Top 10 Best Attack Type Beyblades

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1 Meteo L Drago

Meteo L Drago has the power to make ties. In the beginning it goes very speedy, but then he backs down and sometimes lose. I don't know why people say he always makes ties. I like how much energy it has but it sometimes get stuck in the pocket of the stadium. If you have a meteo l drago and use it in almost in all of your though battles it's tip might crack a little bit. If you go in you tube you might see it whacking of other beys by absorbing other players powers and you don't believe it it is true. Trust me in everything because it is still very true. Remember to like this comment.

This beyblade has great spin steal, and it does tie a lot but most bladers I know are afraid to break the launcher so they barely put any power into launching, or are not strong enough to hold the launcher still while launching. I am not, however. I launch hard, and I don't fling my beyblade at the wall when launching. I always win just barely, and I can't lose with this one. Hand spinning works too, sometimes. Against other left spin beyblades though, you're endangering your own life. And everyone else's.

2 Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy pegusus has really good attack an speed which is really good because it's speed could knock out in just a few seconds! Also it's attack is what helps take out an opent! Trust me if I were you I'd get it and tell my friends all about it.

This is the best bey on the list. If this bey makes contact at the beginning of the battle, it will drain the opponents stamina a lot because of its jagged fusion wheel making contact at full power

Galaxy Pegasus is was quicker and the quicker they are the bigger the hit. It is most likely to get a big hit enough to knock the other opponent out of the Beyblade stadium.

3 L Drago Destroy

Steals spin because the red rubber is like traction to boost it. The down side is it spins left if another bey spins left it can't steal spin. In fact it will slow him down about 10%. This is a good one. I proved it with science.

He has to modes, I like his steal spin. Yes he has spin steal when the red is out it can do hat. You can do this by turning the fusion wheel on him. Then the red should be sticking out.

It abs orbs hits even in attack mode since L Drago is a left spinning bey, and left spinning beys steal spin from right spinning beys even if there not in a mode designated to absorb spin. This bey is awesome though. I've seen it single handedly take out Earth Eagle.

4 Big Bang Pegasis

Big bang pegasis is the most powerful attack Beyblade in the world for 2 reasons. First it has 5 modes and one of them is illegal (the strongest mode). Second it has final drive mode system. When the final drive mode is activated pegasis speed and attack are increased fiercely in order to knock out the beys with the speed and attack that has.

I had an attack Beyblade tournament and big bang Pegasus won. Meteo l drago doesn't even have a good fusion wheel. Big bang Pegasus should definitely be first. When he won the attack Beyblade tournament it was for all attack Beyblades in metal fusion, masters, and metal fury.

Big bang pegasus is the coolest bey in the world. Because it has more modes than l drago. It has four modes and l drago has just two modes. It is faster than l drago. It throw the l drago out of my stadium. Big bag pegasus is cool man.

5 Ray Striker

Oh my gosh. You must buy Ray Unicorno. This guy is beast. It has a very powerful smash attack and also the Ray fusion wheel is a good attack wheel. Out of all the Beyblades ( 29 ) this beat all of it without losing once. It dismantled my Basalt Horogium, beat my Poison Serpent in one shot, and cracked my Hell Kerbecs in half!

I have it. Beat almost all of my bigger brother's beys. It beat burn phoenix, grand cetus, samurai ifraid, pirate orochi, death quetzacolt, blitz unicorno, poison scorpio, guardian leviathan, cyclone hurculeo and phantom orion all almost a meter out of the stadium. Iv'e learned if you put any beyblade in your freezer it becomes tougher to beat. Vote for it now. It deserves to be in one spot: number one.

Top attack type bey. It can change from attack to stamina to attack! Highly recommended. Ray wheel has extreme smash attack. Sends opponents flying. My brothers Rock leone, gravity destroyer, poison serpent all went down.

6 Lightning L Drago

Lighting l drago is the best bey for attack. He beat my Meteo l drago 3 times in the tournament. So no one should say they made him for nothing because he still is useful. He may get slashed into the holes in the stadium but he will use his energy to get out.

