year to upload 1 video he finds a simple style that everyone can enjoy. 2. he has interesting stories and his comments on them are ALWAYS funny like for example the table top video"OH NO CAPTAIN THEY HIT OUR SHIP WHAT DO WE DO?...send the aliens a message...H I T" but yeah long story short this dude is awesome keep up the good work james

There's just so much people that don't know about this guy or animation at all and that needs to be different. He's growing really fast and that's how it should be (I discovered him a few months ago) because he's the type of YouTuber that once you find him you watch all of his videos multiple times and want new content immediately (like Nigahiga). Very entertaining (like Nigahiga), only thing that's kind of stupid is the time he needs to make a video (LIKE NIGAHIGA) so I give him a 9/10 (12/10 for effort though, LIKE NIGAHIGA)

He really is a fun guy, and I especially like "The Movie That Was Too Scary For Baby James". He is really funny, and he deserves every single subscriber he gets every day. I also love the song "Life is Fun", since it is filled with fun. We all want fun, right? YEAH! We do! He is also almost getting 10 Million subscribers, and I'm excited. Thank you, James. He also made a book, and I hope that I might get it. Thank you for everything!

10 DanTDM

Where do I even begin?! He is such a great Youtuber! all he ever does is care for his fans, though I haven’t watched him much recently, I know that his is rlly kind and has a lot of different gaming videos, along with reacting vids!

I love DanTDM. I really miss his blue hair, he also shave his hair. I want to meet him so bad and I'm proud of him for being a father. His full name is Daniel Andrew Middleton and I watched him since 2012

DanTDM is such a family-friendly person. I love his videos and he is so sweet. I bet he is a great father and I know his kid will have a good life and family.

Weird how DanDTM and TheDiamondMinecraft are listed as two different channels...y'all know they are the same channel, right?

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? Louise Pentland
? Chrissy Costanza Christina "Chrissy" Costanza (Born 23rd August 1995) is an American musician and internet blogger, known for her works as a cover artist on YouTube and as the lead vocalist of the New York-based Pop Rock/Pop Punk band Against the Current.
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11 Jacksfilms

Yesterday I Asked You
How could you describe this YouTube channel.
Here are your best answers.
My answer: Best YouTuber from Maryland

One of the funniest YouTubers that I have ever watched, Jacksfilms is the quintessential YouTuber and a genuinely great guy. He started way back in 2006, but whilst other YouTubers of that time or even later have come and gone, Jacksfilms is still around today, using (and parodying) the latest trends to keep himself relevant and entertaining throughout the 12 years he has been making content for the platform. I'd even go as far to say that he is the face of YouTube and a representative of YouTube's past, the present and the future. It's a shame though that he has relatively few subscribers compared to other YouTubers at a comparable level, but in the end, the amount of subscribers that Jack has is irrelevant to the conversation when you are talking about the quality of a YouTube channel and a YouTuber and that is what matters in the end. Me me big boy!

This is the epitome of quality content. He makes hilarious parodies, uses audience participation as a way of keeping his fans watching, and makes fun of everything. He's been around since 2006, and yet is only at 4 million subs. The dad of Youtube should be up there with PewDiePie. We need more YouTubers like him. Me Me Big Boy!

All swearing and dirty jokes aside, Jack is genuinely one of the purest and kindest people on the platform. He very clearly loves his wife and job puts a lot of effort into YIAY and his sketches and songs. One of the only Youtubers that genuinely make me smile. I love this guy and really did deserve his YouTuber of the year award.

12 SuperMarioLogan Logan Thrityacre, (born in Florida 1994-) also known as SuperMarioLogan, is an American YouTuber and puppeteer, who makes YouTube videos with puppets and plush dolls.

My favorite YouTuber though I think his content has gone down since 2016 and since he started losing the channel. I believe the og videos are the best.

They are very funny when jeffy says "oop'' I feel like he says feebeeeeeeeeeeeee 60 secs later plus everyone very funny plez sub to them by the way watch there vids!

I found SuperMarioLogan when he was at a 100,000 subs and I was with him every step of the way. Honestly logan deserves more than just a million subscribers!

Yay, it's 12! Let's get him at least number of 10. At least Logan cares about his fans. Jacksfilms and Epic Rap Battles In History has dumb videos and always had.

13 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

The Nostalgia Critic is one of the greatest and one of the most funniest movie critics on planet Earth. His reviews make me laugh so hard, but at the same time they really make me think. His jokes are incredibly smart and original. When I eventually start putting together my own YouTube channel, I will always look back on his videos for inspiration. Heck, even when I can't think of a good joke I turn to him. His reviews have caused me to think differently on how to view movies. He has inspired me (along with many others) to start making reviews of my own. Keep doing what you're doing Doug!

