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Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.


Phil deserves to be so much higher, he's so underrated. He is such a wonderful person. Extremely funny, talented, completely and utterly adorable... There isn't even enough words for me to describe just how amazing (oops) Phil is. He always puts a smile on my face, whether I'm watching his videos, or just reading any one of his tweets. Ugh, my little angel bean is just too much. I definitely recommend him to people who haven't seen his videos.

Okay, but Phil deserves to be in the top ten. His content is so much better than a lot of the people on this list. He doesn't get enough credit for the things he does and it honestly pains me, like when he came up with the 7 Second Challenge and everyone took it from him and gave him no credit at all. Thankfully, Dan was there as stepped in putting the people in their place. He makes YouTube such an amazing place and he's super honest in the videos he makes and he puts his whole heart into making them. For him to not get the recognition he deserves upsets me a lot. I hope he knows that.

Phil is one of the most precious, no I dare say the most precious person in the world. he has been around for so long, and never gave up or changed. His bubbly personality is contagious. You watch him laugh, or even smile, and you can't control your face muscles any more. He is so aware of EVERYONE watching his videos. He doesn't swear because he wants to be a good example, and simply because he can't. and when he met Dan Howell/danisnotonfire he gave someone who didn't have a best friend for 18 years, a best friend and made up for 18 years of missing out. I can say Phil is the one person I'd call too adorable and caring for words.

Phil needs to be higher up he was one of the first YouTubers and has inspired hundreds of YouTube channels, from danisnotonfire to Marcus Butler to Duncan (PDR) all the way in Japan. He has a very unique and fun editing style, and he can be funny without being crude or offensive. He can put a smile on anyone's face and he is, in my opinion, one of the best YouTubers on the site.

Phil deserves to be way higher. He was one of the first YouTubers and he's basically the dad of YouTube, always supporting, helping and advising people who need it. He's very unique and creative as well as kind, adorable and funny. He's such a ray of sunshine and he deserves to be more appreciated.

Phil deserves to be much higher than this. He puts a smile on my face everyday, and when times are hard I know I can always click my way to his channel, and I instantly feel better. He brings happiness and light to the darkness surrounding me, and he's one of my closest friends, although I've never even met him. I could never thank him enough! Keep it up, Phil!

He had been on YouTube since it started basically and has come up with many tags and challenges on the way that you see loads of YouTubers do and get credit for. He is sweet, down to earth, funny and just a nice person. He is very interesting to watch and his username really does live up to Him. He really is amazing!

His videos are genuinely funny and so entertaining. He is amazingly creative and he doesn't get enough credit for what he does. Phil is just so sweet and I think he deserves to be in the top 10.

Phil is a drastically underrated person, he is humble, and sweet. If you just look at his history in YouTube culture, he is almost the father of YouTube! From the 7 Second Challenge, to even convincing YouTubers like danisnotonfire to start their channel! He never copyrights ideas, *cough FineBros cough* he loves to encourage others to both be original, and also enjoys being an inspiration to his viewers, and fellow creators!

Phil is really underestimated. I mean, he created the seven second challenge and the toilet tag, but other people started saying that it was them who created them. He is treated poorly in the YouTube community, yet he is a ray of sunshine all the time. We owe him at least eight place.

Adorable and bubbly. He can make anybody laugh without swearing. He's been on YouTube for (as of right now) 10 years and is very underrated. He's helped so many people around the world and is very inspiring. He's such a bean and I definitely suggest you watch him.

Phil should honestly be way higher on the list. He is so funny without being mean or rude to other YouTubers. He always puts a smile on my face whether I'm watching his videos or see a social media post that he posted. He definitely deserves so much credit and he is awesome.

I agree that Phil is underrated. Phil's personality is very upbeat and weird, something that I really like to see in people. Phil doesn't swear, he does unique things, and I LOVE the way he edits! They really add on to the joke or the thing he wants the audience to see.

Why is he this underrated? He is pure gold! Just watch his older videos, from around 2010. Give them a try. They're original, funny and heart-warming. He has created loads of trends yet he gets no recognition whatsoever.

Incredibly underrated guy. He's hilarious, should be in the top five with Good Mythical Morning, Danisnotonfire, Pewdiepie and Jenna Marbles

Just like Dan. I LOVE Phil. He is so sweet and is always laughing. Witch makes me laugh. I love watching his videos because they make my day all the time! HE IS AMAZING!

Phil is my absolute favourite along with Dan, he should at least be in the top 10, he has inspired many YouTubers! He is so silly and adorable!

0.3%? Are you kidding to be honest? Phil is literal sunshine, whether he's the most attractive person or not (he is)! He just wants to see people smile and be happy and he tries to make his channel PG (I don't remember a single video with a swear word in it unless he slipped once or twice...) and if that doesn't make you think he's the cutest person ever I don't know what will to be honest (AND he has a meme for a best/boyfriend so? )

He is probably the nicest person I've ever known. He cares about his fans and is entertaining. He is really underrated and people should give him a chance. He has been on youtube since the beginning after all.

I think Phil should be higher on the list. He has been here from the start of YouTube and hasn't quit. He's been doing this for 10 years! He is a funny, adorable, unique ray of sunshine

I feel like Dan and Phil should be higher up because of he phandom.

THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE YouTubeRS AND AHH whenever I meet someone that loves them as much as I do, I kind of hyperventilate. That is the type of happiness I find in watching them

I remember watching a video a while back about Phil joining us on his sleepless night
I quickly clicked on another Video. I hate myself for not watching it through, because he is absolutely adorable in it. I now watch him with his counterpart, or best friend Daniel. I love Phil because he is genuine, and so underrated! Without him, I'm sure Dan wouldn't be the person he was today, and thank god for that camera in the cereal box. Dan is great, as well. I just joined the Phandom about a month ago, and I really like Phil's creative twists to normal Things, like adding the snake when he was playing sister location. He should be top ten, or at least closer to Dan. A CLAP AND A HALF TO YOU, PHIL LESTER! (If you get that reference, a clap and a half)

Phil is genuinely kind, sweet, relatable and just amazing. Perfect. He deserves more recognition.

Dan and him are perfect! They are so amazing.

PHIL IS THE BEST! He should totally be higher on the list, like number 1 or something!