I think that l-drago is the best attack type Beyblade because he has 6 stars for attack. The one that comes with earth wolf can ##rotate to the left and the right so I think he could even be better than gravity destroyer.

This bey is great. It is by far the best attack by in the world. It has good stamina and attacks a lot. On a scale 1-10 it has a 8. Lightning L-Drago is totally awesome..

7 L-Drago Destructor

I just can't get why this is at 10. This Beyblade can defeat anyone on this list. Plus the limited edition looks really cool.

He has SUPER good attack and stamina when in absorb mode and has Aton of attack so get him people!

This is a great bey. Should be at the top

8 Storm Pegasis

My storm pegasus is super it defeated lightning l drago, meteo l drago, galaxy pegasus, hades kerbecs, ray striker, ray gil, rock leone, rock zurafa, and burn fire blaze I love my storm pegasus.

My pegasis is my most trusted attack type, and also how is galaxy pegasis and meteo l-drago better than their evolved forms cosmic/big bang pegasis and l-drago destruction?

My storm pegasus defeated the lightning l-Drago in just one hit but yeah! We call it a attack type. Mine was just defeat meteo l-drago but you all know spin steals so I lost

9 Cyber Pegasus

He is absolutely the strongest pegasus. It sent my galaxy pegasus flying out of the stadium and I launch cyber first. Galaxy is an extremely strong Beyblade but my cyber would beat it any day no joke

Cyber Pegasus is an attack type but has the best defense in all the attack type beys. It has cool looks and a whole lot of stamina

It is awesome it defeated twisted tempo, Big Bang Pegasus, phantom Orion. If you find it you should buy it. I promise you will not regret

10 Mercury Anubis

I think it's a cool-looking Beyblade. When it spins, it looks cool, and even when it's not spinning, it still looks cool. Although its smash power is not that good, it still performs well. Some people think that the Mercury metal is not very good in terms of performance, but I believe that the spin track and the performance tip are great, and the metal itself looks cool. It is also similar to the Vulcan metal, right? Anyway, I think it's a good Beyblade, and I hope you think the same as me!

Its just plain awesome. It beats all my other beys

It's the best bey. When I used it 5 beys attacked on it, But all the beys flew outside the stadiam

The Contenders
11 Wing Pegasus

This Beyblade is amazing! It knocked my heaviest Beyblade out of the stadium. I found out that it loses aggressiveness when it is in mode 0 (ironclad mode). If you are wondering what is my heaviest Beyblade, it is meteo guardian with poison serpent's spin track and the performance tip is RDF.

I think wing Pegasus is the strongest attack type because he can beat all my other beys even my Meteo L-Drago and he gains more speed as he goes around the stadium.

I was 1v1ing a suction beyblade and while winged pegasis was spinning around it hit the suction and broke the top in half XD probably the most un controllable attack beyblade and most crazy attack.

12 Cosmic Pegasus

Cosmic Pegasus is awesome it beat like 100 beys in my class I am only 6 years old I have been training it so much!
My opinion I love Pegasus!
I know another person in my class and we have the same bey blade!
I know that Pegasus is the powerful bey that beat Diablo Nemesis!
It is cool I need you to make more Pegasus bey blades!

Hey guys! This is the strongest attack type bey ever! It KOd diablo nemesis and beat 3 beys at a time! Its rubber low friction attack tip is amazingly strong dude! Buy it or die!

This is the strongest bey I own. Not any other bey even stood a chance. His attack power sent every bey I tried it on flying.

13 Storm Aquario

Its performance tip has two modes that are really cool hole flat and a sharp/spike one very underrated beyblade because of how rare and expensive the takara Tommy one is. Hasbro one is basically the same get either one if you can sharp mode is very beginner friendly and hole flat is XTREME just the way I like my beyblades

Storm Aquario can beat anyone, I've never lost using it.

Time for celebration for Hikaru.

