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361 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

I don't get why it's so low. This should at least be in the top ten. - Adambalm

Really 299 for this channel put it higher

This messed me up

362 Vikkstar123HD

Vik is in my opinion the best I watch his videos everyday and I love him because his videos r fairly kid friendly and hilarious and he's great at what he does shout to vikkstar123

Vikk if you are reading this you are awesome he is the best Minecraft player he has a nice car I love the sideman squad and Ksi's car too he has lambagini

Vik is such a hard-working, dedicated YouTuber and uploads multiple videos daily, I love him as well as the rest of the Sidemen. � -

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363 Rosanna Pansino

I can't even get started with Rosanna Pansino I LOVE her videos

She is amazing and very creative

Makes good cooking videos. How can you NOT love her. She is one of those YouTubers that have talent. She's very pretty also. I like that she collabs with my favourite youtubers

love her

364 Bill Wurtz

My favourite video is actually, Snail Time. Very poetic, graphically stunning, and concise. This guy needs money for more history videos

This deserves to be much higher. This guy is really creative and he even won an important award for his videos. - LemonComputer

Hire a samurai - beb


365 SSSniperwolf

I love her.

366 GamingWithJen

She is super funny like pat, but... I don't like popularmmos videos or Jen videos without them being together. I voted for par and Jen! Come on people! Vote for the two best youtubers ever! PAT AND JEN!

She should be #2

I love her videos she is a good gamer

She is the best youtuber ever I watch everdday

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367 TheLonelyGoomba V 1 Comment
368 Top15s V 1 Comment
369 FailArmy V 1 Comment
370 Kevin 14042 V 1 Comment
371 blameitonjorge
372 Danny Gonzalez
373 JC Caylen

Why is JC so low he is funny cute and awesome

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374 OpTicNaDe
375 mlpstopmotion

333?! Should be 1! 2 is little kelly

I like her videos

376 SomecallmeJohnny

Such a great channel

377 Your Favorite Martian


378 Pyrocynical

Pyrocynical is my favorite Youtuber of all time. His videos are well edited, his voice is very soothing to listen to, his videos are entertaining, and he is everything amazing about the Internet.

He is leafy clone but he is better than leafy

Craziest Woman Ever Eats Sand

His content has really improved over the years. He's not my favorite YouTuber, but he definitely deserves more recognition.

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379 AnimationRewind

Why is this douche bag even on here?!? He is a bendy abuser my good bendy fans so please do not subscribe to him ( he abuses bendy since bendy never won a fight, and I'm a bendy fan too) KILL ANIMATION REWIND NOW! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! - IceFoxPlayz

OH HELL NO! - IceFoxPlayz

who is he?

380 Christian McGuire
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