Nostalgia critic in my opinion is one of the best Internet reviewers of all time. He is funny,entertaining,and also knows how to keep you interested with the movie even if it's bad. It really feels like your watching the movie with him while he reviews it. This man has the best reactions ever and has changed lives even mine. I was going through a rough time cause I just moved away from my abusive parents and moved in with my grandma.

Now I've never heard or seen videos about him. This was the very fit's time I've ever seen this guy. I was in the living room on the couch with my computer and I wanted to see if I could find one of my favorite movies go watch. A simple wish. I grew up with this movie. Sadly I couldn't find any results on YouTube for the whole movie. Stupid copyright but then I saw something that caught my eye. Nostalgia critic simple wish review. I was like who the heck is the Nostalgia critic? No I'm not clicking it nope. These fingers will not touch this video. ...more

I personally am not a fan of Nostalgia Critic's channel myself, but the sheer amount of people he has inspired to review various things is incredible

Great show. I've tried his Doug Reviews a few times and they are great for a change of pace, a more honest opinion. Bum Reviews is great although he no longer does them.

14 JonTron Jonathan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

My sister told me about JonTron and I'm so happy about it! This man never fails to make me laugh. His flex tape videos are the best and I have seen them so many times.

JonTron. Sure he's been very very inactive, and that could be used to pull him down a pole or two. But his channel is the most re-watchable content ever. His reactions are so iconic, that they not only make you want to re-watch the video, but also they create memes. MEMES! And of course you can't forget the fact that he's also a former game grump.

I legitimately feel disgusted that PewDiePie is 1 on the list and all of the comments on him are good when he makes terrible content and is so unfunny it makes me cringe. JonTron is easily the best youtuber there is. He's one of the few I can stilll laugh at.

He's good at making reviews that are random. Even though he's been absent from youtube and hasn't made a lot of video game reviews, he's still got his charm.

15 TheDiamondMinecart

He is really funny and he has hit more than 15 million subscribers. He is so awesome, if I could actually see him in real life. I would shout so loud, I would love his autograph and phone number. I will subscribe to his channel. I've watched a lot of his videos, it is amazing and also, he is a bit like me though. Example, if he messes something up, he says Oh no, I forgot to offer them my cookies, Um oh well, you know what let's go let's go. It is unreal. Finally, keep up the good work. I would be looking forward to see your future videos. BIG FAN OF YOURS DAN.

I have been watching Dan for quite awhile (ever since he used to cuss in his videos :p), and most people say that his videos are only for kids, and that's kinda what it is! I mean like, what kind of 17 year old still wants to watch youtubers that try to be kid-friendly? Although not my favorite channel, he doesn't deserve so much hate from all those 30 year old jobless people that are jealous of him and think his fanbase is cancerous. I respect him and and he has inspired a lot that I even made my own youtube channel! He is a great youtuber and does what he wants to, and is just over all a great youtuber.

13? That's just sad. And that's not a compliment. How on Earth is he on here? All, and I mean all, of his jokes, are either unfunny, pointing out unfunny jokes going on in the game, predictable, or obvious. And of course, he does Minecraft. Yup, Minecraft. The game where you'll fall asleep before you can fight the Ender Dragon. He plays that game! And nothing but that game! And if that wasn't enough for you to click that subscribe button, roleplaying. Cause everybody likes roleplaying. 11/10 would fall asleep again.

I used to watch him for his Minecraft mod reviews, and his diamond dimensions series. I recently started to rewatch his old videos and honestly, I started crying, I remember so much and now that he did another new Minecraft series I couldn't believe it.

16 Ihateeverything

I don't take TheTopTens seriously, but since he made a video covering it, I felt voting for him on this list was a somewhat good way to pay respects and gratitude for the effort he puts into his videos and the value of his commentary. He really cares about his content and it shows. I hope he continues to rise in popularity in the future, because it's what he deserves. Many other channels try to make it big on YouTube through replicating his format and style of commentary (simply search Ihe clone into YouTuber and you'll see what I mean); Only to realize they can't succeed just like how Alex has. IHE is unique, and has that charm that can't be copied.

The only good rant channel on YouTube. While most rant channels consist of people screaming at the top of their lungs like an autistic child (not to offend any real autistic people, you guys are probably better than that) just because they think it's "funny", IHE actually does try to be funny and his jokes do really do have me falling face flat on the floor.

He is hilarious I love watching his video's he gives reasonable reasons to hate something instead of ranting like other YouTubers I love his search for the worst videos most.

One of my favorite YouTube channels I like how he is reasonable with his opinions of the things he hates and I personally find him funny.

17 Filthy Frank

Edginess pushed to the absolute limit. This channel is only for those who love ridiculous characters, absurd situations, edgy topics, and even edgier delivery. Basically, it's hilarious, but watch at the risk of your own sanity.

