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401 MunchingBrotato V 1 Comment
402 CraftBattleDuty
403 Lilacpetal Aj
404 Shaaanxo
405 erikfassett
406 PsychoSoprano & Miranda Sings

She is great! I love her and her husband work!

So funny... Except for her porn

407 Dr.CreepyPasta V 1 Comment
408 Maddox V 1 Comment
409 Pyrocynical

Pyrocynical is my favorite Youtuber of all time. His videos are well edited, his voice is very soothing to listen to, his videos are entertaining, and he is everything amazing about the Internet.

He is leafy clone but he is better than leafy

Craziest Woman Ever Eats Sand

Debatably, he is the greatest commentary Youtuber, but he's far from the best Youtuber.

V 6 Comments
410 AlbertsStuff

She is cool funny and a good person to watch

He is the only Roblox YouTuber in my opinion that is trustworthy because at least he doesn't do those fake robux gift card giveaways and clickbait stuff. - Z3krom45

411 SSundee

He is awesome and has gone through so many things in life, but he is still funny and acts like nothing has happened to him

Sundae is the reason I can wake up every morning just watching his videos puts a smile on my face he's just awesome

Sad he is my second favorite you tuber after venturi an but he should be higher up

Best YouTuber I've ever seen!

V 15 Comments
412 Bratayley Bratayley

Best YouTube channel ever! IT MUST BE NUMBER 1! I love Caleb Annie Hayley Katie Billy! I miss Caleb so much!

I love bratayley I watch them every day annie has inspired me to be a gymnast haley has a personality that helped me be my self

They are all so sweet and I met them at the mall

Love this channel. Watch it everyday. Annie is so grown up now even though she is only twelve.please vote for them they should be number 1

V 6 Comments
413 penguinz0

He donates every penny that he makes on YouTube to charity. He never looks for more attention and has the best vocabulary. He has over 500 videos and just loves making them. He's the funniest guy ever and doesn't act scared when playing horror games for more views. He can play a variety of different instruments and hold the speedrunning world record in multiple Games. And he has a nice face.

He's an actual good person on YouTube. I consider him a inspiration, while he is raunchy he does defend and stand for something that almost all YouTubers never do. The right thing.

How is this beautiful man 608 he is the bane of my existence. The light of my life. The wind beneath my wings.

How can one man be so talented at the recorder and still have the greatest vocabulary on youtube be this low on the list? #JusticeForBigMoist

V 7 Comments
414 McJuggerNuggets

I watch the Psycho Series every day!

These guys are great

Hi he's awesome


V 5 Comments
415 Kubz Scouts

Should be higher up this list, considering how much effort and time he puts into his videos, ensuring that his viewers has good quality videos to watch.

Jay from the Kubz scouts is 'that dude' of course!

I am watching him right now!

Don't skip this youtuber he is so funny and you will just love him haha

V 4 Comments
416 Johnnie Guilbert

I love Johnnie so much... He's so relatable and I love how he is not afraid to show emotion on camera. He's empathetic, sweet, genuine, and there isn't anything that I can say that's bad about Johnnie. I love him so much, and he is my reason I felt secure, as a fellow emo. He made me realize that it is okay to be who you are, and I love him for that!

I love johnnie so much! He always brings a smile to my face

He is so funny and really knows how to make people laugh.!

I love the fact that he is brave AND CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS WITH A GO WITH THE FLOW ADDITUDE because not a lot of people have the guts to do what he does and I think that's amazing :D and he should be a HIGHER rank than this...!

V 4 Comments
417 The Amazing Atheist

Original content and factual based arguments tj is number 1

418 Nathaniel Bandy

Come on! Why do you guys rank him on number 385? Why is it not number 1 on the list of best YouTube videos. Well he says curse words he doesn't say a lot of them. Please rank him number 1. He makes good series like Top 10s and The Grading Series. He is so great that he made a second channel

His frustration videos are funny!

He is so funny

Come on guys 433! nathaniel bandy is the best YouTuber ever! Top tens, reaction videos, livestreams, triggered videos, every thing!

V 4 Comments
419 Robbaz

Super funny hairy manly Viking who is creative in humor. Unlike Pewdiepie and other YouTubers, Robbaz doesn't scream into the mic all the time.

Robbaz should definitely be in at least the top 20 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Vote Robbaz, and become a true Viking today!

The best swedish youtuber!

V 1 Comment
420 Thegamingbeaver

He's the one who thought me to be a master at jurassic world the game!

You can't fight thegamingbeaver. He is so funny and he never hacks

The gaming beaver is my best YouTuber he teaches me the right way to play Jurassic world the game and clash of clans. last thing he loves dinosaurs like me and know them

He's so awesome

V 3 Comments
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