Top 10 Best Stamina Beyblades

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1 Phantom Orion

Who the heck voted burn fireblaze up? First of all, phantom Orion can spin for SEVEN minutes. Burn fireblaze can only spin for 4. Second, the phantom fusion wheel has a plastic core and a metal outside for extreme stability. Burn has a metal core. Also, bearing drive is free spinning, and contains bearings for ultimate stamina. The ms tip doesn't. Bearing drive can keep stable and not make the Bey hit he ground. Ms tip will just spin and fall over. I fought my friend's burn fireblaze, and it kept on tipping ovee. Phantom Orion on the other hand, can't.

Phantom is simply the best Beyblade ever made and the only way to stop it from winning is to kick it out of the stadium which dose not happen often so basically
It is undefeated. It has a bearing drive for its spin track so it can absorb damage by stopping the tip and the rest of the Beyblade will be spinnning and on top of that it has an 8:48 spin time so it has huge stamina and the best beybalde ever I have never got defeated with this bey not even once but a caution! "do not buy the Hasbro version of it as it has a low quality tip and the tip will get grinded therfore reducing the stamina drastically"

How can phantom orion ever be in 17th position. It can beat the number 1 on this page with ease. It is said that fireblaze can spin for 4-5 minutes. While phantom orion can spin for around 7-8 minutes. How good is that?

Hello you guys all over the world need to bring Beyblade back at first it was very popular and now it's a spec of dust I am not kidding you need to bring it back I'm serious I'm counting on you guys Beyblade so world will not disappear. Bring it back for the world of Beyblade give speeches give Beyblades do whatever is helpful this might be the end of Beyblade this is granger the guy who believes signing out

2 Burn Fireblaze

Burn Fireblaze is a GREAT stamina type bey. It doesn't have good attack, but it's solo spin time is about 5 minutes. I recorded this time using a stopwatch, just so you know. It has decent defense, and can out spin all of the beys on this list. Metal spike is a great part to have, since it will add a lot of spin time to your bey. If you want a good stamina type, get fireblaze, because it has the most spin time out of all the hybrid wheel system beyblades.

On a side note, a majority of the beyblades on this list aren't even stamina types...

I think this should be number one because the MS performance tip keeps it spinning for ages. It has sixteen stamina points and my one can spin for over five minutes at a time. If you want a really good stamina bey get burn fireblaze (phoenix). Plus, if it is tilting, it will usually get back up and stop the tilting it can even beat earth eagle. So this bey should be number one.

Burn Fireblaze is a poor Beyblade being very fragile because of metal spike. It is also very poor in attack. Even after those flaws it still has more. The bey may absorb attacks but still has problems because of the lack of fricktion from the tip which is both good and bad. (+Stamina -Attack -defense) Burn is an ok wheel that should be used in SOME defense (you have to be carful when puting Burn on defense because of its average wheight) and stamina cosumiseations. Burn Fireblaze is NOT as good as some say. Hades Kerbecs is a MUCH better choice.

He spun longer than thermal Pisces because' Pisces spud less. He spun only for four minutes and thirty seconds and as the commenter that told fireblaze spun for five minutes and thirty seconds is true because I tested it TOO. But the bad thing that ruins him is his balance. Why his balance is bad is because that he is very tall and gets hit under. Well that's all the info that I can give

3 Flame Libra

Flame Libra is the strongest stamina type. It has such a long spin that it defeated earth eagle and burn fireblaze. Not only has it got perfect stamina, it also has great defense power. My Libra has defeated all my beys and broken some some parts of my beys energy rings. It is the best bey ever so vote for this bey and get it. You won't be sorry

My flame Libra does such long spin and has also defeated many beys. This bey is cool and has a long stamina. It has a free rotating tip that lets bey reach the ground without any resistance and also keeps long spin. This bey should be at the top because it is awesome.