Filthy Frank is, as of now, the best YouTube channel. His incredible creativity, his amazing musical skills, his innovative sense of humour make him stand out in the YouTube community as one of its finest creators.

I don't have a lot of favourite youtubers and I can tell you that he's one of them. He's one of the least youtubers that are actually creative. Papa Franku needs more credit and should be in the top 10 for sure.

Filthy Frank is a b0ss. I've been in his fan base since the beginning, he even convinced me to accept the Dark Lord Chin Chin into my life, and better yet, outgrow my weeaboo phase. I respect this man for that.

18 Epic Rap Battles of History

Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Letter is my favorite. Both have a lot good lines and the beat matches the rap battle perfectly.

My personal favorite is Donald Trump vs Hillary. Simple, this channel can rap down everything from bottom to top!

'Cause it's funny, and they pivot 2 events in history and make a rap battle out of it! Who doesn't like that!

The content of this channel is hilarious, definitely one of the best youtube channels out there!

19 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

I just love how chill Vanoss is when gaming with his buddies. He seems like a really fun guy to play with, if you have seen his videos. I like a guy who just wants to chill and have fun with his friends.

Put his rank higher.. or else. :D No seriously, he is my most favorite youtuber in the world. to be honest, I'd say he's the funniest youtuber in the world. From Grand Theft Auto V to Gmod, he makes people laugh with swearing, terrible jokes, and of course, THE BANANA BUS! He is so HILARIOUS. Plus, he lives in the same country as me. :P Still though, I'd say he is the most funniest youtuber in the world. I'm also a huge fan of him so DON'T. YOU. DARE. say he is terrible. You would turn into a real jerk. Seriously. I don't see why people would hate him though. #rankVanosshigher

Guys, how can you not laugh at the jokes he makes? He seems like one of the nicest youtubers ever and not once have I seen him complain about something that happens in the community, he just knows what he needs to do and make us happy, he always knows how to put a smile on everyones faces.

This boggles my mind,
Vanoss is more creative, hardworking, and more nice to his YouTubers than any others except for markilpier (in terms of being nice). PewDiePie is okay but he's is not that funny, vanoss should either pass pewdiepie or at least get in the top ten.

20 TheMysteriousMrEnter

I know a lot of people hate this guy, but I think he is honetely a pretty great person. I often can relate to him quite a bit as I share a lot of the same opinions on the things he reviews. Whether he is talking about cartoons, politics, or technology I usually find myself interested in what he has to say. He is deffinetely not perfect and he realizes that and he is constantly trying to better himself but that's not an easy thing to do. Even with all the hate he gets from other people he still keeps going and because of these reasons I consider his channel an ADMIRABLE ANIMATION😊

I get why Enter gets a lot of hate, but I just love the guy and his content. Listening to/watching people rant is one of my favorite things and damn can Enter deliver. Some of his takes on different things are also pretty surprising, just an overall great channel

I like him because he doesn't care too much about being funny, like Nostalgia Critic (I still like Nostalgia Critic, but his jokes sometimes take too much time out of the review). Plus, he is very sophisticated (which is definitely saying something, because he's a brony) and it's clear that he put a lot of thought into his videos.

He's terrible. He thinks trolls and cyberbullies are the same thing, and blocks people who think otherwise. Not to mention he complains about every little thing for like ten minutes!

21 Nathaniel Bandy Nathaniel Bandy is an American YouTuber known for making videos about Nintendo games. He was born on October 12, 1993 in Virginia.

It's kinda interesting nowadays seeing him in the Top 50 on this list, because a lot of the people voting for him are most likely only familiar with his newer stuff (ie. Triggered, the Coin Challenges, etc.) And that's a shame, because his older videos are, in my opinion, what make him a Top 5 YouTuber of All Time. Not to brag or anything, but I've been a subscriber since back when he had only a couple thousand. XD
And the transformation he's undergone is very remarkable, yes, but I still miss a lot of his early 2010s content. His Frustration Series is undeniably my favorite series of his, and the biggest thing that set him apart from everyone else, where he took the stereotypical Let's Play format and added in an ongoing narrative about Spirits and Monster Energy Drinks. He's already a very entertaining personality on his own, as shown in his "Cliche Let's Plays", but the added indie film projects are not only what push it over the edge, but really exemplify what made him such a ...more

How can you not like him? He makes really good quality gaming content, and many of his videos are tired together by an overarching story.

Come on! Why do you guys rank him on number 385? Why is it not number 1 on the list of best YouTube videos. Well he says curse words he doesn't say a lot of them. Please rank him number 1. He makes good series like Top 10s and The Grading Series. He is so great that he made a second channel

Underrated, should be recognized as one of the best, if not the best Nintendo Youtuber. Top 5 for me for his videos.

