Top Ten Beyblade Metal Masters Characters

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1 Ryuga

Ryuga is a dragon emperor. Die in beyblade metal fury it was so sad. But in beyblade metal trollers Ryuga will re dorn with a great power. Ryuga will not die easily he is a dragon emperor. Ryuga give is power to kenta in beyblade fury. But Ryuga want to be re dorn in beyblade metal trollers please re dorn Ryuga in beyblade metal trollers we need to see Ryuga in Trollers please.

Ryuga is by far the strongest blader. He only lost once to Gingka and beat him and Kyoya several times after with relative ease.

He saved the Japanese team from losing the tournament! Anyway he is number 1!

2 Kyoya

He's a great blader he obtained his power all on his own. Now don't get me wrong ryuga is cool to but if lightning l-drago never had the dark power he wouldn't be where he is today.

He is the best blader with confidence in himself and no fear. He should be the number 1. So please vote for him.

Kyoya is really cool he seems like he be a leader of a gang in real life.

3 Gingka Hagane

Gingka is never defeated we'll it depends on what Beyblade anyways he is awesome he is the main character and because he is super strong. Go pegasus!

Gingka is awesome. He can defeat anyone with his pegasus. He is really strong. No one can beat him even Ryuga can't beat him

I think Gingka should be on the first place , because he is the only one who can beat dark nebula .

4 Julian Konzern

Because he has the best bey in the world the left spin is the strongest it's better tan the right spin rotation.

I love his bey you rock

He is so cool man

5 Tsubasa

Honestly, he's such a great character. He became so strong all alone and has a great partner, eagle. He was an amazing addition to the team and even though he had to battle his dark side during Metal Masters, he was always incredibly helpful and caring. Becoming the WBBA president was a great choice, although I miss seeing him battle so so much. He has so much passion while battling, but I'm glad he's doing what makes him happy!

I think tsubasa is one of the best characters so far because just look at how far he has got in the anime of Beyblade he is so in the top ten.

Awesome. His dark side an apparently own anyone. Well, if he loses control then either he's doomed, the stadium is doomed, his opponents doomed, his partners doomed or all of the above. Thumbs upif you agree

6 Damian Hart

Definitely the best. I love his character (wish he was in the show longer, though), love his beyblade (it's my second favorite, right after Storm Pegasus), and his character design? Easily my favorite in the Metal Masters Series (Zeo also has a good design, but Damian's better). Also, he's low key pretty hot... Just thought I'd add that...

Easily the 4th strongest. He should be higher than julian. He straight up clapped jullian and the cetus team in the show. But he lost to gingka, kyoya, and definitely wont beat ryuga. My rankings:
I would put chirs at 3 and kyoya in 4, but chris is in metal fury

Damian is extremely strong did you see how bad he humiliated Julian

7 Masamune Kadoya

He is cool he really is the best he should be the main.

I and Masamune are #1

His bey is coolest

8 Nile

Nile is sweet, he has got to be in first because of his Beyblade, it is one of the best ones ever, you can trust me because I have seen it in action on T.V..

I really like Nile I think he's GREAT! I also like him because he Is friends with Kyoya

He is so calm and strategic.

9 Yu

He is totally cute! I love him!

Yu should be madoka boyfriend.

He is cute I love him

10 Doji

He is creepy. He returns in metal fury with a fake leg!

Ryuga is the best

The Contenders
11 Jack

Jack is so damn hot!

He is awesome

12 Kenta
13 Dashan

He is the best! And the hottest

He should be at number 5 in the place of Julian because he easily beat him

14 Zeo Abyss

Zeo is the coolest.

15 The King

King is so strong and has, what I think is the best passion for beys!

He's awesome he only lost to Ryuga ( he made Ryuga us his full power

16 Benkei Hanawa
17 Rago

Rago beat the ryuga but just remember this...even ryuga Beyblade meteo-l-drago cracked in the middle by kenta, this cause ryuga can't beat rago.

He rocks. Even ryuga couldn't beat him

18 Madoka

I think madoka is the best because she help other people, fix our broken beys and knows about our beys.

She is so kind. she repairs Beyblade. And in the other hand she is hot and sexy. I started liking her since I saw her in swimsuite.

Me too pal. Even I started liking her when she was in a binkini (pantie and bra).

19 Helios

Helios is the best!

20 Chris
21 Demure
22 Tetsuya Watarigani
23 Klaus
24 Johannes
25 Hikaru

She is a girl not a boy

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