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321 romanatwoodvlogs

Roman is just the person you want as a friend he always says I'm just thankful and he calls his subscribers roman soldiers he has gone through a lot and his still gives us a smile and his company is called smile more

I can't believe this channel isn't in the top ten! I can't believe I found this and the other channel by searching! Absurd.

Roman is the best you tuber and has more subs than Bart baker he should be at the top!

I like his vlogs allot and I can't wait for the baby girl

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322 Crimson Maracle
323 Spyder Gamez
324 Xiaorishu
325 The Quarter Guy
326 DreamcastGuy
327 8Bit Universe
328 CrimsonCBad
329 Vsauce2
330 MadameWario
331 Babegirl1875
332 BlueXephos
333 trollmunchies
334 Orepros V 2 Comments
335 The Game Station
336 Julian2 aj V 1 Comment
337 kinderplaytime

They Are Buttholes

339 Yum Soda
340 This Exists
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