22 dangmattsmith

The fact that he is not in the top 10 shows how outdated this list is. When you understand his humor, Matt will make you laugh all the time. With the "Get that outta here" catchphrase of his, along with his really cool jokes and edits, along with showing awesome emotion, it's hard not to crack a laugh while watching him. He is very genuine for giving his sponsor Bang Energy shoutouts randomly, but that makes him unpredictable while watching him at first. When he puts in sound effects or frame edits, they well fit the theme of what it is he represents, and when the sound effects happen, they happen JUST AT THE CORRECT TIME, along with the emojis or pictures going on the screen with those sound effects of going up or down, or being slapped. He is also someone who remembers to keep things clean and not make things controversial, which means whether or not you're a younger viewer, you can still enjoy what he does. And he also puts in an apology when he makes a mistake, he realizes it and ...more I used to like him but now I hate him -_- he made a video and on the thumbnail it did MY MOM DIED yet she did not die? What? He also did a r.I.p me thumbnail yet he didn't die. I now hate this guy,he has gone to far...

He’s gotta be one of the best. He actually says he is family friendly when he actually is and most youtubers say they are when they’re really not. And he’s also good for almost all ages. Most of the time youtubers try too hard to ok for kids or ok for teens or ok for adults.

I love his videos I spend more time watching his videos than with my friends and I go outside every day to the soccer field every day and I when I say every day I mean EVERY DAY

23 Jaiden Animations

She is a great animator, and I respect her! Her content is great tbh, it talks about different subjects and all that type of stuff. I also rlly like her animation style lol

She'll never rise to the top because of the fame of people like Pewdiepie and others, but that's fine. She's just the most adorable YouTuber on all of the YouTube and she makes great animations and tells funny stories. Also she does a lot of things with theodd1sout and that gets her a lot of points.

She really is not only an amazing YouTuber but an amazing person and I can't believe she had to suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and such. She's my second favorite YouTuber! (My absolute favorite is Elise Ecklund and somebody needs to put her on here, she's a queen.)

Yass finally these sorts of sites are acknowledging how amazing animators are! I just want to say that jaiden animation is funny and creative. Some people don’t really like the content animators make, so if you like animators you should check her out!

24 stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy.

He is one of the first youtubers I started watching when I was 8, I love his buildings and hid rivalry with hit the target and his co-operation with his helpers. He definitely deserves over 9 million subscribers.

Stampy was the first gaming Youtuber I had watched. I came in thinking that I wouldn't like his content, but after a while, it grew on me.

The best thing about his channel is his concern for his viewers. He almost completely changed his channel for the sake of the younger audience, adds someone new to his 'Love Garden' twice a week and gives out his opinions and advice on his second channel and his joint channel. It is quite honourable that he doesn't ask his viewers to like or subscribe, and doesn't let negativity get to him.

The short films made in Minecraft are original and creative, with bonus points added considering he does them with the limitations of the console version.The behind the scenes of his videos shows just how much thought, time and effort goes into what he does.

His series, Wonder Quest and I wonder are mainly viewed by the younger audience, and I think that it was a smart idea to combine his gaming videos with education. It's lively and ...more

He honestly taught me everything he was my first ever favorite youtuber and it makes me so sad to know that he's changed and all. And his friend iballistic squid from like 2015 :( I can diffidently agree he is kinda weird but he has younger viewers and him acting like that is normal for them. I thought he was just amazing when I was 9 and he made me so happy and I tried so hard to make it in his love garden. looking back on his videos makes me want to cry because of the memories like what ughhh. if u read all of this congrats. and by the way once I was so confused because I stg his name was stampylongNOSE NOT HEAD IDEK ANYMORE LIKE I'm SO CONFUSED AHH

Okay, so somebody complained about Stampy being babyish. There is a good reason for that. At first, he'd be pulling f bombs, but when he found out kids were watching his channel, his videos became more child friendly. I think Stampy is a great YouTuber who never ceases to entertain me.

25 PhantomStrider Josh Strider (born February 3, 1989), known by his YouTube channel name PhantomStrider, is an Australian/Canadian Youtuber known for his top 10 and 6 countdowns, vlogs, and movies.

I like some of his other lists but the top 10 best South Park episodes list was terrible. The 2 "sad" episodes I think they were "Ass Burgers" and "You're Getting Old" were terrible episodes but this guy thinks they're the best episodes. If I want to cry I wouldn't watch south park, people watch south park for comedy

I like his lists. He makes a combination of Real and Cartoon (even a couple of Anime) lists, and his lists don't have obvious things at the top (example, he doesn't have Garbage Pail Kids as the worst movie, spoilers, but not really).

I have so much respect for this guy. I have seen every top ten video he has posted (so far).

The good old days. I agreed with most of his opinions except south park.

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