Flame libra is the best you know Flame libra battled with diablo nemases, wing pegasus, fang leon, grant capricorne, earth eagle, burn fireblaze, phantom orion, poison serpent, dark wolf, meteo ldrago, gravity destroyer, phinex, leon, thermalpisces, twisted tempo in a big stadium and you know who won Flame libra. So I love flame libra. Flame libra is the best in the universe.

Flame Libra is amazing. It can beat all the beys it faces. I want him so bad because it has a tip called ES which stands for Eternal Sharp so it won't wobble as much and it has two spikes on the fusion wheel so it can grab onto the opponent. So please vote for Flame Libra!

4 Scythe Kronos

This bey's stamina is the second best, next to Phantom Orion B. It defeated all of my friend's beys, which are Fang Leone 130W2D, Burn Phoenix 135MS, and Earth Eagle 145WD. It has the second longest solo spin-time, at almost 5 minutes. Only one bey can beat Scythe Kronos T125EDS, which is Phantom Orion B. It's free spinning PC Frame in Stamina mode causes it to have increased Stamina power. This bey will come in my mail tomorrow and I can't wait to get it, since the Hasbro version will have only one piece for the 4D Fusion Wheel. If you want to get this bey, then you should get the Takara-Tomy or SonoKong version instead of the Hasbro version when it comes out, due to the 4D Fusion Wheel being only one piece. This bey should be Number 1 instead of Burn Phoenix 135MS. I recommend everyone to vote for this bey or Phantom Orion B.

This bey is definitely the best its stamina is awesome and it doesn't lose balance that easily. It beat burn fireblaze very easily. Please vote for this beyblade.

This bey is amazing... It should be number 1! He is the ultimate stamina type. He crushes all my beys... Even my best personally designed bey.

Scythe Kronos is next to Phantom orion and Flame Libra in stamina. It also has attack and a little defense. I recommend you by this bey.

5 Hades Kerbecs

Hell Kerbecs/Hades Kerbecs is the best because it is the largest bey and you see number 1 up there? Hell Kerbecs? Hades Kerbecs can beat it. If you see ANY video about Hades Kerbecs vs Burn Fireblaze on YouTube then you will see that all time, Kerbecs wins and most of the time, Kerbecs throws Burn Fireblaze OUT of the Beyblade Stadium. I've made my point. (P.S. kerbecs has better stats than Burn Fireblaze)

HE IS NUMBER 1 Beyblade IN THE WORLD! I enetered a compation his him and I won every battle with Hell Kerbecs so get him because he rocks! This bey is the best because it has the biggest metal wheel, its track can change to boost mode and this bey defeated all of my other beys!

Awesome awesome beats basalt horogium all the time beats every Beyblade I love how it changes mode should be rated number 1 awesome bey beat diablo nemesis beat all attack, balance, stamina, and defense types.

It's a very good bey and is about as good as my basalt horogium. It also beats gravity perseus, rock leone and most other Beyblades. I was going to buy it but I bought gravity perseus instead. Bad decision.

6 Flame Sagittario

The best stamina Beyblade ever while having a spiky performance tip, I.E., when new. But it's stamina decreases as the tip gets flat. While combined with L-Drago's Spin Track and Performance Tip, it forms one of the best hybrids & is almost invincible.

Flame sagittario is the best with my Beyblade spirit me and flame sagittario are great my zodiac is sagittarius so it was meant for me I have it and he rocks go sagittario use flame claw!

YEAH! I just tested my sagittario(! ) with my brother and he used earth eagle no customizes. You know how sagittario is 4th and eagle is 1st and guess what... One min. Into the fight and eagle starts wobbling and then... He stops.

Really awesome I am gonna get it soon its claws on its spintrack are awesome. Awesome stamina and good defense (because of claws). Vote vote nothing is better.

7 Earth Virgo

I am voting for earth virgo because it has balls in his spin track that makes him spin for a long time. And virgo outspins many beys. I have earth virgo and it can deafet my brother's cyber pegasus. You sould vote for earth virgo because it is the best stamina bey in my family and you should have earth virgo. And my favorite bey is earth virgo.

