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421 Kubz Scouts

Should be higher up this list, considering how much effort and time he puts into his videos, ensuring that his viewers has good quality videos to watch.

Jay from the Kubz scouts is 'that dude' of course!

I am watching him right now!

Don't skip this youtuber he is so funny and you will just love him haha

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422 Johnnie Guilbert

I love Johnnie so much... He's so relatable and I love how he is not afraid to show emotion on camera. He's empathetic, sweet, genuine, and there isn't anything that I can say that's bad about Johnnie. I love him so much, and he is my reason I felt secure, as a fellow emo. He made me realize that it is okay to be who you are, and I love him for that!

I love johnnie so much! He always brings a smile to my face

He is so funny and really knows how to make people laugh.!

I love the fact that he is brave AND CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS WITH A GO WITH THE FLOW ADDITUDE because not a lot of people have the guts to do what he does and I think that's amazing :D and he should be a HIGHER rank than this...!

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423 The Amazing Atheist

Original content and factual based arguments tj is number 1

424 Nathaniel Bandy

Come on! Why do you guys rank him on number 385? Why is it not number 1 on the list of best YouTube videos. Well he says curse words he doesn't say a lot of them. Please rank him number 1. He makes good series like Top 10s and The Grading Series. He is so great that he made a second channel

His frustration videos are funny!

He is so funny

Come on guys 433! nathaniel bandy is the best YouTuber ever! Top tens, reaction videos, livestreams, triggered videos, every thing!

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425 Robbaz

Super funny hairy manly Viking who is creative in humor. Unlike Pewdiepie and other YouTubers, Robbaz doesn't scream into the mic all the time.

Robbaz should definitely be in at least the top 20 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Vote Robbaz, and become a true Viking today!

The best swedish youtuber!

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426 Thegamingbeaver

He's the one who thought me to be a master at jurassic world the game!

You can't fight thegamingbeaver. He is so funny and he never hacks

The gaming beaver is my best YouTuber he teaches me the right way to play Jurassic world the game and clash of clans. last thing he loves dinosaurs like me and know them

He's so awesome

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427 ThacherJoe

Joe is so funny, love him

Thatcherjoe is awesome love him

I don't get it why isn't joe here he is a freat and funny guy - AMAZINGPHI;LL;

Favourite YouTuber ever! Love him ❤️

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428 Einshine

Pfft, 366. Really?

I love the fact that he is brave because not a lot of people have the guts to do what he does and I think that's amazing :D

429 That Poppy That Poppy

Poppy is life

The best! - Ketrikal

430 Thatcherjoe

I love thatcher joe he is one of the funniest you tubers and I love his roommate Casper lee he is so funny everything about him is great.

People seriously? So low...This guy is talented! GIve him some votes

Are u kidding me? He's supposed to be in the top 10!


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431 F2freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skill Channel V 2 Comments

Free naalidge, great montage, kind person, great channel

433 Ninja Sex Party V 2 Comments
434 Tanner Braungardt

He is a really cool guy

He is my favorite youtuber

This funny talented guy has to be the most entertaining and vlogger out there!

He posts daily Vlogs and all of them is to a VERY HIGH STANDARD! - dylhutch19

435 BajanCanadian

I'm outta words comment him yourself

Jerome and Mitch are the BEST, I will admit,
PewDiePie is still REALLY good, but I prefer Merome. #Merome4Daaayz. This should be most subscribers because stampy has less subs and he is up on the list by a metric poopton. (Jerome's Reference) And the ENTIRE Team Crafted has to be high up on the list. #Team Crafted!

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436 Colleen Ballinger

She is beautiful, talented, smart, funny and plays the character of Miranda Sings perfectly

Very funny and a good portrayer of Miranda Sings. - Catacorn

Why is she 234? she deserves to be in top 10

I love Colleen's Corner. And she has an amazing voice!

437 MattShea

MattShea is the best! He's so funny, anytime I watch any video of his, he makes me almost bust into tears laughing. Deserves millions upon millions of subs in my opinion.

He is plain AWESOME! Although I have to say Pewds is awesome, I think MattShea should be number one. He's hilarious, sweet, and needs more credit than he has. Love his Sims videos!

What the heck..? Why is he #408 on the list? He's so funny! - PoopyPants

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438 Jev

He is funny amazing person I always try to get his attention but he never listens to me how much I care for him you know well I LOVE YOU JEV

so beast

439 Brandon Rogers

He is so funny he will get more popular he has just hit his million subscribers he's amazing

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440 Coop772

Best Nerf YouTuber in my opinion

Tactics bro

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