14 Blitz Striker

Although ray unicorno/striker is a great attack bey, it lacks weight, long endurance, and defense. The ray fusion wheel is understandably effective. Ray gil for example has high attack performence and has a similar build like ray striker. The rsf time allows both beys to build up speed. But against slightly faster beys like pegasus and l drago, both ray beys must rely on defense. But the thin fusion wheel from the Rays can lead to a quick stadium out from quicker beys. Next Ray unicorno lacks the weight to push back heavy bey types like diablo nemesis, making its speed near ineffective against them. One hit to the fragile striker from nemesis could end the match. Blitz Striker makes up for all of these flaws. The 4d fusion wheel adds weight, and the defense mode on the fusion wheel can block pegasus, and make a devastating counter attack.

Number 16? Are you kidding me? Blitz Striker has one of the strongest attack type fusion wheels. It also has one of the heaviest clear wheels. It should be strong than Hyper Aquario because my Blitz Striker(with the Sharp performance tip) knocked it like about 2 meters away from the stadium(the stadium was on the floor). It might have travelled a larger distance if it wasn't for the wall. In fact, it knocked out the Beyblade so strongly that neither my friend or me could see it. No wonder we spent a lot of time finding it. And my Striker only moved a few centimeters and it was still in the stadium spinning wildly. It barely flinched!

15 Ultimate Gravity Destroyer

This bey is awesome he should be in the top 15 at least!

16 Meteo L-drago Rush

It broke one of my beys!

17 Hyper Aquario
18 Cyclone Herculeo

It has an amazing fusion wheel for attack. Cyclone pegasus or Cyclone Striker would also be cool

Well my herculeo battled all three of my lightning ldragos and it broke one and stomped the other ones as wellvit owned all of my beys.

This guy kicks butt it crushed ray striker into pieces and smashed thermal lacerta into wall

19 Storm Capricorn

Capricorn is great. It's stamina is really bad but its attack power makes up for it. It blasts other beys into penalty pockets or stadium outs, once even earth eagle!

I've used capricorne with ray striker and galaxy pegasus and it survived attacks from galaxy pegasus as well as defeating ray striker with 1 hit! It was a blitz of sparks and nearly burnt the ray but it was worth it! My favorite bey is earth pegasus! :D

Capricorn is worst and weak!

20 Spiral Capricorn

It has very strong attack and it broke my friend's kronos clear wheel in half!

It hit my jade jupiter out of my half pipe stadium several times.

It is REALLY fast and has loads of upper smash!

21 Samurai Pegasus

Samurai Pegasus rocks! The attack that it uses is un describable and the speed combined in the right way with attacks could cause total smash power!

This Beyblade is awesome it defeat my friends rock leone very easily and this Beyblade is very agrresive also. THIS Beyblade ROCKS.

Evolved form of legendary bey it can dominate and destroy every bey.

22 Ray Gil

Just like the quake performance tip (Look for Storm Capricorne to see what I'm talking about) It can bounce as well with much more balance. Recoil is not a problem for him thanks to his rubber semi-flat!

Ray gil is awesome. He is best. He can beat gravity destroyer. Meteo l-drago is like a fly to ray gil. He is number 1. He should beat phatom orion. It has the third lowest spin track.

Has great attack moves

23 Ultimate Meteo L Drago Absorb

If hand spun against a normally launched bey, it will actually ABSORB the opponent's spin.

This bey is awesome it actualy beat my meteo l drago in just one attack with a stadium out no other Beyblade stands a chance.

24 Omega Dragonis

I have rocks but I also believe that whenever it stops the beyblade is out of the stadium and he beat all my beyblades but he loose with my brother's galaxy pegasis and his death Quetzalcoatl.

This bey rocks in attack like hell!

He beat meteo l drago

25 Samurai Ifrit

My ifraid destroyed all my friends and my beys It is awesome!

When I let my Beyblade attack 2 Beyblade and spins around and ko.

It crushes all Beyblades and when it's in his second mode it has more attack power

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