OK. Earth eagle MIGHT be 1 of the best beys, but wd is crappy. It can only last for 3 minutes, while virgo (bs) can out run it. Virgo lasts 6 minutes on its own. Even though it's not one of the best, it's the best at stamina. Also, Libra can out run burn fireblaze. Virgo can out-run eagle, and rock leone is defense! It's not stamina!

My Best bey is Earth Virgo, its spin track gives it amazing stamina and balance, it beat all the really good beys it's performance tip let it attack the performance tip, and always wins! This is why I think Earth Virgo is the best

I beat phantom Orion with this bey! My friend has phantom Orion and I battle with him at thanksgiving and always beat him one on one. Also tried earth eagle and earth virgo beat him. Burn fireblaze lost to this guy a few times

8 Flash Sagittario

This beyblade is one of the few star fragment beyblades, plus it can beat the powerful diablo nemesis meaning it is one of the best ever beyblade. It also is one of the highest beyblade meaning low beyblade re not as effective which leads it to being even tougher to beat.

Flash sagittario is way better than phantom Orion and flame sagittario really I tested it flash sagittario won!

I have Flash sagittario and it is really good. It beat earth eagle fang leone ray striker and evil befowl.

Did you know, attack mode has more stamina than stamina mode, true!

Anyway I would only buy lagit-tario hehehehhe, for flash, flash has great attack capabilities, mistake is the TT version with flash's WD is like a ball

9 Thermal Pisces

Thermal pisces is the best bey in the world it goes for about 4 mins.
I think thermal pisces is even better than dave (dave the dinosaur)
But thermal pisces is definitely not better than crazy aka lulu.
Crazy is awesome she can beat all the beys in the world.
Simon is fat.

Yo this thing is crazy good it took out my earth eagle and literally broke my storm capricorn. I know storm capricorn sucks but still what the hell?

Yeah! Best bey ever. It can spin forever. My first bey! It can beat all my friends and won many tournaments for me. You should buy this bey when you see it!

Thermal Pisces has very good stamina and defense it spins up to 5 minutes and 30 seconds but it got slammed into a wall by my cyber pegasus.

10 Thunder Libra

Wicked bey looses sometimes, but can defeat most beys
It also has a down forcing spin track which leaves attack beys in the dust.
A bey I would recommend you to buy.

Thunder libra should be first. I beated all the fith graders that have beys. It should be replaced with burn fireblaze. I beat fire blaze

The Contenders
11 Infinity Libra
12 Duo Uranus

OK lets get this straight. DUO URANUS is in 19th position he should be in first he can beat everybody! He can beat phantom orion, beat lynx, sythe kronos and kick burn fireblaze butt!

It was the powerfulest beyblade ever. I have used it. I was surprised. Everybody called it as coolest number 1 beyblade ever. Buy it in dolarama in Montreal. I love that bey. I vote 100%.

He should be number 1! He is the best. His defense and stamina power is so amazing. He is the second best defense and stamina type.

Hey you have got it all wrong. Duo can kick any beys butt. He can even beat phantom Orion with tons of stamina left.

13 Galaxy Pegasus

As it is 1 of the strongest beys in the world
It can defend itself good and galaxy pegisis should be on rank.1

I like this Beyblade

It is the best

14 Wolborg

It is one of the survival beys of the old age. Hard to beat. Only skilled bladers with good attacking blades can hope to defeat it consistently.

Wolborg is awesome but we cannot get it now the old original Beyblades should come again

15 Flame Aquila

I made a bey with the parts of eagle and the metal wheel of sagittario, IT BEAT EVERY BEY! It beat Orion, fireplace, eagle, nemesis and even attack and defense byes didn't stand a chance, their attacks didn't even make it budge! I recommend it to all.

16 Pirate Orochi
17 Berserker Behemoth

Beserker Behemoth is one of the best stamina Beyblade. it can spin around 4 to 5 min easily. It should be in a higher position
It rocls

18 Cyclone Roktavor R7

It's the best! It should be first it can stay spinning for like 5 min!

19 Harmony Pegasus
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