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181 LadyGagaVEVO
182 Cutedog99
183 Dantdm Dantdm

He is amazing

DanTDM is the best YouTuber ever I even went to his show


184 CaptainSparklez

He's 184! HOW! Captain is super nice, very caring, and does tons of charity work. He deserves to be top 10

He should be so much higher!

Just wow he should be top 5

Why is he so low

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185 Paul Joseph Watson
186 SuperCarlinBrothers

I love the carlin bros

187 DanAndPhilGAMES

Dan and Phil are great on their own, but together... their videos are not only more funny, but they seem even more genuine than their other ones (not that their solo ones aren't genuine). You can see the competition they have with each other on this channel, as well as the great friendship they have with each other that isn't always evident in other videos on their personal channel. I love both of them, but this is definitely one of my favourite channels on YouTube, if not my favourite. - ellexo

Dan and Phil alone are great people who make amazing videos but when they are together their videos are much more hilarious and adorable. They deserve to be higher on the list

They should at least be in the top 20 they are very funny and when they are together they are like the people that I wake up and say I want to watch them more.

This is just the perfect middle ground for Dan and Phil's videos.Their main channels can often be too scripted or well thought out, maybe not as genuine, while their liveshows can be repetitive and a bit rambly. The gaming videos, however, are literally the best thing ever, I can't articulate how much I love them, they're just so domestic and cute and unscripted and warm and genuine, but edited to be interesting, and like I said, honestly they're just the best things ever, especially for someone like me that loves video games and is a giant nerd, and Phan seems about 10 times more real on this channel I'm not so sure why, and I honestly can't... if you watch them you'll know what I'm talking about, if not, then sorry for wasting your time #YOLO (that was ironic don't stab me).

by the way I love both Dan and Phil's liveshows AND main channel videos with all my heart, I'm not putting down their other videos in any way, of course I still watch all of them and stuff, I'm just ...more

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188 Lohanthony

How is he down here he's awesome and sassy! Lol

I like him because he knows miranda sings

He is sassy and amazing

189 QJB
190 WiiRikeToPray

Come on, where the lads at? This channel is underrated for sure. - cjWriter1997

They should be at least 3

191 WTFBrahh
192 First Last
193 TamashiiHiroka
194 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

Gets paid by EA to give good reviews on their crappy overhyped games.

195 Goat Face Gaming
196 Gogreengirl V 1 Comment
197 MrBaffaCake
198 H3H3Productions

Way too low. I guess its an old list

Easily the funniest YouTube, nobody makes me laugh harder

His reaction videos give me life!


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199 Shanna Malcolm
200 YogsCast

What the heck? These guys consistnetly upload countless videos daily, give a MILLION dollars to various charities YEARLY, good for all ages, do all sorts of video games and content and are generally just nice people. Like why aren't they at least in top 25.

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