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421 Shoe0nHead Shoe0nHead

Who else loves her?! Debunking SJWs on YouTube is my dream job. - Evieevie

422 comedyboss101

They are like, The FUNNIEST GUYS EVER! I just love to go and see a new video every few days.

423 Robbaz

Super funny hairy manly Viking who is creative in humor. Unlike Pewdiepie and other YouTubers, Robbaz doesn't scream into the mic all the time.

Robbaz should definitely be in at least the top 20 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Vote Robbaz, and become a true Viking today!


424 Joe Sugg

Joe is hilarious, great and come up with such unique videos no one would have thought of coming up with. He, Zoe and Alfie so deserve to be in the top 10.

I think he's just amazing,funny and hilarious


He is funny

425 Caspar Lee

I love watching Casper. He's so cute. I love his accent too.

Yass his accent is so cute, and he is really funny he should be higher"

426 Fernanfloo

I like his videos I think he is the best you tuber in the world!



Es mi faborito lo sigo desde que tenia 500 subs

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427 Joe Santagato V 2 Comments
428 Jev

He is funny amazing person I always try to get his attention but he never listens to me how much I care for him you know well I LOVE YOU JEV

429 phantomstrider8

He makes the best top tens EVER he makes great, and funny opinions

If you want a better top ten list. Go check him out.

He is actually now called Just PhantomStrider. He removed the 8 quite a while ago.

One of my all-time favorite youtubers. - 906389

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430 The Skylander Boy and Girl

Best YouTubers on earth

They are the best and funny they just got skylanders imaginators


431 The Film Theorists

How are they so low, they deserve to be in the top 10, along with game theorist!

432 Ashdubh

Super funny but needs to play ark

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433 MoreTDM

Well Dan is the best but I am afraid that I can't vote for moretdm since I voted for his main chanel

Dantdm is a great youtuber but I do not get why there is so much channels some of them are even fake

He's DanTDM,but just one of his other channels.

434 BlastphamousHD

Your videos is so cool especially when you get your girl friend to watch one with you

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435 Vegan Gains V 3 Comments
436 Thoughty2
437 We Are the Random Bros
438 KuchenTV

When stupid people troll, it is simply annoying.

But when an intelligent person who exposes some of society's dumbest aspects trolls, it is just plain funny.

KuchenTV is very intelligent and his views are actually not only interesting but often right on point. But nevertheless he says so much politically incorrect stuff he doesn't actually mean simply to f with you, and is so aware of it, that is just plain hilarious

An example:

In his videos he usually talks about stuff that actually and authentically bothers him about modern society and comments it in a very crude and often contradictory way. On the one hand he is known to be a supporter of LGBT rights. But still he uses several homophobic slurs in his videos, but he does it in such an in-your-face fashion we know he is just trolling.

Another example of his troll humor: when YouTube allowed more ads (=more money) in videos lasting 10 minutes or longer, several German YouTubers started artificially ...more - Martin_Canine

439 AlChestBreach

AlChestBreech is amazing I love his Fallout New Vegas videos.

440 Lush
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