Top 10 Combined Beyblades

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1 Rock Pegasus

Very good bey recommend to get him and furthermore if you get this guy you would have better opportunities

Well, he's a pegasus so he has GOT to be good.

The best! Thanks man!

I have storm pegasus at home and rock leone and I put rock pegasis togehere and it blew up my inferno aries! Wow buy rock leone and storm pegusis!

2 Burn Pegusas
3 Lightning Eagle
4 Thunder Libra
5 Meteo Wolf
6 Evil Saggitario
7 Storm Leone

Storm leone is the best bey I have. It can defeat any opponent it comes across. Along side Earth Virgo, it is undefeated. The worst Beyblade out there has to be either Big Bang Pegasus (it can't stay spinning for more than 7 seconds and the paint chips. ) or legend counter leone (it just not that strong. ) Strom Leone should be #1!

I love this beyblade. It is invulnerable. All you will need is a storm pegasus and rock leone. I have this beyblade and it is great. I think you should beyblade. you should buy these two beyblade they are awesome! I love this beyblade. get it from walmart target or toys are us

Hey guys this bey is not good it should not be on the list of beys it is badd bey not good bey

In other words...

8 Rock Aquario
9 Dark Aquario
10 Thermal Herculeo
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11 Galaxy Lacerta
12 Storm Aquario
13 Fang Fireblaze
14 Inferno Leone
15 Grand Aquario
16 Dark Tempo
17 Storm Cetus
18 Blitz Pegasus
19 Earth Leone

This bey is so good it destroyed rock pegasus easily earth leone is the best combined bey ever!

I've used an earth leone in the past and it was undefeated but to make it stronger get a string launcher also it should beat any other beys listed

Any leone is the best.they can't be beat.there really cool.can't be beat with them.

This Bey Is SUPER AWESOME! It Defeated METEO LDRAGO And Other Beys in tournament practice but in the tournament I used it on a Beyblader that used meteo l drago which I was defeat

20 Flame Pegasus
21 Thunder Leone
22 Meteo Pegasus
23 Flame Bull
24 Twisted Pegusis
25 Flame Aries
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